Songs Of The Week (week of 02 September 2022)

Intense weeks lay ahead of me. My very last shows of my favorite musical Rock of Ages this year are about to happen next weekend in Sunderland, from there, I will be traveling to Hamburg to see Carly Pearce in Hamburg. From Hamburg I will be heading to Oslo and Lillehammer, where India is facing Norway in Tennis Davis Cup. Quite a mix of different places and locations – just like the blend of songs in this list of Songs of the Week. Hope you enjoy them.


Suntears – Alive

Suntears is a duo from Southern Germany. Andy and Marcus Fechner are brothers and do music together as a duo since 2015 and are also part of a band. Alive is a teaser to a new album they are working on. I really loved the sound of that track.


Yungblud – Tissues

The British alternative artist Yungblud released this album Yungblud and this single in parallel. Cool, modern sound by the Doncaster artist.


Dean Lewis – How Do I Say Goodbye

Australian Dean Lewis will be touring Germany in September and October. I feel that songs like How Do I Say Goodbye are a lovely illustration that buying a ticket might be a really great investment.


Richard Marx – Shame On You

In my 12th August 2022 Songs of the Week, I had a new song of Richard Marx which had a lot of country music elements. Now, the Chicago-born artist sounds much more rocking in his latest release. Look forward to his new album.


One Ok Rock – Let Me Let You Go

One of the first releases this week I really was Let Me Let You Go by One Ok Rock. The band a Japanese modern rock band from Tokyo. Great catching song.


Destination Anywhere – Erkennst Du mich denn wieder?

Pop, ska, brass music – you just cannot describe the music of Destination Anywhere from Siegen in Germany in one word. Apart from the typical rock setup, whey work with two saxophones, a trumpet and a trombone. The result is a blast – at least if you focus on their latest single release.


Björn Heuser & Martin Buß – Zwei Köpp eine Jedanke

Please do more country music, Björn Heuser. Even though his new single with Martin Buß is likely rather aiming to attract the Cologne music and carnival scene, this guy just cannot deny a big piece of country music in his heart. Great new song, which reminds me so much of his album Kopp voll Dräum (Nashville Recordings).


Finnegran’s Hell – One Finger Salute

Celtic punk from Sweden – or “the biggest middle finger in the business”, how the press package is naming Finnegran’s Hell and their new single. I would simply say: these guys are fun!


Jonas Blue feat. Louisa Johnson – Always be there

A British collaboration of producer Jonas Blue and singer Louisa Johnson. The song is rather mainstream pop, but I felt it comes with a nice vibe. Hope it makes you smile as well.


Ava Max – Million Dollar Baby

Okay, I guess I don’t need to say too much about Ava Max. She is a big name of the music business. And she doing great songs like Million Dollar Baby.


Lerocque – Rock Bottom

I was so happy to listen to this new song by PortugueseSwiss artist Lerocque, who I had a Spotlight interview with in April 2020. Very good new one – give it a listen.


PAENDA – Second Summer

During the last weeks, I featured quite a lot of Austrian music. PAENDA is definitely one of the most interesting listens from that country. Very nice, straight pop production.


Sebastian Krenz – Shout It Out

Another new song by Sebastian Krenz, who won the eleventh season of The Voice of Germany in 2021. Dark rock with a pop-alike rhythm, the song is presented with his powerful voice. Cool.


Johannes Oerding – Kaleidoskop

Johannes Oerding is one of the bigger names in the German music scene. The singer-songwriter presented Kaleidoskop this week. I am typically not a big fan of him, but this single is a great one.


Arny Margret – the world is between us

New release by Arny Margret, after the Icelandic artist released her EP intertwined in February 2022. I simply love her gentle, beautiful sound.


Title pictures: Suntears Alive single cover, copyrighted by the artists


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