Paul Weber – Alles im Arsch EP

Peter Weber - Alles im Arsch



4.0/5 Pros

  • Five really well told stories
  • Good and catching tracks

German rock made in Cologne: of course, I am always especially curious when I run into artists I don’t know yet from my hometown. This time, having a deeper look into the music was made very easy. The title of the EP by Paul Weber is Alles im Arsch – which roughly translates to “All Fucked Up”. Sounds like straight and honest music, doesn’t it? Here is my review.


Paul Weber – About The Artist

Paul Weber is a Cologne-origin artist. Already in rather early years, he has been successful in a school band, but the members split up after school was finished. Weber stayed in Cologne and also worked as an architectural draftsman. His songs are political or feature regional topics. Alles im Arsch is his second EP, after the 2019 one, Ein neuer Tag. 


Paul Weber – Alles im Arsch – Track by Track

The five track lasts 16 minutes.

1. Auf und davon

The EP starts with Auf und davon (“Up and Away”), a powerful, rocking track, which would be a great road movie for a trip to “Paris or Marseille”, as Weber states in the chorus. Very present, catching track, which definitely makes me (even) more curious about the following songs.

2. Männer

There is a very classic 1980’s song called Männer (“Men”) in German, performed by Herbert Grönemeyer. Somehow, Paul Weber does a very similar song full of stereotypes. The key difference: he moved the stories of the song by 35 years – which obviously makes the song feel really modern.

Ich will doch nur ein Mann sein,
Dicke Autos fahr’n
In der Muckibude mit meiner Ischе prahl’n
Ich will doch nur ein Mann sein,
Baby, schau mich an
Siehst du mеin Haus, meine Rolex, meinen Kontostand

(“I just want to be a man
Drive fat cars
Brag about by babe in the muscle factory
I just want to be man
Babe, look at me
Do you see my house, my Rolex, my bank savings”)

3. Schließe die Augen

Schließe die Augen (“Close my eyes”) is a break-up track. The song feels quite a lot like pop music. I love the local references, the way Weber describes feelings and thoughts. Nice one

4. Alles im Arsch

The title track is about nationalism. Weber is doing a very angry and straight song. Very clear message and a very good song. Really enjoy listening to it.

5. Zugvögel

The record closes with Zugvögel (“Migrating Birds”). The song describes the scenery from a Cologne cafe, when Weber recognizes that spring is coming, that the days are longer again. Migrating birds are coming back. A very personal, but also metaphoric song. You might not love the song at first sight – but in fact it is a really good one.


Paul Weber – Alles im Arsch – Spotify

Here is Alles im Arsch on Spotify:


Paul Weber – Alles im Arsch – My View

Well done – especially the lyrics of Alles im Arsch lead to a very nicely told, entertaining, but also thoughtful EP. It is a collection of five stories, which are very different – by contents, but also melodically. A really nice and enjoyable listen.


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