Tanner Sparks – Living A Nightmare

Tanner Sparks - Living A Nightmare



3.6/5 Pros

  • Lovely old-fashioned style country
  • Catching voice
  • Some really good songs Cons

  • Still not being at top hit potential
  • Not constantly good enough

Old Fashioned Country Music – that’s how Tanner Sparks declares his style of music on his website. On the very first day of 2021, Sparks released his new album, Living A Nightmare. Sounds promising, ain’t it? Here is my review of that 1st January 2021 release.


Tanner Sparks – About The Artist

Tanner Sparks, the head of the Tanner Sparks Band, is a young country music artist originally coming from East Texas. His debut single How Sorry I Am is dated as of 2017. His first EP was released one year later, called Music For The Soul Volume 1. After releasing some singles like Not Like Mine (2019) and How Can I (2020), he worked towards Living A Nightmare, which is his debut album. Some songs have already been released during 2020. His most streamed song so far (according to Spotify) is his 2018 single Good Intentions.


Tanner Sparks – Living A Nightmare – Track by Track

The seven tracks are published as an album with a 27 minute playtime.

1. Living a Nightmare

Old Fashioned Country Music – the title track of the album leaves no doubt that Tanner Sparks is keeping that promise he is giving on his website. This guy just does not sound like a young artist, but (already) like one of the good old ones. Great sound.

2. She’s Moving On

She’s Moving On is a bit more rhythmic and faster than the title track, but still loaded with steel guitars and traditional country sounds – in a way you just enjoy to listen to Tanner Sparks. Good song!

3. Consider Me Dead

This dark and sad breakup song turns into a surprisingly modern tune. The song is one of my favorites on the album, also due the powerful chorus.

4. Replaceable

Cause I am knocked down
I’m drug out
I don’t feel her love now
It’s too late, time’s run out
I see her all over town.
Any times like this make me feel unstable
Because she showed me I’m replaceable.

Another unfortunate love song – again the song is very catching due to a strong and powerful chorus. Great track.

5. Playing The Role

Playing The Role was one of two songs Tanner Sparks released as a live recording from Forth Worth in early 2020. The song has a lot of speed, feels very fluent and is just a good listen. A bit of surprising that it has a quite modern touch – and comes with a good portion of rock as well.

6. Last Time My Heart Broke

After the very modern touch Playing the RoleLast Time My Heart Broke feels again like a trip some decades back in time. Nice listen, but not as good as other tracks on the album.

7. Save Me

The seven track album closes with the slow Save Me. A track about dealing with alcohol and smoke on a lonely night – I bet you won’t save me tonight. Nice listen!


Tanner Sparks – Living A Nightmare – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to Living A Nightmare:


Tanner Sparks – Living A Nightmare – My View

It really feels great to me that young and emerging country artists not only head towards the potential easiest route to fame and do Nashville mainstream sounds. Due to his old-fashioned sound, Tanner Sparks feels very authentic – and he definitely comes with the necessary skills to do his music in a great manner. Hope to hear more music from this Texas guy very soon. The album not good enough to be in the top ranks – but it is a really good listen.


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