The Country Music Playlists

The more developed towards a music website as well, the more I thought about how to share music with you. This especially applies to country music, which is still not too strongly supported in Germany and in other parts of Europe in the media. Thus, I decided to start a country music playlist, containing of 40 songs (maybe increase it one day). The idea is not just to promote the Nashville big ones, but also young artists. Of course, there will also be a certain focus on the Featured Artists (as long as they are country musicians).

I am more of an Amazon person, but as I guess more of you prefer Spotify, I will maintain the playlist in parallel on both platforms. The full list of songs currently in the playlist is below. I am not sure about how to update the list, but my initial idea is to replace three to five songs weekly.

There is also my New Country Songs playlist, which became more and more popular during the last months. In order to be able to maintain that list on Sundays, I will temporarily update the Country Music Playlists Monday morning German time now. 

I decided to maintain and archive my update log entries during the last weeks. If you are interested, just dare a look to my updated comments in the Country Music Playlist Log Archive.


Country Music Playlist Update Log (4th July 2022)

Not a very special week this time. I originally had planned a trip to Italy, but the current situation at European airports and the high work level I am currently facing made me withdraw from it. There were not too many too thrilling new songs – but these tracks definitely made me smile.

  • I’ll Be There For You by Pete Wolf Band

Great news: Pete Wolf aka Wolfgang Petry is releasing a new country / Americana EP. After the great listen 2084, I am already looking forward to Crosswalk to Nowhere, which will be available from 5th August 2022. Here is the first feature single.

  • Country Anyway by Kylie Morgan feat. Walker Hayes

I was so happy to listen to the new EP by Kylie Morgen, P.S. Nice songs – I finally went for Country Anyway for this playlist.

  • It’s About Time by Jonny Houlihan

Jonny Houlihan gave me a tough time picking the right song from Coffee and Jesus, his this week’s album release. Very good stories and very different songs. I went for this one.

  • Slip by Shawn Austin

Shawn Austin released his EP Planes Don’t Wait this week. While I already featured the title track as a single release in December 2021 in here, I now selected Slip.

  • USA by Filmore feat. Pitbull

There were rather few new country music releases more or less dealing with Independence Day and how great the USA is. Interesting collaboration of Filmore and Pitbull in here.

And removed:

  • She Had Me At Heads Carolina by Cole Swindell
  • Two Dozen Roses by Shenandoah
  • King of Saturday Night by Midland
  • Second Chance by 49 Winchester
  • Get To Me by Sarah Darling Country Music Playlists – Links

If you click on the banner below (or copy the link), you access the playlist on Amazon music. Here is a link to apply for an account.


Here is the link to the Country Music Playlist on Spotify: Country Music Playlist – Play

Can’t wait? Here is the directley embedded Spotify playlist: Country Music Playlist – Song List

Here is the current list of songs in alphabetical order (there feel to be increasing issues with music being available at Amazon Music nowadays, so that some songs may not be included in the Amazon version):

# Song Artist
1 All That’s Left Lee Newton
2 Bitchin’ Royale Lynn
3 Champagne Problems Peytan Porter
4 Country Anyway Kylie Morgan feat. Walker Hayes
5 Country as Fuck Paul Cauthen
6 Criminal Lindsay Ell
7 Doin’ Me Maddie Rean
8 Don’t Treat Me Like That Chris Colter
9 Everybody Else Aaron Raitiere
10 Faded On Me Alexander Ludwig
11 Famous Enough Paige King Johnson
12 Fly Vicki Manser
13 Free (One Heart) Joshua Hedley
14 Hate My Heart Carrie Underwood
15 Hell Of A Way To Go Riley Green
16 He’s My Dad Gary Quinn
17 Honky Tonk Town Ronnie Dunn feat. Jake Worthington
18 Howdy Kaylee Rose
19 I Don’t Go Back Kassi Ashton
20 I’ll Be There For You Pete Wolf Band
21 Ingrid Andress Seeing Someone Else
22 It’s About Time Jonny Houlihan
23 John Wayne Rachel LaRen
24 Lawn Chair Lazy James Barker Band
25 Love Like We’re Drunk Kylie Morgan
26 Lucky CreatiVets feat. Kenny Foster
27 Man On The Run Brittany Brodie
28 Me & My Old Man Kyle Daniel
29 New Sheriff in Town Brenna Bone
30 New Wore Off Carolyn Miller
31 Regulars + Drop Ins Stephanie Ryann
32 She Drives Her Own Truck (feat. Matt Dame) The Cumberland River Project
33 Slip Shawn Austin
34 Sunday Best Bryce Sainty & Taylor Moss
35 This Guitar Def Leppard feat. Alison Krauss
36 Till the Wheels Fall Off Christina Taylor
37 USA Filmore ft Pitbull
38 Used To Wish I Was Luke Combs
39 Where Do I Sign Brett Eldredge
40 Whiskey Knows Jessica Rose about Country Music

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