The Country Music Playlists

The more developed towards a music website as well, the more I thought about how to share music with you. This especially applies to country music, which is still not too strongly supported in Germany and in other parts of Europe in the media. Thus, I decided to start a country music playlist, containing of 40 songs (maybe increase it one day). The idea is not just to promote the Nashville big ones, but also young artists. Of course, there will also be a certain focus on the Featured Artists (as long as they are country musicians).

I am more of an Amazon person, but as I guess more of you prefer Spotify, I will maintain the playlist in parallel on both platforms. The full list of songs currently in the playlist is below. I am not sure about how to update the list, but my initial idea is to replace three to five songs weekly.

There is also my New Country Songs playlist, which became more and more popular during the last months. In order to be able to maintain that list on Sundays, I will temporarily update the Country Music Playlists Monday morning German time now. 

I decided to maintain and archive my update log entries during the last weeks. If you are interested, just dare a look to my updated comments in the Country Music Playlist Log Archive.


Country Music Playlist Update Log (22nd February 2021)

Second week on which I will update this playlist on a Monday morning. There were a lot of interesting and strong releases this week, so that finally only one new single made it to the list of five new songs.

  • Flatline by Carolyn Miller

I simply love Carolyn Miller and her songs. With her new one, Flatline, the New York lady presents a very powerful track. Hope you enjoy to listen as much as I do.

  • 29 by Carly Pearce

The EP 29 by Carly Pearce is such an intimate an personal collection of seven songs. I definitely do have a crush for Carly and her music – but the title track 29 is even the most lovely tune I heard of her so far.

  • Straight Up Sideways by Lainey Wilson

Lainey Wilson, the Lousiana powerhouse, presented her album Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’ this week. She is doing special music, special sounds. Straight Up Sideways is my favorite tune of her album.

  • Here’s a Winner by Jack McBannon

Really great music by Thorsten Wiler from Germany – that’s at least the civil name of Jack McBannon. His album True Stories illustrates that there is great country rock in Europe. Here’s a Winner is my selection for the playlist.

  • The Longer I Lay Here by Adam Hambrick feat. Jillian Jacqueline

Adam Hambrick did a really nice EP with The FlipsidesMy favorite track out of six is this one, a beautiful collaboration with Jillian Jacqueline. I just had to select it for you.

And removed:

  • Tequila Told me To by Mira Goto
  • The Man I Am Today by Dylan Wolfe
  • Ready, Set, Don’t Go by Billy Ray & Miley Cyrus
  • Slow Like Smoke by Jared Blake Country Music Playlists – Links

If you click on the banner below (or copy the link), you access the playlist on Amazon music. Here is a link to apply for an account.


Here is the link to the Country Music Playlist on Spotify: Country Music Playlist – Play

Can’t wait? Here is the directley embedded Spotify playlist: Country Music Playlist – Song List

Here is the current list of songs in alphabetical order:

# Song Artist
1 All She Wants Whitney Duncan
2 Amazed Lonestar
3 American Dream Willie Jones
4 Better Love Me Hannah Kay
5 Break Your Heart Nikita Skogen
6 Bucket List Mitchell Tenpenny
7 Caviar and Bars Harper Grae
8 Diesel Granger Smith feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.
9 Don’t Even Say Bye Cole Barnhill
10 Falling Chelsea Berman
11 Freedom To Me Bret Mullins
12 Girl I used to know Colton Rice
13 Hey Cowboy Van de Forst
14 Honey Russell Dickerson
15 I Hold On Dierks Bentley
16 I Loved You Tough Jimmy Weber
17 Jessie Kerri Watt
18 Like A Hit to Me Troy Kemp
19 Look at Me Now Matt Stell
20 Make It Work Ryan Laird
21 make you Lindsay Ell
22 Mama Drank Jessi Alexander
23 Nobody Somebody Gary Quinn
24 Ready, Set, Don’t Go Billy Ray & Miley Cyrus
25 Replaceable Tanner Sparks
26 Single Problem Petric
27 Slow Like Smoke Jared Blake
28 Song Of The Summer Tebey
29 Tennessee Katrina Burgoyne
30 Tequila Told Me To Mira Goto
31 The Man I Am Today Dylan Wolfe
32 The Sunset Colby Keeling
33 Things Kaylee Rose
34 This Year Sucks Twinnie
35 Touchdown Town Aaron Watson
36 Turn Up Easton Corbin
37 Undivided Tim McGraw & Tyler Hubbard
38 Up to Something Country Jordan Rowe
39 Whatever You Do Halle Kearns
40 Wish You Would’ve Cheated Lexie Hayden about Country Music

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