Songs Of The Week (week of 21st June 2024)

Somehow, I can never now if the upcoming week is a “good one” or “bad one” regarding new releases. While last week, I just had seven new songs, I this time share 22 new singles released during the last seven days. There is quite a bunch of cool releases – hope you enjoy my Songs of the Week this time.


Drei Meter Feldweg – Neue Single

Drei Meter Feldweg is a German rock band. In their new single, they have an ironic look at typical music industry process. Wann kommt endlich die neue Single – “When is the new single finally there?” is about the pressure by producers and managers. Hilarious one.


Granada – Badewetter

After the leading song this week already made you smile (at least if you speak German), Granada is keeping on the good mood with Badewetter (“Beach Weather”). The Austrian band from Graz is doing a typical summer hit with nice vibes – I love it!


Massive Wagons – Missing On TV

The third track is a cool rock song from England. Massive Wagons released Missing On TV, especially the chorus is lovely.Frontman Barry Baz Mills states in the press kit, The song’s about the government, all sides just milking the rest of us to fund their lifestyle.At least, being unhappy with politics leads to cool music.


Alexander Eder – Ach wie gut

The new song by the amazing Austrian artist Alexander Eder is dealing with all critics and haters. a great, straight German language pop-rock song with clear and straight lyrics. Alexander Eder will be on tour in later 2024. Would love to see this one.


Paul Eckert – Kid

21 year old Paul Eckert has six million followers on TikTok only. Songs like Kid, which reflect his three year time in the United States, illustrate why people love him. Great, intense ballad.


Tom Gregory – Glow In The Dark

Glow In The Dark is the first single release by Tom Gregory since October 2023. The Blackpool-origin artist is dealing with a song who is suffering from heavy depressions. Beautiful listen.


DAMONA – Woman

Damona is an 18 year old German artist from Bavaria. She grew massively during the last years, having over two million followers on TikTok. You will find her on stage frequently this summer. Cool one.


Zedd & Bea Miller – Out of Time

DJ Zedd from Kaiserslautern in Germany and US-American singer Bea Miller release this atmospheric pop track this week. Really nice one.


Mothica – Toxins

Mothica is an US-American artist, who grew up in Oklahoma City. Toxins is teasing the album Kissing Death, which will be released on 23rd August 2024. She will tour the United Kingdom later this year as well.


Empire Of The Sun – Cherry Blossom

Another album-teasing song is Cherry Blossom by Empire Of The Sun. The Australian music project exists since 2007. The upcoming long-play Ask That God will be the band’s fourth studio album overall.


Upsahl – Summer so hot

I featured Taylor Cameron Upsahl, better simply known as Upsahl, quite often already. The 25 year old US-American artist massively grew her popularity since I featured her in a Spotlight interview some two years ago. Fun fact: she states that she wrote this summer-themed song in fact in the London winter.


Eyelar – Terrible Love

Eyelar is a post-indie-pop artist from the Netherlands. The Amsterdam-born already worked with big names of the business like Demi Lovato. A song about breaking up with your best friend.


Victoria Nadine – Another Me

Victoria Nadine is a 1999-born artist from Norway. Especially two early singles, Be Okay (2020) and Du er ikke alene (2021) were big sellers in her home countries. Another Me has a lot to become an international radio song.


Nikotin – Rosa Schnee

The Rosa Schnee comes with a typical Austrian pop touch. The song also completes his first EP cycle. Especially his previous single release 1010 had quite some popularity in his domestic music scene.


Herzgold – The Power of Spirit

Herzgold is a German-Swiss duo, which is typically rather known for German schlager tracks. However, this English language song has quite some international potential – also because it is the official song of Gymnastic City USA Minneapolis. Nice pop track with a nostalgic touch.


Tammy – Heiss aber cool

This song is a schlager track from Bavaria – you just cannot the touch of dialect in Tammy’s voice. The song has lovely summer party potential. I really like it.


Roland Kaiser – Mein Geheimnis

I originally planned to cover a show of German schlager icon Roland Kaiser’s tour in summer. He is playing the largest arenas, including Cologne’s UEFA Euro 2024’s stadium. Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice my plans for tennis coverage. I am sure the fans will party this single release.


Mighty Oaks – Endless Summer

The Berlin-based folk trio Mighty Oaks is back. After a some two year hiatus, Ian Hooper, Claudio Donzelli and Craig Saunders did not only release this lovely song this Friday, but also announced a tour later this year. Cool!


Lara Hulo – Für Änni

My list of new releases is closing with slower and emotional songs. This one is by Hamburg-based singer-songwriter Lara Hulo. The song is dealing about queer love. A very touching listen. There will be some German songs in November and December 2024.


Fräulein Frey – Hier draussen

Fräulein Frey describes the scenery during a trip to the Baltic Sea. A beautiul song by the Northern German singer-songwriter.


Bunch of Ace – Everyday

Bunch of Ace is a duo by the twins Alandra and Alessja Scharfschwerdt. They are just 15 years old. There is still a lovely juvenile touch in the voice of these young ladies. The Northern Germans really touched me


Lambert feat. Marie-Claire Schlameus – Actually Good

Another song which really touched me is this instrumental by Hamburg-origin pianist Lambert. He is nowadays living in Berlin. For his new song Actually Good, he teamed up with cellist Marie-Claire Schlameus. A lovely finale for my Songs of the Week this time.



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