Tim Dugger – Signs Of A Good Time EP

Tim Dugger - Signs of a good time




Though he regularly released some songs, the last major recording by Tim Dugger has already been already five years ago. On 24th April 2020, he published his second EPSigns Of A Good Time.


Tim Dugger – About The Artist

Tim Dugger is an Alabama kid, which did – as so many country music artists, his first step in church. He more and more moved towards the country genre in his teenage years. He became more popular due to a reality TV show format, which was called Highway To Fame and featured promising young country artists and started in 2012. Before that, he released an album, Gettin There (2009). He had a couple of singles as digital releases, before he signed with Curb Records and finally released his debut EP, Beer on a Boat, in 2015. Signs of A Good Time is his second EP.


Signs Of A Good Time – Track by Track

Tim Dugger’s six track EP lasts 19 minutes:

1. Signs Of A Good Time

The first song of the EP features quite straight country party-rock elements. Could be a Luke Bryan song – really good production and great song. Nice title track to start your six stage Tim Dugger listening party.


2. You Can’t Leave Me Now

The second song, You Can’t Leave Me Now is a bit more towards pop music than to rock music, but also features a lovely guitar solo. Very catching song again. Again, the track feels like a big production – and not a song of a guy who “just” has some 14k followers on Insta.

3. Circles

Strong guitars again – Circles is definitely the central track of the EP (and likely the best as well). The song references Tim Dugger’s love to NASCAR racing. Regarding the song, having hundreds of rounds can definitely not be too bad.

4. You’re Gonna Love Me

This track was another release before the album. A lovely ballad, very intense song, definitely a good listen.

5. Home Away From Home

Home Away From Home connects to the first songs of that EP and delivers some more modern country tunes, which are ideal for a beer with friends – or a party with many friends at a concert. Cheers!

6. Cold Beer Night

While his previous EP was already a Beer on Boat, there is another brew reference in this EP. A slower track, not as present as some other tracks on the album, but definitely a good song as well.


Tim Dugger – Signs Of A Good Time – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to Signs Of A Good Time:


Tim Dugger – Signs Of A Good Time – My View

Do I have to take out the banner with the cup again? I don’t feel too comfortable when I use the Top Pick!-rating too often during one weekend, but Tim Dugger just does it too well. It is a good EP with some really good country party tunes. Hope we will have a good dance with his song after the Covid-19 threat has faded a bit!


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