The Country Music Playlists

The more developed towards a music website as well, the more I thought about how to share music with you. This especially applies to country music, which is still not too strongly supported in Germany and in other parts of Europe in the media. Thus, I decided to start a country music playlist, containing of 40 songs (maybe increase it one day). The idea is not just to promote the Nashville big ones, but also young artists. Of course, there will also be a certain focus on the Featured Artists (as long as they are country musicians).

I am more of an Amazon person, but as I guess more of you prefer Spotify, I will maintain the playlist in parallel on both platforms. The full list of songs currently in the playlist is below. I am not sure about how to update the list, but my initial idea is to replace three to five songs weekly.

There are now also additional playlists, which have a separate page on and are not maintained with the same high effort than this core playlist.

I decided to maintain and archive my update log entries during the last weeks. If you are interested, just dare a look to my updated comments in the Country Music Playlist Log Archive.


Country Music Playlist Update Log (29th November 2020)

We are finally getting closer to Christmas. The number of releases is decreasing, a lot of them are holiday-related. The latest news feel to give optimism that at least in the second half of 2021, we are able to travel again, go to (at least open air) concerts etc. Makes me feel a bit more relaxed about the following months. I will also have my first PCR in a couple of days. On the country side, I had three interesting reviews, some new releases and a Christmas posting. Thus, the five new songs were a quite straight selection.

  • Diesel by Granger Smith feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.

Granger Smith released the second part of his Country Things this week. I still struggle with the concept of splitting your album in two piece and sell it separately – but at least I preferred this second set, which also included tunes by his alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr. Enjoy!

  • God Made Me Right by The Highway Women

The Highway Women are a very interesting project, who – besides their music – also seem to try to support female country artists. Their recent EP The Highway unfortunately did not contain a single new song – but I still liked the EP and God Made Me Right is definitely a catching one.

  • Christmas Is by Dolly Parton feat. Miley Cyrus

So many factors made Christmas Is a straight selection for this week: first of all, there is my special Country Picks Christmas edition for 2020, which I published today. The posting of course also includes a song from Dolly Parton’s A Holly Dolly Christmas 2020 holiday album (which I reviewed in September already). On the other hand, I enjoyed to review the latest album by Dolly’s goddaughter, Miley Cyrus. Plastic Hearts is such a great variety of different music styles.

  • Hotel Floor by Cottonwood Crows

I originally wanted to add She hates Hank by Zach Westcott here – but his song is not on Amazon. Thus, I went for another track of the week’s new releases – Hotel Floor by Cottonwood Crows is indeed a beauty as well.

  • Supernaw by Richard Lynch

I did not want to have too many Christmas tracks in the playlist – but Supernaw by Richard Lynch is such a lovely traditional country sound – it somehow gives quite a lot of winter cozyness even without praising Santa and presents.

And removed:

  • Johnny by Tennessee Jet
  • Hollerin’ Hills by Kyle Daniel
  • Lonely Boy by Tori Martin
  • Skeletons by Brothers Osborne
  • Aphrodite by Rachel Bradshaw Country Music Playlists – Links

If you click on the banner below (or copy the link), you access the playlist on Amazon music. Here is a link to apply for an account.


Here is the link to the Country Music Playlist on Spotify: Country Music Playlist – Play

Can’t wait? Here is the directley embedded Spotify playlist: Country Music Playlist – Song List

Here is the current list of songs in alphabetical order:

# Song Artist
1 All In Carolyn Miller
2 Amazed Lonestar
3 American Dreamin’ Christina Taylor
4 Break Down Here Julie Roberts
5 Christmas Is Dolly Parton feat. Miley Cyrus
6 Christmas On The Radio Runaway June
7 Devil Always Made Me Think Twice Chris Stapleton
8 Diesel Granger Smith feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.
9 Don’t Go Changing Kip Moore
10 Edge of The Earth Caitlyn Shadbolt
11 Feeling Like Christmas Olivia Lane
12 Girls Like That Diamond Dixie
13 God Made Me Right The Highway Women
14 Hell of a View Eric Church
15 Hey Cowboy Van de Forst
16 Hoodie Cassadee Pope
17 Hotel Floor Cottonwood Crows
18 I Don’t Call Him Daddy Doug Supernaw
19 Jingle My Bells Cory Marks
20 Kiss Me Goodbye Eric Ethridge
21 Look at Me Now Matt Stell
22 Make It Work Ryan Laird
23 make you Lindsay Ell
24 My Bar Lauren Jenkins
25 Name On It Ryan Griffin
26 Six Feet Apart Luke Combs
27 Sober as a Drunk Kameron Marlowe
28 Soundtrack Troy Kemp
29 State of Mind DanaMaria
30 Strong Jillian Cardarelli feat. Charles Esten
31 Supernaw Richard Lynch
32 Take Me Away Zoee
33 Tequila Told Me To Mira Goto
34 Turn Up Easton Corbin
35 Two Lane Time Machine Clayton Smalley
36 Une derniere biere Ghys Mongeon
37 What Do I Do Now? Brenna Bone
38 Where Cowbodys Ride Sarah Darling
39 Windshield Emily Rose
40 Wonderful Shannon Noll about Country Music

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