Rage – Resurrection Day

Rage - Resurrection Day



4.6/5 Pros

  • Great instrumental and vocal work
  • Powerful songs with catching melodies, esp. in the chorus
  • Very compact, great to listen to album

Some new guitar riffs made in Germany: it is hard to think about the German metal music scene without thinking about Rage. The Western German band is back with a new album on 17th September 2021. It is called Resurrection Day. Here is my review.


Rage – About The Artists

Rage is a power metal / heavy metal band from Herne in Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany. They are active sind 1984, when their band name has still been Avenger (renaming in 1986 to a equivalently named band in the UK). Singer and bassist Peter Peavy Wagner is the only permanent member since the very early Rage days. Nowadays, he is joined by Stefan Weber, Jean Bormann (both guitar) and drummer Vassilos Lucky Maniatopoulos. In 1995, the band had their first chart placement in Germany with the album Black in Mind (#83 in Germany). During the current century, the band regularly has average placements in the German and Swiss album charts.


Rage – Resurrection Day – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 50 minutes.

1. Memento Vitae Overture

The Memento Vitae Overture is just what it is named to be: an overture. The 1:15 minute intro welcomes the headbanging Rage fan with orchestral sounds, which turn from a quiet string intro to an a bit more wider and powerful sound.

2. Resurrection Day

After this reflective intro, Resurrection Day goes for a rather slow start – but latest at the first intro, drummer Lucky is on fire. The guitar place one riff after another. Nonetheless, despite shouts and growl, especially the chorus has a lovely and catchy melody line. Promising start.

3. Virginity

Some best-aged rockers reflect about this topic – but, finally, who could do that better than die-hard rockers? The song comes with stomping rhythm, powerful guitar work – just like might straight for the hearts of Rage fans. Cool track.

4. A New Land

Damn – when are these guys going on tour again? The chorus of A New Land is just a must-sing-a-long on the next show. Beautiful melodies on top of great work on the instrumental side. One of the best songs of the album to me.

5. Arrogance And Ignorance

The album just continues at the same high level with good listens. The band does what they have to do, the lyrics are good, the melodies are easy to grab and catching. There is even some growling for fans of harder metal sounds. The song is a five minute metal story on a really great level.

6. Man In Chains

Man In Chains starts as if fans of rock ballads would have 4:37 minutes of fun – but for this track, the desire to go for the hard chords still feels to be stronger. The song turns out to be a really good one with great work on the microphone – so we enjoy waiting for potential romantic moments while banging our heads a bit.

7. The Age of Reason

No chance for slower rock music in here as well – the quick drumming from quite the beginning of The Age of Reason does not allow any thought like this here. The song has its very own, deep atmosphere. The chorus almost has a menacing touch to me. 4:22 minutes of top-class performance on the drums, but also on the guitars.

8. Monetary Gods

Monetary Gods is one of two songs already released before the album. Thereby, Monetary Gods feels more up-to-date and actual than ever. Apart from the very social-critic lyrics, the chorus is a great one to interact with the fans while on stage. Excellent.

9. Mind Control

The ninth song is another one in which Vassilos Maniatopoulos is doing a remarkable performance. The ingredients to the Rage songs on this album may be similar, but it is just too good and entertaining.

10. Traveling Through Time

Traveling Through Time is maybe the best track on the album. The song is really altering during the different eras represented. Thereby, the song keeps a medieval rock / hard rock style. Love it.

11. Black Room

Did you already put back your lighters (or, for modern people: mobile phone lights) after being disappointed by Man In Chains? Now, Rage is giving you the slow song your were longing for. Even though the song has quite some energy and drive towards its end, it is still a good option for the emotional moments in any rocker’s life.

12. Extinction Overkill

Especially on the guitar and bass side, Rage just feel to give a final statement of their musical quality before they allow you to listen to another album – or just take this one on repeat. Almost six minutes of metal firepower. Great ending of Resurrection Day.


Rage – Resurrection Day – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Rage – Resurrection Day – My View

Great songs, great melodies, great musicians – I can make it short: Resurrection Day is simply a good listen. You just enjoy it from A to Z – and thus, it goes straight into Top Pick! heaven of music.



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