Right Said Fred – Good Times Everybody EP

Right Said Fred - Good Times Everybody EP



2.8/5 Pros

  • Right Said Fred are still alive
  • Cool title track Cons

  • The "EP" is rather a single

I’m Too Sexy and Don’t Talk Just Kiss – it is hard to state that you do not Know any Right Said Fred song. The brothers have never stopped being in the pop music business – and on 19th June 2020, they even released a new EP: Good Times Everybody. I just have been too curious about it and needed to share it with you.


Right Said Fred – About The Artists

Right Said Fred majorly consists of the brother Richard (vocals, bass) and Fred Fairbrass. In the early 1990’s, they have been joined by other musicians like Rob Manzoli, but nowadays they are listed as a duo. The brothers already did music since the 1970’s together, but in 1989, they formed Right Said Fred, which is in fact named after a 1962 Bernard Cribbins song. In 1991, the band released their debut I’m Too Sexy, which was an amazing worldwide success. The following songs, Don’t Talk Just Kiss and Deeply Dippy had quite some sales as well, but could not fully connect to the debut. Not too surprisingly, the corresponding album Up made it quite well, especially in their home market UK and in Austria. The regularly released songs and albums until 2011 roughly, their biggest success thereafter was likely their Fredhead album (2001), which sold quite well in Germany and Austria, majorly due to the You’re my mate single.

In recent years, Right Said Fred became more active again. One key event was that Taylor Swift credited them in her Look What You Made Me Do (2017). If you listen to this line in the chorus, and try to sing the I’m too sexy lyric part I’m too sexy for my shirt on it, you might be quite surprised that in fact it is the same song. In 2019, they covered German pop/schlager Kerstin Ott’s Die immer lacht as She Always Laughs (which is quite much the literal translation).


Right Said Fred – Good Times Everybody – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 12 minutes.

1. Good Times Everybody (Main Mix)

The title track had already been released before the EP – and it is just a travel back in time, which makes me smile. No kissing, no sex… But apart from that, it is just as I remember the brothers from their successful ages. Love it!

2. Tide

Tide has a dark and slow character. Would Right Said Fred call that one a ballad? Feels rather like a dance you have yourself in an empty room after a breakup. Mystical… But it somehow catches me.

3. Lap Dance Junkie (Live Mix)

This is indeed not a new song, but has already been releeased in 2001.

So oh baby just one more time
This lap dance junkie’s spending his last dime
It ain’t no joke but I think that I’m broke
Loving you is mentally exhausting

Here, the brothers recorded the track with an acoustic guitar, very limited other orchestration – and this all just leads to a cool new character of the track. With 2:09 minutes, it is unfortunately just a short episode of the EP.

4. Good Times Everybody (Stripped Mix)

The title already gives a hint: this one is just a repetition of title track, the Stripped Mix is less rhythmic. No argue, it has a special touch, but overall, I love the original.


Right Said Fred – Good Times Everybody – Spotify

Here is the Spotify link to the EP:


Right Said Fred – Good Times Everybody – My View

First of all: the single Good Times Everybody is promising. It would have deserved a much higher ranking. Unfortunately, the EP is just a bit too thin. I like the new version of Lap Dance Junkie, but overall, this EP feels too thin – the Fairbrass brothers should have gone for the single only. On the other hand, the good news is: Right Said Fred are still alive. Hope we have some more songs in the future!


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