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The more developed towards a music website as well, the more I thought about how to share music with you. This especially applies to country music, which is still not too strongly supported in Germany and in other parts of Europe in the media. Thus, I decided to start a country music playlist, containing of 40 songs (maybe increase it one day). The idea is not just to promote the Nashville big ones, but also young artists. Of course, there will also be a certain focus on the Featured Artists (as long as they are country musicians).

During the last years, I more and more moved from Amazon Music To Spotify. So far, I will maintain the playlist in parallel on both platforms. The full list of songs currently in the playlist is below. The current update policy is that eight new songs are added every weekend, typically on Monday early mornings.

I am currently unable to update my New Country Songs Playlists. Details can be found here.

I decided to maintain and archive my update log entries during the last weeks. If you are interested, just dare a look to my updated comments in the Country Music Playlist Log Archive.


Country Music Playlist Update Log (17th June 2024)

I just had a rather busy weekend in Vienna. There is a lot of new material for my travel reviews from Austria coming up the next months.This week, I am having a fine list of country songs again, which I want to share with you in my playlist. Hope you enjoy:

  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl by Maja Francis

I always enjoy sharing some European artists with you. This week, the Swedish artist Maja Francis shared your song Manic Pixie Dream Girl with the world. A bit of pop, country and bluegrass with a Nordic style. Maja is on tour in later 2024 – unfortunately her Hello Cowboy tour features Sweden only.

  • Remember Him That Way by Luke Combs

Luke Combs’ new album Fathers & Sons is already one of the big favorites for the 2024 Best Country Albums list. I absolutely loved it in my review. This song especially touched me.

  • Two Truths and a Lie by Ashley Anne

A new single release this week is the slow and emotional song Two Truths and a Lie by Ashley Anne, who calls herself a coastal grandma on Instagram. Beautiful song.

  • Patches by Stephen Wilson Jr.

Stephen Wilson Jr. announced his European tour dates for later this year – you find them in my tour date overview. Time to feature him and one of his earlier songs in here.

  • Me and My Old Man by Kyle Daniel

Kyle Daniel played this one on stage so often – and it always touched me. So glad that he finally shares it with us as a single release!

  • Better in the Rearview by HALIE ft. Daniel Jeffers

Nashville country singer HALIE has almost 500k followers on TikTok. Alongside Daniel Jeffers, she presented her new single release Better in the Rearview this week. Great modern country track.

  • Better On A Boat by Drew Parker

Another release I really liked is Better On A Boat by Drew Parker. The title of the new song by Georgia-origin artist Drew Parker already suggests somecountry music stereotypes. But it is a fun one!

  • 10 Day Run by Whey Jennings

Somehow, a typical country music song: in his new release, Whey Jennings praises the work of truck drivers. I really like it.

The following eight songs have been removed from the playlist:

  • She Don’t Smoke by Josh Ross
  • Drunk Since Dallas by Grant Gilbert
  • Made In Texas by Willie Nelson
  • Can’t Hold Me Back by Kyle Daniel
  • Anime Eyes by Kacey Musgraves
  • Acres by Brian Kelley
  • Heartbreaking Business by Becca Bowen
  • Picnic Table by Everette Country Music Playlists – Links

If you click on the banner below (or copy the link), you access the playlist on Amazon music. Here is a link to apply for an account.


Here is the link to the Country Music Playlist on Spotify: Country Music Playlist – Play

Can’t wait? Here is the directley embedded Spotify playlist: Country Music Playlist – Song List

Here is the current list of songs in alphabetical order (there feel to be increasing issues with music being available at Amazon Music nowadays, so that some songs may not be included in the Amazon version)

# Song Artist
1 10 Day Run Whey Jennings
2 Am Lagerfeuer Aurel, Patrick Bach & Fabian Harloff
3 Beach Chair Uncle Kracker
4 Beautiful As You Thomas Rhett
5 Better in the Rearview HALIE ft. Daniel Jeffers
6 Better On A Boat Drew Parker
7 Black Crows Romie
8 Breakup Over Breakfast Avery Anna
9 Bulletproof Nate Smith fr. Avril Lavigne
10 Cleaning Out Your Closet Sara Evans
11 Country Just Like Me Austin Williams
12 Dirt On Us Alli Walker
13 Don’t Tell Motel Chancy DeAnne
14 Every Rose Has Its Thorn Noah Reid
15 Fall of Summer Scotty McCreery
16 Family Tree Ryan Kinder
17 Fast Asleep 49 Winchester
18 For What It’s Worth Hootie & the Blowfish
19 Girl in your Song Twinnie
20 Good Day To Have A Great Day Russell Dickerson
21 Good Godly Woman The Red Clay Strays
22 Heaven on Dirt Logan Mize
23 High Road Joe Wetzel feat. Jessie Murgh
24 Homegrown Honey Darius Rucker
25 Honky Tonk Up Tracy Lawrence
26 I Wanna Do It All! Terri Clark ft. Lauren Alaina
27 Last Of My Kind Shaboozey ft. Paul Cauthen
28 Let Your Horses Run Brett Kissel
29 Live Fast Die Pretty Kayley Green
30 Lonely As The Lone Star Braxton Keith
31 Man on the Moon Megan Moroney
32 Manic Pixie Dream Girl Maja Francis
33 Me and My Old Man Kyle Daniel
34 Nothin’ Slowin’ Us Down Kameron Marlowe
35 Nothing But Texas Wade Bowen
36 One More Tim Hicks
37 Patches Stephen Wilson Jr.
38 Queen Carrie Welling
39 Remember Him That Way Luke Combs
40 Sad Girl Summer Maddie & Tae feat. Lori McKenna
41 Silver Linings Sarah Darling
42 Sound Of A Heartbreak Mackenzie Carpenter
43 Southern Rock Travis Denning ft. HARDY
44 still blue Carly Pearce
45 The Way I See You Zach John King
46 The Wonder of Life Dirk Busch
47 Two Truths and a Lie Ashley Anne
48 Weather in Tennessee HunterGirl
49 West Virginia Kasey Williams
50 Wildfire Austin Snell about Country Music

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