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4.2/5 Pros

  • Great, variable melodic hard rock / metal
  • Well-performing insrtuments and vocals

The history of the band Universe III is indeed a bit of bumpy. However, the band, which is originally from North of Stockholm, does see themselves in the third phase of their activity. Thus, the album title Universe III is in line with the current band name. Release date of the hard rock / symphonic metal album has been 17th May 2024.


Universe III – About The Artists

The roots of Universe III are already back in the early 1980’s, when the band Universe had been founded in Upplands Väsby in Sweden. The band had quite some success in this era already. However, the band broke up in 1988. Fourteen years later, there were attempts to reactivate the project. In 2018 they came back under the name Universe Infinity, but later got hit by the pandemic. Thus, the band name is now Universe III. The band consists of Andreas Aklund (vocals), Freddie Kriström (keys), Hass Hagman (bass), Anders Wetterström (drums) and Per Nilsson (guitars).


Universe III – Universe III – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 51 minutes

1. I Am

The opener I Am makes me feel happy from the very beginning. It reminds me of symphonic metal icons like Avantasia. Nice melodic lines and a good balance of instrumental and vocal parts drive this song. Andreas Aklund does a lovely job on the microphone.

2. To Serve And Protect

To Serve And Protect starts slowly, with some key and guitar elements and sirens. This is just in line with the topic of the track. However, after some one minutes, Aklund is taking the mike. The song feels more dramatic than the opener and overall has a more hymnic. To Serve And Protect in the land of the free – I feel they would love this one on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Casa De Los Lollos

This single release is not opened by smashing guitar riffs – the first song you hear is a crowing roster. However, just seconds later, the band is kicking off their job. The song is very fluent and comes with a catching melody. Another key element is the lovely instrumental bridge. No Spanish lyrics in here, by the way.

4. Why

There a couple of epic tracks on Universe III. One of them is Why, which initially feels like a rock ballad, but then is getting a stronger dash. Nonetheless, the song does have its rather quiet elements as well and also touches the metal heart in you. Nice, dramatic listen.

5. Hanging By A Thread

Haning By A Thread is driven by the present drums. Even though there are more elements than in the previous song, the song still feels rather gentle. However, the Swedes do really well in that kind of harmony..

6. Rise Above

Rise Above starts with the sounds of a battlefield. Thereafter, the band is telling a story right from that scenery. Follow your heart, follow your soul, follow your freedom – the song is very touching and dramatic. To me, this one is one of the highlights of the album.

7. Liquid Confidence

The seventh track starts a bit slower, but the rhythmic chorus latest has a really nice catch. Again, the band is presenting a very melodic hard rock / metal track. I like the guitar parts in here.

8. Dream Of Better Days

The nice flow and melodies of Dream Of Better Days even leads to some airplay potential of this song. However, Universe III are damn hard rockers, so that this 4:36 minute track does not fit into the typical radio music brackets. Thus, you need to enjoy it at home. You will do.

9. Too Late

Too Late has a nice groove and flow. Nonetheless, you cannot deny a certain dramatic element in this listen as well. This leads to a certain complexity, which does not disturb at all.

10. It´s Time

The waves of the ocean open for the very last song on Universe IIIIt’s Time is also the longest track of the album. Similar to some tracks in the middle of the album, it starts slowly, but is then driven by the marching guitar riffs. The chorus is ostentatious, intense. The song has a nice groove as well. Definitely a good farewell track.


Universe III – Universe III – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Universe III – Universe III – My View

After the first two songs, I was hoping that the album is not getting too monotonous. The sound of Universe III is good. Luckily, the band presents a vast variety of songs and sounds. Hopefully, the third era of the Universe band history will be a longer one – I would love listening to more songs.

Favorite Song: Hanging By A Thread


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