Atlas Bird – Atlas Bird

Atlas Bird - Atlas Bird



3.5/5 Pros

  • Some good pop songs
  • Duo with high potential Cons

  • Some songs are just not sufficiently striking

While doing tour-chasing in Florida, I am very glad when I am able to prepare postings for beforehand, especially album reviews. One of the albums released on 14th October 2022 which attracted my attention is the self-titled release by the German band Atlas Bird. Here is my review.


Atlas Bird – About The Artists

Atlas Bird are a pop duo from Leipzig, Germany. They released their debut EP Escape in 2017, followed by a second one, Dua Lux, two years later. Finally, Martin Schröder-Zabel (vocals, guitar) and Axel Kunz (drums, piano) started to work on their debut album in Hamburg in summer 2021.


Atlas Bird – Atlas Bird – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 38 minutes.

1. Francis International

Even though the track also has some more intense moments, Francis International is overall a rather slow and relaxed opener for the self-titled album. Nice work by Martin Schröder-Zabel, who is driving the song with very nice guitar works as well as a really present vocal performance.

2. Onyx

Onyx is a rather slow and not too present listen for almost the first two minutes At that point, Atlas Bird are increasing the power of listening. This helps to have a more memorable performance, even though my over rating of this song would not be too strong.

3. My Very Own Blood

Call it alternative or simply space pop – My Very Own Blood is a very atmospheric listen. The more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it. One of my favorite listens.

4. All The Cities I Know

Melodically, All The Cities I Know does not emancipate too much from its predecessor. Overall, I feel that the songs so far are rather close to each other. Let’s see whether Atlas Bird present themsevles more versatile later on this album.

5. Kiss Away

The almost four minute Kiss Away takes quite a while to develop towards a very present pop song. Thus, it takes me almost until the last minute of this track to enjoy the fifth song of the album a bit more.

6. Fine Line

Fine Line works with electronic vibes and rhythm more intensively than the songs before. I personally don’t like that touch too much, but the Germans use it wisely and thus define a very nice new style on this album.

7. Moonchild

The strumming guitar style and the very basic drumming on Moonchild reminds me of folk-pop songs. Very nice work on the microphone side again.

8. Lovers & Leavers

The keyboard part is more dominant at Lovers & Leavers than in other songs of the album. I feel that this is really a beautiful arrangement. The 3:21 minutes feel a bit of length, but I enjoy the listen.

9. Mine

The stronger presence of rock-style guitar sounds nicely connects Mine with the songs at the beginning of the album.

10. The Station

The album is closing with the only track which is shorter than three minutes. Some piano tunes on a slow track with vocal performances by both Atlas Bird members. A nice way to quit this album.


Atlas Bird – Atlas Bird – Spotify

Here is Atlas Bird on Spotify:


Atlas Bird – Atlas Bird – My View

Atlas Bird is a nice album by a German band. I however feel that they could do better. The second part of the album feels much more versatile. Definitely an interesting listen.


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