Rahel – Blessed EP

Rahel - Blessed



4.2/5 Pros

  • Amazing quality, regarding her age
  • Very well produced
  • Nice range of songs

At the German version of The Voice Kids, a ten year old girl quickly persuaded the coaches in the blind auditions. After performing the first Control by Zoe Wees, all four judges turned around for Rahel from the Hemer in the Sauerland region. After releasing a bunch of singles, Rahel is doing her debut EP on 12th May 2023 – at the age of 13. I just had to have a listen to Blessed.


Rahel – About The Artist

Unfortunately, I don’t have much more bio about Rahel than the one I already gave you. At The Voice Kids 2021, she received a fast pass from her coaches in the second round (battles) and could directly make it into the fourth and final round. In this competition of twelve contestants, she did not make it.


Rahel – Blessed – Track by Track

The eight song EP lasts 23 minutes.

1. Blessed

Blessed is just one out of two songs, which have not yet been released as singles. The song has a very modern and nice groove. You have to listen very closely to identify that Rahel is in fact not as mature as the song is suggesting. Her sound is amazing.

2. Everhappy

Compared to the opener, Everhappy feels a bit more personal and direct. The sound of the pre-chorus feels a bit less precise than most other songs of the album. I appreciate this little bit of “immaturity” – the overall sound of the eight songs is already extremely professional, regarding her age.

3. City Lights

City Lights has a very melodic style. Not only as I just made my thoughts about my favorite Eurovision Song Contest songs of all times, this one reminds me of young Lena. Very energetic, self-confident performance. One of the highlights of this debut EP.

4. Feels Like Home

The second new song of the EP is very emotional and is having a flavor of a ballad. However, the song develops quite some force in the chorus. Impressive listen with a nice dynamic.

5. Fairytales

If you know all her single releases already, Fairytales is the song which starts introducing you to known tunes only. I feel that this fifth song is one of the most beautiful listens of the EP, so it is a nice starter of this four song set.

6. Sticks & Stones

Together with the opener Blessed, this is one of two songs, which just exceeds a duration of two minutes. I like Sticks & Stones, also because the team around Rahel let’s her song teenage songs. Good production.

7. Nobody But You

Similar to some songs, the verses of Nobody But You give you the feeling that the vocalist you are listening to still can improve and grow on her technical side. These feelings are quickly gone when Rahel is presenting the chorus. Simply wow.

8. Lego Stones

I built my heart out of lego stonesOne piece for everyone I got to knowAll kinds of colors and different shapesThey all make me who I am today

How could I not like this song? Okay, let’s better talk about interlockable building blocks in general? But this closing song just touches my heart, also driven by the lovely vocal performance. I am definitely thankful for this listen.



Rahel – Blessed – Spotify

Here is Blessed on Spotify:


Rahel – Blessed – My View

Wow! This performance is s impressive, especially when you think about that Rahel is in her early teenage years. I feel it will definitely be interesting to follow her career and see the next steps she is taking. The debut is quite a statement of quality.


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