Chris Colter – Nice To Be Back To Be Back Nice

Chris Colter - Nice To Be Back To Be Back Nice



3.9/5 Pros

  • Nice, wide range of songs
  • Some good stories and presentations Cons

  • A few weaker tracks

Even though Chris Colter seems to be quite active artist since decades, I could not find too many bio information about the German artist. But I had his album – and felt it is worth presenting. Here are my thoughts about Nice To Be Back To Be Back Nice, which has been released on 24th June 2022.


Chris Colter – About The Artist

The civil name of Chris Colter is Christian Koller. He is quite an established artist in German speaking countries and has been on stage as part of several bands. Colter released his Nashville-recorded debut album Late at Night in 1999 already. He is nowadays based in the region around Regensburg in Bavaria.


Chris Colter – Nice To Be Back To Be Back Nice – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 43 minutes. A frequent co-write on this album is by the way Richie Necker – I also reviewed his album New Songs and Untold Stories about a year ago.

1. Long Gone

The opener Long Gone already defines the direction towards which the album is heading: straight country rock sound, you might feel a bit of a blues influence int he groove of the track as well. Nice listen.

2. Cuban Tush

The Cuban Tush is a bit slower, comes with a nice lines on the guitar and bass side. No language on Earth can describe this girl – the second song is just a lovely praise to a special female being.

3. Tell It To The Moon

Tell It To the Moon is a nice, melodic song, which has quite some instrumental presence. I would rather see it as a blues rocker than being too much country – even though the chorus is rather representing that genre.

4. Cross That Line

The fourth track is driven by its rhythm. A touch of dark, a flavor of outlaw country style. The song has a special touch, which stays in your mind. Nice recording.

5. Don’t Treat Me Like That

Don’t Treat Me Like That is a very present song from the very beginning. This song comes with a female lead vocalist, which is a nice addition to the set of songs of Nice to Be Back To Be Back Nice. Nice piano lines and rocking chords.

6. Now You’re Gone

The sixth track is a country ballad. The lyrics turn it to a very gentle, emotional, but beautiful listen. Chris Colter wrote a really fascinating farewell to a beloved one here.

7. Should Have Known Better

While the album as such comes in a rather traditional style, Should Have Known Better is a quite timeless one. Good Americana-rock song, which has a lot of drive and stays in your mind. One of my favorites.

8. Clown Without A Circus

Regarding favorites, the eighth song is also a recording which makes me smile. Beautiful storytelling, which is presented in a very modern way. Nice job!

He’s a clown without a circus
Welcome to his daily show
A clown without a circus
The man behind you never know

9. Under The Sun

Under The Sun does not need much more than the acoustic guitar and Chris Colter’s voice to catch you – later, the song introduces some additional instruments and sounds as well. Beautiful, slow one.

10. Saving The Best For Last

The part of the album is catching me much more than some songs of the very beginning. Straight, well-told songs, which do have a touch of tradition, but are modern enough to be a good listen for modern country music listeners. An easy melody, a good vibe. Not the best song and two songs left, but I really enjoy this one.

11. Moving On

The sound of Moving On partially makes me think of some Tom Petty arrangement. Unfortunately, I struggle a bit with the vocal side of this song, which also leads to a certain monotony. Very nice on the instrumental work, though.

12. Tagish River

The finale is a slow track, almost feels like traditional narrating with an acoustic guitar at the fireplace on a summer evening day. A perfect selection to close the album.


Chris Colter – Nice To Be Back To Be Back Nice – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Chris Colter – Nice To Be Back To Be Back Nice – My View

Nice To Be Back To Be Back Nice is indeed a really nice release. It covers a wide range of songs and does not sound like a typical German country music release at all. Chris Colter made me smile and enjoy his 2022 music. Absolutely worth to dare a listen.


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