The Sleeper – Radiant

The Sleeper - Radiant



4.0/5 Pros

  • Nice metalcore album
  • Good instrumental and vocal work Cons

  • Too few catching signature moments

Metalcore from Germany: already before Christmas 2021, I received the album Radiant from The Sleeper. A good opportunity to rock with Santa – and to present you the result after the New Year’s party. The album has been released on 28th January 2022.


The Sleeper – About The Artists

The Sleeper (do not mix them up with the London rock band Sleeper…) are a metalcore band from Leipzig, Germany. The band, which has been founded by drummer Richard Petzl and singer Steven Jost, already released their debut album in 2013. It has been called Aurora. The next release, however, was five years later: Apparatus was an EP in 2018. The other members of the band are the guitarists Johann Petzl and Philipp Mundus, bassist Eric Mittmann and Christoph Wieczorek on the keyboard. Radiant is the second album of the band. It has originally been scheduled to be released in 2020 already.


The Sleeper – Radiant – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 37 minutes.

1. Coven

Coven welcomes the listener with metalcore as you like it: a nice change between different atmosphere (the middle part is even rather balladesque and dreamy) and a good mix of shouting and sung parts. The head is banging to the rhythm of the song – that means the song can’t be too bad.

2. Dull Knife

Dull Knife is one of my favorites (at least just focusing on the songs not yet released as a single). The range of vocals and styles is really nice, despite changes in atmosphere, there are not big breaks and the song feels very fluent. Good one.

3. Heritage

The third song is another really nice listen – however, the plot of the song feels very similar to the tracks you listened to before. Entertaining, good vocals, but let’s see if there is a wider range of sounds in the next songs.

4. Abandon

Abandon is just a forty second guitar interlude.

5. Haven

This song (by the way, one of the single releases so far), starts slow but then increases its metalcore power. Haven is very catchy to me. The drums and the hammering guitar chords drive the track which is nonetheless also having its rather quiet moment. I am smiling during this part of the review.

6. Tempest

Will Tempest be a ballad? The beginning of the song feels a bit like this one could be an emotional one – but the Saxony guys are emotional ones and their guitars are like mustangs – don’t dare to tame ’em.

7. The Sword Logic

The four minutes of The Sword Logic feel like a perpetual metalcore powerhouse. If you hate breaks and feel that quiet moments in songs of this genre are a waste of time, I recommend to start listening to the album with the seventh track.

8. Cherish

The second interlude of the album. This time, the short track is rather dominated by a narrative vocalist and some keyboard chords.

9. Premonitions

After this short, some 90 second musical pee break, the amps are switched on again. Premonitions has one of the nicest melodic guitar lines of the album. The rhythm is marching forward. No chance to sleep while listening to the sleeper.

10. Swan Dive

The head is still banging, the face is still smiling. Swan Dive is one of the Radiant tracks which work a bit more with keyboard sounds – but overall, these guys want to rock. Fun to listen to.

11. Empress

Radiant closes with Empress, which is as well the longest song of the whole album. Almost 90 seconds of ballad sounds, before the riffs take over control for short episodes. Nice finish with a very signature style hook.


The Sleeper – Radiant – Spotify

Here is Radiant on Spotify:


The Sleeper – Radiant – My View

Radiant is entertaining. You simply have a good listen with the Leipzig riff-busters. The sound is cool and you feel comfortable while consuming the album. The album may not be in the top rating range (it would just need more special moments for that), but it is not that far away from it.


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