Holiday Inn Express Glasgow Airport

Holiday Inn Express Glasgow Airport

61.83 GBP


4.0/5 Pros

  • Great location and short walk to the terminal
  • Nice, sensibly sized room Cons

  • Breakfast and service issues

If you need a night at Glasgow Airport (GLA), you might be rather surprised about the rather wide range of options the area is giving you. There are at least five hotels in easy walking distance. For a trip in February 2023, I opted for the Holiday Inn Express Glasgow Airport, which was majorly been based on the very attractive price of the airport hotel at the time of booking.


Holiday Inn Express Glasgow Airport – Location

The Holiday Inn Express Glasgow Airport is located right South of the terminal. There is a covered walkway from the airport ending close to the hotel (you have to cross a street and then have some more steps to walk), but I honestly haven’t found it after arrivals and took a detour, which was not too bothering as well, even with heavy luggage. The Sanderling Road bus stop (lines 77, 757) is right East of the hotel, which is adjacent to a large parking lot. I would likely rather board public transport at the airport station directly, though.

Other than dining services provided by the other hotels around, the airport is providing stuff for travelers’ needs. There is also a supermarket on arrivals level. You could use the hotel for a city trip to Glasgow as well, the airport bus might be a bit of bothering, though.


Holiday Inn Express Glasgow Airport – Room

I had a one night stay at the Holiday Inn Express. The prepaid rate was 61.83 GBP. Holiday Inn Express stays generally include breakfast. I had three stays of that class of IHG Hotels in a row on that trip following Weird Al Yankovic, namely the HI Express Dublin Centre the night before and the HI Express Glasgow Riverside the night after that hotel. The standard is comparable, I in general like that design of the room. The small moveable workdesk is actually not too bad and I could nicely work from the sofa with the two power outlets provided right next to it. As you likely have a short stay right before or right after a flight in here, I felt that the setting and space provided was absolutely sensible and sufficient.

The shower bathroom made effective use of the space provided, but was overall good at all. I generally like when there is space for my toiletries, which the hotel nicely had next to the sink. The space around the toilet was a bit narrow and the shower as such felt a bit run down, but the room was absolutely clean and fine.


Holiday Inn Express Glasgow Airport – Breakfast

The hotel offers full breakfast from 6:00 to 10:00, a basic breakfast is even available from 4:00. I feel that these are sensible times for an airport hotel, even though many of the Holiday Inn Express peers (also in other locations like Frankfurt) fail in that regard. Even though it was not too crowded, the breakfast was unfortunately chaotic and the only person, who was serving the buffet and cleaning the table did not succeed in getting the job done. This is especially critical as there two people behind the reception desk chatting with each other all the time. I just don’t get when hotels don’t have that kind of team spirit. The selection of food provided (if avaiable) was absolutely fine, though. The hotel is also offering dinner.


Holiday Inn Express Glasgow Airport – Service

There were also some maintenance and service issues during my stay. Can you spot on the left picture, which floor(s) is/are selected in the elevator? I also don’t like when staff is passing through the floors and leave stuff like this in-room meal in the aisles. The check-in and check-out was friendly, though. I had some weird internet behavior, though, with the computer “thinking” there is no connection, but it worked out rather smoothly.


Holiday Inn Express Glasgow Airport – My View

At least during my stay, the Holiday Inn Express Glasgow Airport has definitely been a nice value for money. The location is very good, even though the walkway is a bit of hidden. On the negative side, there are the service issues I mentioned. Nonetheless, I would definitely go for this place again, when I needed a stay right at this airport in Scotland.


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