Crystal Leigh – Trading Skylines EP

Crystal Leigh - Trading Skylines



3.8/5 Pros

  • Nice range of songs
  • Characteristic voice Cons

  • A bit too brave, no absolutely catching track

The  EP Trading Skylines, which is the second by country music artist Crystal Leigh, just happened by scanning the new releases of 8th October 2021. I just liked the songs and especially the voice of the artist and thus share my thoughts about the five tracks with you.


Crystal Leigh – About The Artist

Unfortunately, I could not find out too much about Crystal Leigh – also as there is not too much apart from the typical marketing stuff on her website. She is a Southern California singer-songwriter, who is nowadays living in Nashville. In 2018, she already released a first EPEnough, which however had rather limited success.


Crystal Leigh – Trading Skylines – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 17 minutes. Only the last track, Time Got Away From Me, has not been a single release before.

1. Normal Girls

A speedy, rather traditionally sounding song is the opening track of the album. I really like that sound of Crystal Leigh – the more, it is a pity that this song is only a 2:11 minute one. Good vibe and maybe the most catching and present song of the EP right at the beginning.

2. Southern Comfort

After the rather traditional sound at the beginning, the mid-tempo Southern Comfort feels surprisingly modern. A good song, which is majorly living from the vocal performance of the artist.

3. Get Gone

Get Gone is one for a country party. The backing choir makes you sing with Crystal Leigh. The song is again a bit more on the traditional side. Solid sound, the solo part even has a bit of Latin music and summer feeling.

4. Trading Skylines

The title track of the EP is a country ballad. I feel that the high voice of Leigh has some struggle in the very high notes of this song. Apart from that, it creates a nice atmosphere.

5. Time Got Away From Me

Time Got Away From Me is the last song and also the longest one of the EP.

I think about you and I wonder
When did time stop being our friend?
Where did it go and it flew by us?
Is this really how it’s supposed to be?
I didn’t mean to set it free
But time, time got away from me.

A beautiful ballad at the end of the album.


Crystal Leigh – Trading Skylines – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify


Crystal Leigh – Trading Skylines – My View

Trading Skylines is definitely an interesting showcase for Crystal Leigh. Some very modern songs and also some with a rather traditional touch. It is not a top rating release, but really a good and promising listen.


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