Alter Bridge – Pawns And Kings

Alter Bridge - Pawns and Kings



4.0/5 Pros

  • Some great songs
  • Good rock work Cons

  • Some significantly less characterful recordings.

Pawns & Kings is already the seventh album by the rock band Alter Bridge. Songs like Isolation (2010) paved the band’s path to global success. The set of ten new songs will be released on 14th October 2022.


Alter Bridge – About The Artists

Alter Bridge is an US-American rock band, which has been founded in 2004 in Orlando. The most prominent member is Myles Kennedy, which is not only the lead vocalist and guitarist of Alter Bridge, but also works for the backing band of Slash and his own project, Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. The other three members, Mark Tremonti (lead guitars), Brian Marshall (bass) and Scott Phillips (drums) are also members of the band Creed. Already the debut album One Day Remains had global success. The album placed fifth in the US rock charts, but was also noted in other markets like Australia, Germany or the United Kingdom. Since the 2013 album Fortress latest, Alter Bridge albums regularly hits the Top 10 in several international charts.


Alter Bridge – Pawns and Kings – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 54 minutes.

1. This Is War

A touch of Black Sabbath, goth style backing chorals and a lot of rock power – Alter Bridge is making sure that you don’t miss the opening of their new album. Excellent track with altering elements.

2. Dead Among The Living

The second track is a bit stronger on the melodic part. It is also a more straightforward song with softer breaks and overall less changes in style. Sometimes, this also makes the song feel a little less interesting.

3. Silver Tongue

Silver Tongue is another single release. Alter Bridge is doing a massive four minute rock firework here. Not too many situations to relax. Nice.

4. Sin After Sin

Sin After Sin goes for a rather slow start – but that’s likely just to save some power. This epic almost seven minute track is finally turning into a hard rock riff machine on the very highest level.

5. Stay

Stay is the first rock ballad on the album. Not too bad, the song is also coming with a nice chorus, but I like Alter Bridge better when they go for the harder sounds.

6. Holiday

I need a holiday – the song nicely reminds me of classic hard rock anthems. Hope that Alter Bridges relaxing absence is not too long. This song is a nice one and I want more.

7. Fable Of The Silent Son

The Fable Of The Silent Son is the longest work of the album. Alter Bridge takes you on a 8:22 minutes hard rock travel here. The song really feels like a story told and is thus one of the most impressing experiences of the album to me. Nice.

8. Season Of Promise

Season Of Promise is a rock ballad with a stadium rock anthem-style chorus. Again, I feel it is rather a slow-down and a break to the album than a really good addition.

9. Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is a bit of the “mousy” track of the album to me. Not bad at all, but also not really adding a blast of values to the album.

10. Pawns And Kings

The title song is the farewell from Alter Bridge’s 2022 album. After struggling a bit with some songs in the second half of the album, that’s a good way to close this recording. The song is definitely one of the highlights of the album.


Alter Bridge – Pawns and Kings – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Alter Bridge – Pawns and Kings – My View

The second half of the album is killing a very high rating – but overall, Pawns and Kings is a really good listen. Some tracks are excellent and define an amazing sound. Thus, the album is a good choice for a listen, even if you are not that much into their music.


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