Songs Of The Week (week of 13th October 2023)

I spent almost the entire week at work in Dublin at one of our offices. Quite an intense time, which also did not allow me working on the website too much. At least, I had some time to update my (country music) concert tour overview. The Songs of the Week this time open with German schlager. Vivian Lindt really made me smile. But there is a wide range of genres this time – I am sure, it also includes songs you enjoy!


Vivan Lindt – Das hört sich gut an

It might be a rather typical happy sound schlager-pop song, but finally it was Vivian Lindt who touched me most this week. The artist from Passau in Bavaria released a very groovy sound in her new single, which is released just a week before she is about to release her new album.


Linda Feller – Ich halte Dich fest

Last week, I featured Joshville in my Songs of the Week. Linda Feller is doing a very similar style of music. Her songs are definitely schlager, but they come with a country music heart. By the way, her new release is written by… Joshville…


Marko Abend – Zurück ins Ruhrgebiet

Marko Abend released this praise on the Ruhrgebiet region this week. With his slightly rocking style of doing schlager music and his raspy voice, he is strongly reminding of Ben Zucker. I am sure they will love this song in Western Germany – and maybe also in Kiel in the very North, where Abend is located nowadays.


Luca Noel x Laryssa – Was Wäre Wenn

Was Wäre Wenn (“What would be”) would likely be a typical modern German pop song with some rock attitude. However, the collaboration with Laryssa in this song adds a really nice touch. Very nice listen.


Jazmin Bean – Terrified

Jazmin Bean is doing songs between pop and metal. The London-based is typically also known for her cosplay-alike outfits and extreme make-up. Terrified is a beautiful, melodic pop song, though.


Faye Montana – Oh my my my

Faye Montana is the daughter of German actor Anne-Sophie Briest and rapper Big Sal. She grew in social media, especially as YouTube creator, but is more and more also becoming popular and successful in music. Her new song is definitely a nice catch.


Paloma Faith – How To Leave A Man

In 2014, Paloma Faith released the song Only Love Can Hurt Like This. Until today, the song has been streamed on Spotify over 630 million times. However, her recent releases have not been too successful. The press kit calls How To Leave A Man even the “comeback single” by the singer and actress from London.


Andreas Dorau – Das ist nur Musik

The second Dorau song. I am looking that much forward to his 2024 album release. Das ist nur Musik (“That’s just music”) is the next single feature towards it by the German musician. I simply love what he is doing.


Lenny Kravitz – TK421

Especially in the rock music section, there are a couple of big artists on my list this time. Lenny Kravitz is opening this section with his new TK421, which is also teasing his new album. The New York City-origin US-American musician will release it in mid-March 2024. The appetizer sounds very funky and groovy.


Judas Priest – Panic Attack

Back to the United Kingdom, let’s have some music by Judas Priest. The British band is doing a rather keyboard-focused release this week. In March 2024, they will kick off their global tour. There are also three dates in late 2023.


The Libertines – Run Run Run

There is quite a lot of music from London in the Songs of the Week this time. The Libertines and their melodic rock song Run Run Run is one of them. After a first period from 1997 to 2004, the band is active since 2010 now. The song teases a new album which is to be released in the first quarter of 2024.


blink-182 – Fell in Love

blink-182 do blink-182 songs. The US boys from San Diego do their songs just like we love them to do it. Why should they change it? Fell in Love is cool.


Bring Me The Horizon – DArkSide

The Sheffield band Bring Me The Horizon is quite busy currently: they will soon play some gigs in Asia and just after Christmas, they will play an arena tour in the United Kingdom – which is already sold out. Their latest song, DArkSide is another really nice listen by the band with some metalcore attitudes.


BULLs EYE – Abracadabra

The project BULLs EYE recorded a couple of songs in Hamburg, which they felt just should not be forgotten. One of them is the lovely Steve Miller Band classic. They made me smile and slipped into the list of songs with their tribute song.


Benne – In The Air Tonight

No, it is not a cover version of Phil Collins’ classic. However, the lyrics state und im Radio läuft wieder “In The Air Tonight” (“and the radio there is again In The Air Tonight“). A very intense and personal by the artist from Southern Germany.


Mary Middlefield – Sexless

I haven’t had sex on the past year are the first words of this very confident, cool pop-rock song by Mary Middlefield. Her civil name is in fact slightly different and she is a Swiss artist. I really enjoyed listening to her new single release.


Joanne by the Chapel – Follow Me

There were a couple of rather gentle and emotional songs, which caught me this week. The first one of them is Follow Me by Joanna by the Chapel (which is again a really cool way to translate her civil name) from Northern Germany. A beautiful folk-pop listen.

Madi Diaz – Same Risk

The next song on that list of very emotional and intimate experiences is Same Risk by alternative folk artist Mandi Diaz. The US-American artist from Connecticut is already active since 2007. Nowdays, she is based in Nashville. Her new album Weird Faith is due on 9th February 2024.


Amistat – Same Old Eyes

The twin brothers Josef and Jan Prasil form the band Amistat. The Australians were born in Germany, but developed their sound in Down Under, in Melbourne. A very straight, soft recording. Love it!


Cosby – Just A Memory

I almost feel a bit of guilty that Just A Memory by the Munich-based alternative pop/rock band Cosby is closing the list of songs this time. In fact they were quite on the top of my list, but listing the songs after the top song by a certain plot pushed them to this role. In this song, lead singer Marie is singing about the death of her father. My father would have become 82 years old next week. And he had Munich roots as well. Very touching finale for me.


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