Songs Of The Week (week of 04 Feb 2022)

The last two editions of the Songs Of The Week had a really nice load of positive feedback. Thus, I am really looking forward to how you will like the first edition of February 2022. A bit too much music on currently (I try to balance better with travel the next weeks….). This week, I again ran into a wide range mixture of songs. Hope there are some good tunes for you.


Hayden James – Hold Tight

This edition of Songs Of The Week is headed by straight Eurodance by Hayden James, who is in fact an Australian producer. Very nice, straight song, which is made to make you move.


Halestorm – The Steeple

From dance pop to hard rock: Halestorm are a US band headed by Elizabeth Hale. The band grew their fan base since their 2009 – this song is a really nice and catching track for guitar lovers.


Machine Gun Kelly feat. WILLOW – emo girl

A bit of hip hop, some rock and a touch of punk: Machine Gun Kelly became famous with his famous signature sound. His new single is a great collaboration with WILLOW, Will Smith’s daughter. Not the deepest lyrics, but a lot of fun to listen.


Bürger Lars Dietrich – Ärgerlich

Bürger Lars Dietrich recorded some big songs in Germany. His hip-hop-pop songs like Sexy Eis (cover of Sexy Eyes) have been legendary. I love this song, which simply made me smile. Nice references to his most successful songs.


ClockClock – Sorry

Baby, I’m sorry, sorry to meet you – this song is definitely another good listen by the pop project ClockClock. Nice vibe with an R&B touch.


Wind – Das Beste Gefühl

They are still active – Wind represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest three times and thereby had two second places in the important European song competition. Das Beste Gefühl might not be good enough to connect to these big songs (and their lineup has also changed a lot since the 1980’s) – but still nice to read this name in the German music scene.


The Linda Lindas – Growing Up

This punk rock song made me smile: a young girls’ project (the eldest member is guitarist Bela Salazar, 17) with a fluent and cheeky song. Growing Up will also be the title track of their debut album. Look forward to more songs by these ladies from Los Angeles.


Birds of a Feather – Turn it up

A song from Switzerland: Amy and Ryan have already been opening stadium tour concerts of Status Quo. If you listen to Turn it up, that does not feel undeserved at all. Nice folk-rock sound.


Calum Scott – If You Ever Change Your Mind

Calum Scott is definitely already an established artist in the international music scene. After his debut album, he is working towards new successful releases. If You Every Change Your Mind illustrates his talent.


Stefanie Heinzmann feat. Hight – Best Life

Her 2021 album Labyrinth has been such a blast – and I still love to listen to these songs by th Swiss Stefanie Heinzmann. Very good listen, modern pop song with some good depth. One of my favorites this week.


Tate McRae – She’s All I Wanna Be

Tate McRae is a Canadian artist from Calgary. She had massive success in North America the last two years. Songs like She’s All I Wanna Be might make the European music scene love her soon as well. Great song.


Shouse – Won’t Forget You

I absolutely loved this very special sound of Won’t Forget You by the Australian electronic music duo Shouse. Can their connect to their successful year 2021? This single feels to state a huge potential.


Bozza – Stadtbekannt

German rap / hip-hop does not make too often right into my musical heart. This track is, however, just a catching one. Nice production.


Neonlicht – Sie hat den Look

Okay, call it crappy – but I felt that this schlager cover of Roxette’s classic The Look just had to be mentioned. Interesting revival of a legendary song.


Songs of The Week – The Playlist

Second time I present you these songs as part of my playlist as well – hope you enjoy:





Title picture: Hayden James – Hold Tight Single Cover


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