Brooke Eden – Choosing You EP

Brooke Eden - Choosing You



4.6/5 Pros

  • Five beautiful country love songs
  • Nice range of songs
  • Very nice vocal performance

Six years ago, Brooke Eden released her second EPWelcome to the Weekend. On 29th July 2022, she is back with the five songs of Choosing You. Definitely a good opportunity to have a listen to her music.


Brooke Eden – About The Artist

Brooke Eden Helvie was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, on 30th December 1988. She is a a professional artist since 2008, when she auditioned for the seventh season of American Idol. She tried again three years later, but did not make it to later stages in both cases. Brooke already played as a local opening act for some major country music artists like Alan Jackson and went to the same high school as Cassadee Pope. Her self-titled debut EP, though, has been released in 2014. None of her single releases made it better than just getting inside the Top 50. In 2021, she also came back into the news outing herself as an LGBTQ+ person and announcing her engagement to Nashville promotion director Hilary Hoover.


Brooke Eden – Choosing You – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 17 minutes.

1. Knock

The 2022 Brooke Eden opens with a country-pop song with a nice flow, summer vibes – and a love song. You don’t have to knock, knock, knock on my heart, that opens up for you baby. The song stays in your mind and gives you a smile while listening. Just how you want to open your first major release since half a dozen years.

2. Left You For Me

Left You For Me have been the only almost four minutes Brooke Eden shared of Choosing You as a single before. Not yet a ballad, but a very emotional, mid-tempo country music beauty. A beautiful love letter in music to her fiance.

3. Comeback Love

Comeback Love is the “coolest” song of the album to me. Very soulful and with cheeky vibes – that’s as far as Brooke Eden is diverting from a country music heart in this EP. Nonetheless, especially the bridge is having the spirit of yee-haw. Great listen.

4. Heartless

The fourth song is the listen for country ballad lovers. Not a thin and gentle one, but Brooke Eden does the emotional highlight with a lot of energy. And again, she turned emotions into lyrics in a beautiful way.

Now I can’t stop it
That “boom, boom” that you started
This is what I’ve been missing
So different from when I was living

5. Off the Ground

Off the Ground feels to me somehow right in the middle of the EP to me – even though it is in fact the last song of the EP. The song has that soul and power touch of Comeback Love, there is still the vibe of Knock in it. And it is full of love anyway. Like the whole release. The result is a nice country-pop song. If I rate it as the weakest song of the EP, this is because the other songs are really good. Off the Ground is a very decent listen as well. Just a tiny little bit lower my personal favorites.


Brooke Eden – Choosing You – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Brooke Eden – Choosing You – My View

Aaah, that’s love. How could anybody not love this five song declaration by Brooke Eden? The five song EP is a nice collection – and range – of songs about the most beautiful thing in life. And Brooke Eden just does it really well. I love it.



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