Charlotte Young – Coffee and Conversations EP

Charlotte Young - Coffee and Conversations



3.6/5 Pros

  • Lovely voice
  • Beautiful lyrics Cons

  • Charlotte Young has (even) more potential

I read about Charlotte Young that she is “the female Luke Combs”. I would not go as far as the colleagues in this interview went, but the British country singer at least grew a certain fan base already. With Coffee and Conversations, Young has just released her second EP. The release date has been 9th April 2021.


Charlotte Young – About The Artist

Charlotte Young is a country singer from Birmingham, United Kingdom. She already grew quite some attendance with her debut single Whiplash – and her debut EP Blown Away gained good critics – not only in her home country. After releasing three singles after that EP, Coffee and Conversations is her next longer release.


Charlotte Young – Coffee and Conversations – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 19 minutes.

1. Remedy

The first song of the album is Remedy, which comes with a nice rhythm and groove. Charlotte Young presents her very characteristic voice in this song. It felt a bit of naive and young at the beginning – but the more you listen to it, the more you enjoy to listen to it.

2. On The Loose

On The Loose has a lot of speed and rushes through the lovely story like a long-distance train. The song has that lovely fusion of a country-alike arrangement and even a touch of rock’n’roll and

3. Praying For Rain

Praying For Rain, one of the songs released before the EP, is a bit slower and thoughtful. But it is definitely lovely to listen to Charlotte Young and her stories.


4. Early Light

The instrumentation and instrumentation of Early Light creates a beautiful atmosphere, perfect to listen to this song. The vocals create a lot of presence in this one.

5. Whiplash (Acoustic)

Back to the roots? The EP closes with the breakthrough song, but now in the acoustic version. Fans know it already – it is one of the single released between the two EPs.


Charlotte Young – Coffee and Conversations – Spotify

Here is Charlotte’s EP on Spotify:


Charlotte Young – Coffee and Conversations – My View

Coffee and Conversations is a nice EP. It shows Charlotte Young’s talent and it is a great showcase for her very special voice. On the other I feel that no song on it connects to the quality and fascination of Whiplash (including the acoustic version). In fact, there are just two new songs as well. Thus, the EP is a good step for me, but she also needs some more of these good steps. She is definitely not the female Luke Combs… yet…


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