Songs Of The Week (week of 28 Jan 2022)

After I have already been struggling with the idea of the Songs of the Week, the feedback on my previous edition of my very diverse selection of new tracks has been really massive. One factor was definitely that Curtis Stigers shared my posting on social media. This time, I have a comparably long list of track – but that also means that I feature a nice range of tracks. In addition, I introduce you to my Songs Of The Week Playlist.


Arny Margret – akureyri

I love Iceland – and even though I enjoy the Reykjavik capital region a lot, Akureyri is my favorite city spot on the island. Young local artist Arny Marget from Islafjördur released this lovely song this week. Look forward to listen to her full EP.


Mathis Richter-Reichheim – You’re Always Here (For Sherman)

This song by Mathis Richter-Reichheim simply touched me. He had worked with Sherman Noir for 17 years – but suddenly, his stage partner and friend unexpectedly passed away in August 2021. This song is dedicated to the artist and their friendship.



KTEE – Trust Issues

I found a nice quit about KTEE: “KTEE has been singing since the moment she spoke her first word and hasn’t stopped since”. Hmm, sounds a bit too much – but at least I love her music. KTEE’s civil name, by the way, is Katharina and she is an Austrian-origin artist.


Sueco – Loser

The civil name of the Los Angeles artist, William Schultz. is not half as cool as his artist one. Even more cool was Sueco’s song fast, which became a TikTok hit with almost three million views. Not my favorite kind of music, but the sound was just too persuading and tempting.


Pietro Lombardi – Vorbei

Pietro Lombardi’s music is always somewhere between pop and schlager – this new one, Vorbei is rather a pop track. I definitely like the sound of Vorbei (“Over”).


The Shires – I See Stars

The Shires are about to release a new album – and they gave us an appetizer this week. I See Stars does not have too much country music style (can you spot it?), but the song is really a nice one. I See Stars won’t make it into my country playlists – but there is always some open door in this spot as well.


Odeville – Stille

A very nice German pop-rock track with a very emotional touch – this song definitely had a great chance to be put into this list. Really loved to listen to Stille (“Silence”).


Florina Tara – In The North

Florina Tara is an artist from Lucerne, Switzerland. What a beautiful ease in her sound – in fact, In The North is her debut single (and that’s why I had to go for a Soundcloud link instead of YouTube as well). Really beautiful song, look forward to listen to more from her.


George Ezra – Anyone For You

Big name, great song – I feel that George Ezra’s new one should definitely be on this list, even though you might have heard it on your mainstream radio station before you read that posting. He’s simply a great artist.


Kate Louisa – Crazy schönes Life

This posting was already completed, when I ran into this late arrival to the promotion platform I am working with. Cool sound, I just had to give this German artist a wildcard. Album to be released in February.


Bryan Adams – Never Gonna Rain

Another big name – the Canadian soft rocker #1 Bryan Adams is adding a new track to his portfolio. Very nice listen – somehow also simply good to listen to tunes from this legendary guy.


Sophia – Wenn Du die Augen schließt

Wenn Du die Augen schließt (“When you close your eyes”) is only the second single release by the German artist Sophia – but it is already that good music. Her debut single Niemals allein had almost 8.5 million streams on Spotify  – not that surprising, if you listen to this track.


The Chainsmokers – High

#Selfie, #Roses or #Closer or Something Just Like This – The Chainsmokers definitely proofed already that they can do great, successful music. High is another really cool song. Let’s see how well this one is working out.


Paulina Wagner – Gefühlt Perfekt

I really loved Paulina Wagner’s voice when I reviewed her album Vielleicht verliebt (“Maybe in love”) in October 2021 – I just struggled with the selection of songs and topics. Here is one of her singles, which is definitely a good listen. Nice, modern, well-produced German schlager – hope she dares to give her songs a more personal touch the next album.


YAENNIVER x Luci van Org – Mädchen Mädchen

This release just made me smile: Luci van Org was originally performing as one part of Lucilectric – and their song Mädchen (“Girl”) was a massive seller and radio hit, making it to the Top 5 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now, YAENNIVER (which somehow pronounces to “Jennifer”) took over the track with some own lyrics and some quotes. Nice listen – at least if you somehow have some memories about the original song.


Michael Buble – I’ll Never Love You

Okay, I give this big name of music the chance to close my Songs of the Week. He is delivering, fans will love it and others just cannot hate it as well. Nice new release by Michael Buble.



Songs of The Week – The Playlist

Some of you have spotted it already: I also put all these songs into a playlist. At the moment, I am just piling up any new song to the top of the playlist. Will likely delete some at the bottom after six or eight weeks in the playlist. Hope you enjoy to have my Songs of the Week presented in this way as well.


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