Shadowmass – Shadowmass (Album Review)

Shadowmass - Shadowmass



3.0/5 Pros

  • Powerful sounds
  • Definitely talented combo Cons

  • ... but subject to improvement
  • Album too short

Due to my contact to a Greek metal music promotion agency, I ran into another Greek metal album. The band Shadowmass just released their debut album digitally on 6th November 2019 and physically on 1st December 2019 – I gave it a listen and felt it is definitely worth to be presented to you.


Shadowmass – About the Artists

The roots of Shadowmass are from an Athens-based band called FADOM, which has been found in 2010. The band released an EP and a long player during their career. Stamatis Syrakos, who is doing guitars and vocals, as well as drummer Maelstrom transferred from FADOM to Shadowmass. Bass player Constantine also has a FADOM history, but I could not find out if he was one of the latest members. As the album is containing the first music Shadowmass is publishing, the teaser video is by FADOM:


Shadowmass – Track by Track

The album contains nine tracks with a playing time of some 38 minutes.

1. Exitium

Exitium is speedy and powerful. I like the way the title is accentuated, just as it makes the song quite catchy.

2. Make it B-rain

Rain? Brain! The second track has a stronger focus on the vocals, which I feel could be arranged a bit stronger in songs like this. But it is definitely a nice metal sound when you are in the metal mood!

3. Killing

Killing has a long instrumental part, which I personally like very much. Powerful, nice, well done guitar sound – the band is definitely not too bad in that.

4. The Age of Dawn

The Age of Dawn is one of the weaker tracks of the album to me. It just does not catch me, even feels boring somehow here and there.

5. Massacre of Mankind

Massacre of Mankind is a very versatile song with faster and slower elements, melodic and vocal parts. Thus, it is one of my favorite tracks on the album.

6. Final Blow

Final Blow was the first song to be released by the band. Thus, there is the lyric video (below). I like the artwork of the video, the guitar, bass and drum play, but feel that the vocals are rather weak in here.

7. Skeletal Remains

On the vocal side Skeletal Remains is likely the fastest track on the album. Amazing performance on the microphone, still understandable. Nice one!

8. Tolerance of Intolerance

Tolerance of Intolerance, the second longest track on the album, is not too epic to me. Just a matter of taste. The band does, what it is doing the rest of the album, but I just don’t get into it too much.

9. Felicity

The album concludes with the more than seven minutes Felicity. Here are there, I feel that especially on the voice side, the production could be more precise, but I definitely like this one, which also comes with some nice guitar parts. Good song.


Shadowmass – Spotify

Under this link, you may have a listen into the Shadowmass album:

Shadowmass – My View

It’s got power, it’s got speed, it is nicely performed – I like it! Shadowmass is a short, but really nice album, which I absolutely enjoyed listening to. The band shows its potential here and there. There is maybe no must-listen to song on the album, but it is very solid with only few songs on the rather weak side. If you like the genre, you can definitely give Shadowmass and their music a try – and will have a good time with the Greek. on Hard Rock and Metal

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