David Hasselhoff – Party Your Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff - Party Your Hasselhoff



4.2/5 Pros

  • Overall, very good and individual covers
  • Songs for a good mood
  • David Hasselhoff's dark voice Cons

  • Few songs fall a bit behind

His Looking For Freedom is still thought to have been a key factor to give Germany the biggest party of their history. Ain’t it somehow logical that David Hasselhoff is back with some party tracks? After I saw many positive aspects about his 2019 cover album Open Your Eyes, his next major release is simply called Party Your Hasselhoff. Time to dance or to run away? Here are my thoughts.


David Hasselhoff – About The Artist

Bio does not change too much – David Hasselhoff is truly much more a German and Austrian music hero than a US-American one. Not too surprising that Party Your Hasselhoff is a German production. For more details, I refer you to the Open Your Eyes review.


David Hasselhoff – Party Your Hasselhoff – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 47 minutes.

1. Sweet Caroline

The first three songs were part of the “appetizer package” to promote Hasselhoff’s new album. His voice nicely fits to this version of Sweet Caroline. To me, a bit too much rhythm in the song – but we are at a Hoff party… And he wants us to dance. Solid one.

2. I Was Made For Loving You

You just cannot say that The Hoff is not going for the musical limits. Now, the disco fox rhythm controls a version of the KISS classic. While I feel the verses feel a bit lame and and thin, this arrangement works surprisingly well in the chorus.

3. The Passenger

Next stop: Iggy Pop. The Passenger is the first really great song on the album to me. The song has also been very popular in streams or on platforms like YouTube. It combines the cool rock style of the original with the party vibes intended on this album. Last but not least, it comes with the signature of David Hasselhoff. Good one.

4. Damnit I Love You

It’s not the first time that somebody transforms Verdammt, ich lieb’ Dich, one of the most popular German tracks of all times, into English. Even Matthias Reim, the original artist, did it – and called it I Think I Love You. This new write by David Hasselhoff works surprisingly well – and even the chorus he is doing in German is having a surprisingly small accent. A very new version of a German classic – I love it!

5. Can’t Help Falling In Love

A good party needs songs to hug and kiss… and to do whatever else emotions just tell you. At the 2021 Hoff Party, one of these moments is the Elvis Presley classic. David’s dark voice is just a great fit for this song. Grab your beloved one(s) and enjoy the 2:53 minutes.

6. (I Just) Died In Your Arms

Going straight into the heart of the 1980’s with songs, Hasselhoff does a very good job at (I Just) Died In Your Arms. Maybe a rather easy job – the original track is just that good. Some rhythm and his characteristic voice already lead to a nice style.

7. Always On My Mind

Another Elvis original. The rhythm, however, makes it feel like the Pet Shop Boys version. The voice reminds of The King, however. This leads to an interesting blending. Always On My Mind traveling through the decades of music. I generally feel that these slightly slower tracks are a nice fit to Hasselhoff’s voice.

8. Right Here Waiting

Just based on the last thought, Richard Marx’s Right Here Waiting should be an easy high score for David Hasselhoff on his Party Your Hasselhoff challenge. The song is purely arranged to be one for the kissing and intimate action break on a party (this time, almost four minutes time for it…) – and that works out great. If you don’t get your girl / boy at this track, you won’t have a chance at all.

9. Hungry Eyes

Eric Camen, Dirty Dancing… And now David Hasselhoff. I can still see Johnny and Baby dancing when I listen to Hungry Eyes, 2021… But I also love the rhythm, the guitar riffs. Good one.

10. It Never Rains In Southern California

The disco fox add-on works surprisingly well for this Albert Hammond song. Very pop-ish (even more than other songs on the album), but with a big touch of party and sunshine. Another positive thought after listening to one of these Hasselhoff tracks.

11. We Didn’t Start The Fire

Billie Joel on the second last position. One of the songs which gave me the hardest time to get used to that rock song and rhythm mixture. After several times of listening, I am still not in my comfort zone.

12. I Will Carry You

The album closes with The Hoff on the very emotional side: I Will Carry You is a die-hard ballad sound. But a nice version of the Ruelle song.


David Hasselhoff – Party Your Hasselhoff – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


David Hasselhoff – Party Your Hasselhoff – My View

I had quite some fun with Open Your Eyes already – but I feel that this party is even better, at least by some notches. There are few songs I struggle with, but these cover versions just have a special touch. I like it – even though I would love to listen to some new originals as well.


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