Alex Williams – Waging Peace

Alex Williams - Waging Peace



4.5/5 Pros

  • Very versatile album
  • Good sound

A powerful, rocking country sound – when I received the album Waging Peace by Alex Williams, I definitely knew that this one should be shared in my reviews. The album will be released on 21st October 2022 – here is already a review.


Alex Williams – About The Artist

Alex Williams is an Indiana-origin artist, who started to be successful in the early 2010’s. In 2017, he released his only album so far, Better Than Myself. Even though the critics were really good and he as a support act for several well-known artists, he could not connect to it and changed his record company.


Alex Williams – Waging Peace – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 49 minutes.

1. No Reservations

The album opens with two single releases, No Reservations and Old Before My Time. The first already sets the direction in which you musically travel on Waging Peace. Guitar-powered modern country tunes, which remind of Chris Stapleton, but sometimes also come with the groove which rather makes you thing of Z.Z. Top. Great sound.

2. Old Before My Time

Old Before My Time as a stringer traditional country music touch. I feel a certain touch of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire in the chorus. Nice listen.

3. Rock Bottom

The 5:16 minute Rock Bottom is the longest track of the album. The sound of the first minute of the song makes me feel of so many country music stereotypes: cowboys, having a horse on the wide prairie and campfire romance. Not too much Stapleton or Z.Z. Top feelings in here any more, definitely.

4. Fire

Powerful riffs and nice guitar solo parts – Fire is rather close to the opening track of the album. Country rock fans will love the Outlaw Country signature in here.

5. A Higher Road

Not as rocking as the predecessor, but therefor having a nice, present groove: A Higher Road has a very laid-back sound and thus adds a very new, additional aspect to the listen. Really nice one as well.

6. Waging Peace

The title track completes the list of songs, which have already been featured as single releases. The song starts slow (but very atmospheric) and then turns into a very intense and energetic listen. One of the most impressive listens of the album, indeed.

7. Conspiracy

Conspiracy works with howling guitars and a lot of rock power. Great way to create a nice rock mood, which stays in your mind.

8. The Best Thing

One of the key characteristics of this album is definitely the variability in sounds. The Best Thing is a slower track, which has a rather personal storytelling. A good one for smaller venues.

9. Double Nickel

Steel guitar and traditional sounds at high speed: Double Nickel is catching, speedy, fun. If you want to dance to these tunes, you defininitely can – quick feet are however very recommended. You can easily go for an exhausting dance – the song is just 3:07 minutes and thus the shortest on the album. One of my favorites.

10. Confession

The almost five minute song is nicely working with rather rocking and a bit more gentle moments. Overall, it is a nice listen, but I don’t like it as much as other songs of the album. Very powerful finale, though.

11. The Struggle

Ain’t it all about the struggle? is the key question of the second last song of the album. The track comes with a rather straight modern country sound and is in the mid-tempo range. A really nice listen.

12. The Vice

The Vice closes Waging Peace just the way Alex Williams has opened his 2022 album. There are blues-ish vibes, there are rocking guitar and there is a lot of outlaw and country feeling. Great sound.


Alex Williams – Waging Peace – Spotify

I will add a Spotify widget to the post once the album has been released.


Alex Williams – Waging Peace – My View

Well done! I have been very curious about Waging Peace from the very first moment – and the album (or: Alex Williams) did not disappoint me. A nice, wide range of country songs with a good vibe, nice rocking parts and a lot of stuff to enjoy about. Thumbs up, this one is a really nice listen by the US-American artist.


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