The Country Music Playlists

The more developed towards a music website as well, the more I thought about how to share music with you. This especially applies to country music, which is still not too strongly supported in Germany and in other parts of Europe in the media. Thus, I decided to start a country music playlist, containing of 40 songs (maybe increase it one day). The idea is not just to promote the Nashville big ones, but also young artists. Of course, there will also be a certain focus on the Featured Artists (as long as they are country musicians).

I am more of an Amazon person, but as I guess more of you prefer Spotify, I will maintain the playlist in parallel on both platforms. The full list of songs currently in the playlist is below. I am not sure about how to update the list, but my initial idea is to replace three to five songs weekly.

There is also my New Country Songs playlist, which became more and more popular during the last months. In order to be able to maintain that list on Sundays, I will temporarily update the Country Music Playlists Monday morning German time now. 

I decided to maintain and archive my update log entries during the last weeks. If you are interested, just dare a look to my updated comments in the Country Music Playlist Log Archive.


Country Music Playlist Update Log (18th October 2021)

Packed times: I had a really good time in Iceland this weekend, majorly concentrating on the capital region. The music weekend was packed as well – I had to skip quite a bunch of albums and EPs (including acts like the Zac Brown Band). Nonetheless, I had more reviews than I would typically envisage to produce – on top of material for 18 postings about the Northern island. Look forward to share a lot from the North with you. Here are my five song additions:

  • Oklahoma Breakdown by Toby Keith

Let’s start with the highlight of the week. Having a new Toby Keith after six years is definitely already a good reason for a bright country music listener’s smile. Finally, Peso In My Pocket is even a really great recording. Hard for me to pick the right song – but finally, I felt most comfortable with the Oklahoma Breakdown as a playlist addition.

  • This Kiss by Faith Hill

As said in the previous updated, I feel that I lost a bit track also adding classic tracks to the playlist. This Kiss, one one Faith Hill’s greatest ones, should have been to the list earlier.

  • Palm Trees in Ohio by Ryan Hurd

A great love song by Ryan Hurd – and one of many examples on his new album Pelago, which underline is songwriting excellence. I just liked these lyrics most – other songs would have deserved the nomination as well.

  • Just Hang On by Ty Baynton

Actually, I did not listen to too many Wrong Turns when I had a listen to Ty Baynton’s accordingly named new EP; which has been released this weekend. I just did not have any more free review slots when I ran into it – but this guy definitely deserves a playlist spot. Here is my favorite of the new EP.

  • If Momma Raised Him Right by Jessica Sole

Another new song: If Momma Raised Him RIght by Jessica Sole just felt special to me. I had quite a huge selection of tracks, from which I started to cut down the entries for the New Country Songs Playlists – but this artist was just made for better this week. Really good one.

And removed:

  • Songs You Never Heard by Luke Bryan
  • Friends by Sylvia Aimee
  • Destination by Christina Taylor
  • Up All Night by Deric Ruttan 
  • Tomorrow Night by Cassadee Pope Country Music Playlists – Links

If you click on the banner below (or copy the link), you access the playlist on Amazon music. Here is a link to apply for an account.


Here is the link to the Country Music Playlist on Spotify: Country Music Playlist – Play

Can’t wait? Here is the directley embedded Spotify playlist: Country Music Playlist – Song List

Here is the current list of songs in alphabetical order:

# Song Artist
1 A Girl’s Love Mitchell Tenpenny
2 All The Pretty Girls Kenny Chesney
3 Always Be Home Carolyn Miller
4 Background Presley Aronson
5 Beautiful World Jayne Denham
6 Before Summer Starts To Fall Troy Kemp & Katrina Burgoyne
7 Boots For Heels DanaMaria
8 Damn Boy Christina Taylor
9 Down In Flames Cody Hibbard
10 Fire Line Billy Strings
11 Guys Like You Alee
12 Highway Like Me Ashland Craft feat. Marcus King
13 Highway Will Taylor McCall
14 How Country Feels Randy Houser
15 I Only Date Cowboys Kylie Morgan
16 If Momma Raised Him Right Jessica Sole
17 Just Hang On Ty Baynton
18 Met the Man Tommy Atkins feat. Hollier
19 New Old Trucks James Barker Band feat. Dierks Bentley
20 Oklahoma Breakdown Toby Keith
21 Over You Stephanie Ryann
22 Palm Trees in Ohio Ryan Hurd
23 Perfect Sara Evans
24 She’s Gonna Leave a Mark Darrin Morris Band
25 Smoky Charley Crockett
26 Soldier’s Gift Josh Turnier
27 Somebody’s Listening Jesse Labelle
28 South On Ya Luke Combs
29 Southern Comfort Crystal Leigh
30 Space Kenny Foster
31 Spirits, Angels, Or Lies Riddy Arman
32 Tall Boys Alexandra Kay
33 Tastes Like A Hangover Chelsea Berman
34 Tennessee Waltz Miko Marks & The Resurrection
35 This Kiss Faith Hill
36 Voices Jana Kramer
37 Wagon Wheel Darius Rucker
38 We Are Tonight Billy Currington
39 Wild Hearts Keith Urban
40 Wine at the Church, Beer at the Bar Logan Mize about Country Music

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