Wade Bowen – Flyin’

Wade Bowen - Flyin



4.8/5 Pros

  • Great mixture of different country music styles
  • Very entertaining listen
  • 12 out of 14 songs previously unreleased

Due to the Under 19 Girls World Floorball Championships, I will not cover any album releases during the weekend of 10th May 2024. Therefor, I will have two album previews before. The first one is by Wade BowenFlyin is always the thirteenth studio album by the US-American artist, if you include the collaboration albums. It will be released on 10th May 2024.


Wade Bowen – About The Artist

Wade Bowen is a 1977-born country and red dirt artist, originally born in Waco Texas. I featured multiple releases by the artist already and also covered a concert in 2019 in Cologne. My coverage also includes his most recent album release, the 2022 Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth.


Wade Bowen – Flyin – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 49 minutes.

1. Flyin

The album kicks off with the title track. The song is a nice country rocker with a stomping beat. No fuzz, but that’s not necessary. The song comes with a catching chorus and a good beat – a good opener, indeed.

2. Mary Jane

There are only two songs already released on the album. Mary Jane is one of them. Wade Bowen asks Can I dance with you, Mary Jane and creates a lovely, gentle country song around that. The song is a beautiful, emotional moment on the Flyin’ album, indeed.

3. Rainin On Me

The first single release out of this 2024 album is following right after Mary Jane. The song feels more like a modern, rather typical country radio song. However, the talent and excellence of Wade Bowen adds a nice touch. The song is also a good listen if you rather tend to traditional country tunes.

4. Nothin But Texas

The guitar and bass in Nothing But Texas even have a touch of funk and blues to me. On the one hand, there is a beautiful groove, on the hand, the accentuated play adds some dancing vibes. Maybe not the best song for a sing-a-long – but the song will definitely catch you and make you move to its vibes. Great work!

5. Two Hurts, One Stoned

Already the first notes of Two Hurts, One Stoned tell you that this song is a rather quiet one with a touch of melancholy. The remaining parts of the 3:42 minute song stay absolutely in line with this initial expectation. The song is a beautiful country music ballad.

6. Friday Night (feat. Troy Aikman)

Troy Aikman? Yes, Wade Bowen is indeed featuring the three time Super Bowl winning American Football star in here. In his “afterlife” career as a sports commentator, he is occurring right at the beginning of the song. How could a Friday Night be better with some American sports – and this song by the Texas artist? You cannot deny some pathetic stereotypes in the lyrics, though.

7. Someone Else’s Now

The melodic, nicely flowing Someone Else’s Now takes the seventh spot on the Flyin album. Especially the chorus of this one stays in your mind. The song additionally is attractive due to its nice storytelling.

8. When I Wanna Be Wanted (feat. Hillary Lindsey)

Grammy-winning artist Hillary Lindsey had a couple of great hits, solo and in various collaborations. Thus, Wade Bowen definitely had an excellent choice collaborating with her in this calm and touching duet. The song follows a rather traditional country music interpretation. Another real beauty and enjoyable listen.

9. Love Does What It Wants To

The ninth track shows a more energetic and rocking style again. This also leads to a more modern touch while listening to this one. The range of songs and style is one of the key features of this long-play, indeed.

10. The Request

Another song, another style. The Request is a very traditional song with a typical, a bit of nostalgic setup. This time, the steel guitar is one of the key elements of the song. This song is definitely made for some hugging and intimate dancing as well.

11. The Hardest Part

The song opens with the piano, which is also present in the remaining song. However, when Bowen states the road is the hardest part, the song becomes very rocking. This leads to a lot of power. If you like country music with intense guitar work, you will definitely smile while listening.

12. Hidin Behind This Microphone

Opening with the acoustic guitar, this song follows a slow pitch again. The steel guitar is a key instrumental lead of this song as well. Keep on singing, keep on smiling states Wade Bowen in here. And you feel that you might smile as long he is singing.


Wade Bowen – Flyin – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Wade Bowen – Flyin – My View

Wade Bowen releases another beauty. Flyin features emotional moments as well as party tracks. One song you feel you are in the 2020’s, others remind you of rather nostalgic times. But you just don’t dare to skip a moment. The songs are just too good.

Favorite Song: Nothin But Texas


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