Greyhound George Band – Get Up And Walk!

Greyhound George Band - Get Up And Walk!



4.4/5 Pros

  • Good, versatile songs
  • Great work on the vocal and instrumental side
  • Very long album

An album full of blues and funk which sounds so much like a US production, but is very German – from Bielefeld in Northern North Rhine-Westphalia: when I received Get Up And Walk! from the Greyhound George Band, it just took me very short time to decide to share it with you. The release date of the album is 5th November 2021.


Greyhound George Band – About The Artists

Greyhound George, whose civil first name is Jürgen, is a 1961 born artist from Bielefeld. He already played in multiple bands in very early years, so that he is looking back to a some forty year long career on stage. Since 2007, he is also doing solo music and with the Greyhound George Band, which consists of bassist Wolfgang Schäfer and Detlev Schütte at the drums. Greyhound George is also active in other projects like the Greyhound’s Washboard Band. The Greyhound George Band’s previous album has been Electrified, which received really positive reviews.


Greyhound George Band – Get Up And Walk! – Track by Track

The thirteen songs album lasts 67 minutes.

1. Thin Line

The album starts with its only single release so far – Thin Line is definitely one of the most versatile tracks on the album: a lot of blues groove, some funky brass sounds and a cool rock sound. The song is the second longest on the album (7:22 minutes), but it feels very entertaining and has a very catching chorus.

2. Bad Luck

Bad Luck comes with a nice keyboard / organ melody line in the verses, while the chorus almost spreads a touch of rock’n’roll. A song which is also driven a lot from the instrumental strength and talent of the trio.

Well, I don’t care about Spotify
don’t mind the charts,
I wanna play some good music
Straight from the heart.

Mission accomplished. Good song!

3. Messed Up State Of Mind

Messed Up State Of Mind is almost a blues-pop track. Again, the brass melody lines are a signature element of the song. Good track, which gives you a very enjoyable listen.

4. Alienation Blues

The Alienation Blues is almost eight minutes long and thus the most epic track on the album. The song starts with a powerful feature of the electric guitar, which is the key instrument of this track. The song starts as one of the purest blues experiences on the album, but then here and there also allows some sprinkles of other genres.

5. Back In The Groove

Blues at its finest with some rocking guitar elements – Back In The Groove does not feature too many funk elements in contrast to previous songs. The more, it is a feast for blues guitar lovers. Good sound, good song.

6. Rambling Mind

The Rambling Mind is a bit darker and rougher than the songs before. Greyhound George is able to modulate his vocals very well – songs like the sixth one, which also have a howling harmonica part, profit a lot from that.

7. Twenty Twenty

Get Up And Walk! is full of epic blues tracks – none of them really feels too long or boring. Twenty Twenty is a soulful over six minute long blues ballad. A very catching moment of this album. Again, excellent work on the microphone as well as on the instruments.

8. Pack It Up

The eighth song again mixes some strong funk elements to the blues sound of the band. This leads to an uplifting, but also very cheeky sound of Pack It Up. Overall, very characteristic 4:07 minutes, which stay in your mind.

9. Hot Line To Heaven

Is the album heading towards mainstream radio sound? No, it is just the comparably short playtime of 3:23 minutes, which might suggest that. Hot Line To Heaven is a song with a strong keyboard / organ part, which even comes with some country music references. The song is fully instrumental, but works out very well.

10. Underrated

You definitely cannot underrate Underrated – the song has such a straight handmade sound and a lovely bluesy melody line – it is just a great listen for all fans of the genre. One of my favorite songs.

11. The Winning Team

You should never change the winning team – this song comes with so many great vocal and instrumental features. Really enjoyable listen. Cool collaboration of the brass sounds with the electric guitars.

12. Shake What You’ve Got

Right when the album is almost coming to an end, Greyhound George and his band surprises the listener with a melody line which is spreading a lot of summer vibes – some parts could almost be from a surfer pop album. Aloha Bielefeld!

13. Good Years For The Blues

The six final minutes looking back and stating It have been good years for the blues are a nice finish of the album. The song does not feel as blues-ish as other songs on the album – but it has a nice focus on the instrumental part again.


Greyhound George Band – Get Up And Walk! – Spotify

Here is Get Up And Walk! on Spotify:


Greyhound George Band – Get Up And Walk! – My View

Get up and buy it / stream it! If you like blues and also are open-minded about mixing the genre with other ones like funk, you should dare a listen to this German production. Get Up And Walk! is a lovely album with a lot of talent and skill, which leads to a very good listening experience.


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