Marissa Nadler – The Wrath Of The Clouds EP

Marissa Nadler - The Wrath Of The Clouds



4.1/5 Pros

  • Five really nice songs
  • Beautiful storytelling Cons

  • Some weaker spots in the songs

Marissa Nadler is already an active performing artist since over 20 years. Thus, the US-American has become a quite well-known artist in the folk music scene. On 4th February 2022, she is releasing her latest EP, The Wrath Of The Clouds. I felt it is a really good one worth sharing.


Marissa Nadler – About The Artist

Marissa Nadler was born on 5th April 1981 in Washington D.C., but grew up in Needham, Massachusetts. Nowadays, she is based in Boston. She studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design and grew in the Newport music scene. In 2004, she released her first studio album, Ballads of Living and Dying. Nadler is extremely active in releasing music. Apart from nine studio albums (the latest one named The Bath of the Clouds, released 2021), she additionally had eleven self-released cover albums so far. The Wrath Of The Clouds is already her fourth EP.


Marissa Nadler – The Wrath Of The Clouds – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 21 minutes.

1. Guns On The Sundeck

The EP starts with the almost seven minutes Guns On The Sundeck, which is the highlight of the album to me. Marissa Nadler illustrates her excellence in storytelling by taking the role of the ship Queen Mary in this song. She presents a ship with thoughts and feelings – which is also a reference to that the ship has been regarded to be haunted. Superb.

“I miss the ocean,” she said,
“It’s nice in the sun, but I need a break from the dead people.”

2. All Of The Eclipses (feat. Amber Webber)

For the second song of the EP, Nadler is joined by Amber Webber of Black Mountain. The song has a strong atmosphere, which almost leads to a psychedelic touch. Very atmospheric, but not as good as the opener.

3. Some Secret Existence

Dottie never went outside
She hadn’t since that terrible July
Did she do it for revenge
Or did she have
Some secret existence

The third track is beautifully arranged, setting Nadler’s high voice on top of some background sounds and a guitar chords. This leads to a rather magical atmosphere and a good listen.

4. Saunders Ferry Lane

I already stated that there are numeruous remarkable cover versions recorded by Marissa Nadler. Her 2022 EP closes with two of them. The first one, Saunders Ferry Lane, has been a successful single for Sammi Smith in 1970. Nadler beautifully interprets the track her style. The song is strongly profiting from the very good vocal performance of the artist.

5. Seabird

Seabird has been a release for the rock siblings Alessi Brothers in 1977. Marissa Nadler’s version has a lovely melodic style. This one is another amazing listen to me, very catching interpretation.


Marissa Nadler – The Wrath Of The Clouds – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Marissa Nadler – The Wrath Of The Clouds – My View

It’s (unfortunately) just five songs, but I had a really enjoyable time with Marissa Nadler and her first 2022 release. There are some weaker spots (which also prevent the absolute top ratings), but overall, the EP is definitely in the very upper range of quality. Definitely recommend a listen, especially for folk, indie-folk and pop lovers.


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