Brett Young – Weekends Look A Little Different These Days

Brett Young - Weekends Look A Little Different These Days



4.0/5 Pros

  • Very nice songs
  • Versatile stories and songs
  • Feels very personal Cons

  • Too short

Ticket to L.A. was one of the first albums I reviewed on Some three years later, Brett Young is back with a new album. On 4th June 2021, he will released Weekends Look a Little Different These Days. Here are my thoughts about his sixth studio album.


Brett Young – About The Artist

I had quite a lot of bio about the Anaheim artist in the previous album review. Ticket to L.A. became a really good seller and lead the US Country Charts. It even made it to the Top 15 of the US overall charts and got chart positions in Australia and Canada. In August 2019, Brett Young also released an EPThe Acoustic Sessions. The first single of his 2021 album, Lady, lead the US Country Airplay charts, even though it was “just” seventh placed in the US Country Single Charts. The song was however released about about a year ago.


Brett Young – Weekends Look A Little Different These Days – Track by Track

The eight track album lasts 26 minutes.

1. Weekends Look a Little Different These Days

The birth of his daughter Presley is the key topic of the album and the title track. A lovely way to open the album – and, indeed, a great track. A second child is expected this summer – let’s see how fatherhood inspires Brett Young in the future.

I used to stay up late and sleep in all day long
Now it’s bed by nine and wake up with the dawn
I used to need the world to spin around me
Used to think that I had everything
Now I thank God that everything has changed
My weekends look a little different these days

2. Lady

I hope you look just like your momma
And love her like I do
You’ll see close to perfect patience
If you watch her every move
You can always run to daddy
You’ll always be my baby, but
Look at her, baby girl
And you’ll learn
How to be a lady
Just how to be a lady

Proud daddy Brett Young had a lot of airplay success with this song in the US. Indeed, the song feels to be just on point. A nice country pop track looking into all the expectations of his future role(s) as a father.

3. This

There is not just love of a father to his daughter on this album – he is also thanking his wife Taylor Mills for their relationship. I especially enjoyed the beginning of the song – thereafter, the lyrics stay good, but I feel that the melodic side does not give me too many thrills:

I slammed some doors, had sleepless nights
We crossed some lines, apologized
We might’ve hurt each other one too many times
Yeah, we made love then messed up
We’ve seen the worst to both of us
Life and love ain’t always perfect
But we know it was worth it

4. Dear Me

Dear Me is one of the coolest songs of the album to me. Brett Young, now aged 40, is writing a song to himself at the age of 23. A time, when he has obviously been struggling with his luck and his situation. The key message is Don’t even worry it’ll all be alright. Don’t worry Brett – this one is just fantastic!

5. Leave Me Alone

If you’re gonna go, just go
Put me in the rear view
Gather up your things and hit the road
Your favourite coffee cup covered in lipstick
Leave the space like you never existed
Go home, get gone
And when you feel that “Baby I messed up” call come along
I won’t answer, no need to wonder
You lost me now loose my number
You left me so why don’t you leave me alone

A breakup song is the fifth track of the album. I like the nice groove of the song, which adds a touch of summer song to the album so far. Nice work with backing vocals, rhythm and instrumentation. Really fun to listen to.

6. Not Yet

Not Yet has been one of the single releases of the album so far. I really love listening to this melodic track, which comes with a very energetic, powerful chorus (and a nice guitar solo as part of the interlude).

7. You Got Away With It

If the lyrics video is that nice to watch – how could the song be bad? You Got Away With It adds a deep and catching groove to Weekends Look A Little Different These Days. Great song, which I already enjoyed when it has been released before the album.

8. You Didn’t

The finale already? All over after (significantly) less than thirty minutes? Brett Young delivered really good in this album – and the emotional You Didn’t is a nice closing track. But it feels there is something missing. And – as I discussed this thing a couple of times in the past – at least in Germany the album is in fact charged at full album price, e.g. at (affiliate link).


Brett Young – Weekends Look A Little Different These Days – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Brett Young – Weekends Look A Little Different These Days – My View

Weekends Look A Little Different These Days is an album with a “but” (the one with one “t”, not two…). Brett Young did deliver good songs, indeed. Some of them are really good. But calling 26 minutes an album is just still not acceptable to me. Bad luck, as this is really is really diminishing my thoughts about a well-made release. The (only) reason why this released slipped out of the Top Pick! ratings. Country Music Top Picks! Reviews in 2021

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