Lauren Alaina – Getting Good EP

Lauren Alaina - Getting Good



4.4/5 Pros

  • Nice collection of songs
  • Very good songwriting and different arrangements
  • Very modern sound in some tracks

Lauren Alaina is one of the countless acts, who made it into the music business by one of the big US casting shows. The Georgia girl nearly won the 2011 season of American Idol and was very successful from that appearance onwards. On 6th March 2020, Lauren Alaina released her latest EPGetting Good.

Lauren Alaina – About The Artist

Lauren Alaina Kristine Suddeth was born on 8th November 1994 in Georgia. She was the runner up in the 2011 season of American Idol, which was also the breakthrough of her musical career, she for example won the American Country Awards for the New Artist of the Year, after songs like Like My Mother does reached reasonable chart placements. While on that singles’ market, only her 2016 Road Less Traveled had a really good ranking in the charts, temporarily even topping the US Country Airplays, her albums were successful from the very beginning. Her initial release after the TV success, Wildflower, peaked second in the US Country Charts and fifth in the overall US charts. Her second album, Road Less Traveled, ranked third in the US Country Charts. After an American Idol EP and a self-titled one released in 2015, Getting Good is the third EP recorded by Alaina.


Lauren Alaina – Getting Good – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 20 minutes.

1. In My Veins

The EP starts with the fiddle – after that, there is a country pop good mood love letter to country life and country music (a topic, which hits the EP multiple times). A very modern country music arrangement, well done.

2. Getting Good

The title track of the album is significantly slower than the first one. The chorus has some more intensity, though – I like Getting Good definitely.

3. Somebody Else’s Problem

Somebody Else’s Problem is very accentuated, very rhythmic, even has a bit of a summer vibe to me. Already by that, it is a quite unique and nice additional sound on this EP. Makes me smile – so it just cannot be too bad.

4. Ladies In The ’90s

Maybe more pop or country pop than a “pure” country music song – but this track is just so much fun! One of the first songs released from this EP (a mid 2019 one). Absolutely great one.

5. Country In Me

Country in Me is a slow track and a lovely praise to country life and country music. Really good track!

And I can’t get enough of you
You look like a small town, southern dream
Boy you fit me just right like my old favorite pair of blue jeans
Got me sayin’ hallelujah
Feels like I always knew ya
Boy tell me how do ya bring out the country in me
How you do it, ’cause ya do it

6. The Other Side

Don’t you cry for me ’cause I’m in God’s glory
And I can see his face, it’s amazing
I know you have doubts but I see it right now
I promise it’s real, keep praying
I’ll be waiting, take your time
And go write a story
That you can’t wait to tell me
On the other side

The concludes with a quite intense track, which is not too fast, but having swinging and even some rocking elements. Another nice one.


Lauren Alaina – Getting Good – Spotify

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Lauren Alaina – Getting Good – My View

If you follow my website more intensively, you know that I very often struggle with Extended Plays. To me, a good EP is a compact showcase of an artist (at that point in time). It is very difficult to show a nice variety of the spectrum of the artist within four to six songs – maybe it is even harder to produce a good EP than a good album due to that.

Lauren Alaina fulfilled the mission in my eyes. Very different songs, which still have a common “Alaina identity”. Party pop songs like Ladies in the 90s to intense ballad tracks like The Other Side. Well done – this is how to produce a record which leaves no doubt to receive the Top Pick! banner at the beginning of the review. about Country Music

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