Tribulation – Hamartia EP

Tribulation - Hamartia



4.2/5 Pros

  • Very melodic death metal
  • Nice range of track Cons

  • Just four songs

Happy Easter with some death metal (what would be a better vibe for that?)! Right on Good Friday, 7th April 2023, the Swedish band Tribulation released their four song EP Hamartia. I had the chance to have a listen to it before release and share my thoughts.


Tribulation – About The Artists

Tribulation has been found in 2001 in Arvika in Värmland, Sweden. Their initial band name was Hazard, which they change to te today’s name in 2004. Johannes Andersson leads the band as singer and bassist. Adam Zaars and Joseph Tholl play the guitars, while Oscar Leander is the drummer of the band. After some demo recordings, the first Tribulation release was the EP Putrid Rebirth in 2006. Nowadays, the band has already released three EPs and five albums. The last one, Where the Gloom Becomes Sound, was a Top 30 release in Sweden and peaked on the 12th spot of the German album charts.


Tribulation – Hamartia – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 22 minutes.

1.  Hamartia

Even though Andersson is growling into the microphone, he and the band start with the comparably melodic Hamartia. A nice death metal stomping track, which is leaving a nice presence to all the instrumentalists as well. Even if you are not that much into death metal, the opener and title track may be a quite nice listen – many peers have a significantly darker sound.

2. Axis Mundi

I really enjoy the leverage between melodic and typical death metal elements. Tribulation give Zaars and Tholl sufficient room to create themes, which develop over the full duration of the song. There is still a nice, dark mood. Death metal does not needs to be too scary to be good.

3. Hemoclysm

After the two single releases open the EP, the third song Hernoclysm is the the longest song of the album. The Swedes sometimes create sometimes like a marching groove, created by the guitars and the bass. Good catch, which is again created by using different kinds of dark rocking elements.

4. Vengeance (The Path – Blue Öyster Cult cover)

The fourth song is a Blue Öyster Cult cover. I really love this version of the song originally performed by the US hard rockers. Not death metal at all, but a really nice piece and tribute to a legendary band.


Tribulation – Hamartia – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Tribulation – Hamartia – My View

Hamartia is just a four track listen, but the EP definitely leaves a mark. Tribulation is not pushing towards the limits of their genre and thus create a set of tracks, which is a good listen for any hard rock and metal fan. I like it as well. Let’s raise our devil’s horns in the sky to these tunes.


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