Avi Kaplan – Floating On A Dream

Avi Kaplan - Floating On A Dream



4.4/5 Pros

  • Outstanding voice
  • Great vocals Cons

  • Some songs very similar

The signature element of Avi Kaplan’s music is definitely is powerful basso profondo vocal range. After three EP releases, he is going for the first album release on 20th May 2022. I had a listen to Floating On A Dream.


Avi Kaplan – About The Artist

The full civil name of the artist is Avriel Benjamin Kaplan. He was born on 17th April 2022 in Visalia, California, USA. After initial career steps, he initially became well known as a member of the Pentatonix, which he was part of from 2011 to 2017. As part of the band, Kaplan also won three Grammy Awards. Apart from a duet he released in 2014 with Peter Hollens, he started to do solo music in 2017. The first releases, including his debut EP Sage and Stone, were released as Avriel & the Sequoias). In 2020, he added two more EPs to his portfolio, I’ll Get By and Lean on Me. His music is typically a mixture of folk and pop elements.


Avi Kaplan – Floating On A Dream – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 43 minutes.

1. First Place I Go

The opening song is a beautiful folk track with a choral character. The last thing I needed // The first place I go – especially the chorus and the guitar chords stay in your mind.

2. Floating On A Dream

Floating On A Dream is a great illustration of the exceptional vocal powers of Avi Kaplan. It’s just himself on the microphone – but some parts feel as if the artist was supported by a small choir. The deep voice simply has to touch you.

3. I’m On My Way

This single release reminds me of some religious country gospel tracks. The song is so intense and powerful – it also just does not need more as Kaplan’s voice and a couple of notes from the piano.

4. He Don’t Love You Right

This time with stronger backing vocals, Kaplan does again not need too much to impress. You simply keep calm and caught by this song. The arrangement leads to a very intimate feeling.

5. I’m Only Getting Started

I’m Only Getting Started has been the last single release before the album has been finally published. In contrast to the song before, this song almost feels loud. There are much more level of sound, on the vocal as well as on the instrumental side. I’m Only Getting Started – and I definitely don’t want this story to finish very soon.

6. Try To Get It Right

The sixth song nicely connects to its predecessor, even though it is not as powerful. Again, I am just stunned, listening to the story told by Avi Kaplan. Very nice experience.

7. I Can’t Lie

With about three minutes each, the next two songs are not only single releases, but also the shortest tracks on Floating On A Dream. I Can’t Lie is a superb radio track, which is just staying in your mind due to the lovely contrast of dramatic and rhythmic elements.

8. All Is Well (feat. Joy Williams)

For this track, Kaplan is pairing up with four time Grammy Award winner Joy Williams. They create such a beautiful and warm atmosphere – I would love to listen to more collaborations of them.

9. Into The Blue

Not only due to the steel guitar in the background, Into The Blue comes in the style of a very intense country music listen. Needless to say that this track is working out well again.

10. When I’m A Fool

The chorus is not too complex, but it just stays in your mind. When I’m A Fool is beautifully altering between very quiet and intense moments. Very nice recording with a country music touch.

11. My Queen

The album is closing with the very plushy track My Queen. The track feels a bit too emotional to me, but that’s a matter of taste. Definitely a new flavor at the end of the eleven tracks.


Avi Kaplan – Floating On A Dream – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Avi Kaplan – Floating On A Dream – My View

Avi Kaplan has an amazing voice and tells great stories. That’s all what it needs. The album is fascinating, you just have to listen to him. Especially the vocal part just does not make this album feel boring, even though some songs share a very similar texture. Glad I ran into it!


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4 thoughts on “Avi Kaplan – Floating On A Dream

  1. Alma petry

    Avi Kaplans solo work is so fresh and new sounding to me. Shooter Jennings produced and said he treated Avi’s vocals like he would a full orchestra because Avi has such a magnificent voice. Love the album

    1. Florian Buechting Post author

      Thanks for your thoughts :). Yeah, I feel it is really a special piece of work 🙂

  2. Katherine Folkerts

    Avi is a one-of-a-kind artist. I will always be grateful that I found his music. He inspires, heals, and encourages, and does it so beautifully it makes you want to cry and smile at the same time.

    1. Florian Buechting Post author

      Thanks for your comment. Always glad to see that people run into my reviews.

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