Musa Dagh – Musa Dagh

Musa Dagh - Musa Dag



3.1/5 Pros

  • Some really catching songs
  • Good overall instrumental and vocal work Cons

  • Very hard to define a direction, album feels confusing

When the press kit of a music release uses the wording superband, there are typically two options: either the combo is really consisting of some big names of the business – or they just have a bit too much confidence. When I received the album Musa Dagh by the equivalently named band, I was curious about which one is right. Here is my review of the album, which is also the debut album. Release date is 26th November 2021.


Musa Dagh – About The Artists

If you are good in geography, you might know that Musa Dagh – which translates to “Moses’ Mountain” is a 1355 meter high mountain in Southern Turkey. The band, however, is a trio of German artists. readers might remember Aren Emirze. In May 2021, I reviewed his album Lezoon, released under the artist name Emirsian. Emirze is maorly caring about the guitars of Musa Dagh. The other two members are singer Aydo Abay (Blackmail) and drummer Thomas Götz (Beatstakes). There are no more video releases so far than the ones which are part of the band’s self-titled debut album.


Musa Dagh – Musa Dagh – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 33 minutes.

1. Coin Bank

While Thomas Götz is working on full power in the drum house, the opening Coin Bank feels to be a rather slow start for the two other band members. A very short track (2:05 minutes), which is about to be over right when you get it into it and feel that the intiially distorted vocals are quite fine.

2. Superhuman Gift Shop

Musa Dagh play with electronic sounds as well as very straight rock elements. The song feels dream-ish, atmospheric, bu then turns into an alternative rock track the next moment. I struggle with the song, though. I miss the connecting element, which turns these different experiences into one song.

3. Less Morphine

From the very beginning, I had a better feeling while listening to Less Morphine. The song is still a very special mixture of genres, the marching drums give the song a touch of simplicity, but in fact the sound is very complex. Nice one.

4. Halo

The beginning of the song with driving, short licks and fast work on the drums almost feels the song to me a metal track, but Musa Dagh quickly go back to their sound and give Halo a typical alternative vibe. Nice song.

5. Plural Me

Plural Me has been one of the songs the band chose as a single appetizer. The song is surprisingly quiet and has a clear melody and hook. I agree to the band selection – this song is one of my faves as well.

6. I’m Fine, Thx Explicit

The song might come with a certain simplicity, but it is a nice listen Nice work on the guitars here again. Not overwhelmingly powerful, but still very present.

7. Like / Love

It is quite interesting how the sound of the album changed after the first more-multifacetted, but also often confusing and almost psychedelic sound to straight alternative and indie rock sounds. Like / Love is a straight indie song, nice listen – which is still experimenting with different sounds. That’s the much better side of Musa Dagh to me.

8. Life Fucked Balance

The eighth song comes with an interesting contrast between the verses, which are driven by guitar licks and almost feel a bit “controlled”, while the chorus is very melodic and stays in your mind.

9. Kool Aid

According to this album, the most signature element of Musa Dagh’s music are definitely the guitars. The song is a bit of too mousy, though.

10. Musa Dagh

On the self-titled album Musa Dagh, the band Musa Dagh presents a song Musa Dagh. Funny incidence. If you expect a short extro or something similar – this is definitely not what you get. Therefore, you have the longest song on the album, which is an intstrumental, almost symphonic farewell from the album.


Musa Dagh – Musa Dagh – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Musa Dagh – Musa Dagh – My View

Hmm, it is very hard for me to judge on Musa Dagh. The album shows some nice potential and some track, which stay in your mind. However, Musa Dagh does not really show a direction or idea in which direction the band will go to in the future. The album has too different songs and thus almost feels a bit of confusing. Thus, I just don’t feel a high rating is appropriate.


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