Mentalist – A Journey Into The Unknown

Mentalist - A Journey Into The Unknown



3.9/5 Pros

  • Great vocal performance
  • Overall, a lot of talent in the band - almost a "super group" Cons

  • Some songs are just too weak, regarding their talent
  • You feel higher potential

Mentalist is definitely an interesting German metal band. Even though A Journey Into The Unknown is just their second album, I felt glad that I ran into a promo stream for this release. You are able to listen to it from 20th August 2021 onward.


Mentalist – About The Artists

Mentalist is a German power metal / melodic metal project based in Saarbruecken. They band is active since 2018 and consists of four members. Peter Moog and Kai Stringer are guitarists of the band, Thoman Stauch is the drummer. On the mike, there is Rob Lundgren, who became famous via YouTube. A Journey Into The Unknown is actually the band’s second album, after they debuted with Freedom Of Speech in 2020.


Mentalist – A Journey Into The Unknown – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 58 minutes.

1. Horizon

Mentalist give their 2021 an easy start: Horizon is 1:11 minute intro, leading directly into the title track.

2. A Journey Into The Unknown

The second track just sounds as you feel Melodic Metal should sound alike: powerful riffs, the very active former Blind Guardian Thomen Strauch with a very active rhythmic performance, but very melodic sounds on the other hand. Especially the chorus comes with some nice elements. The instrumental section allows the guitarist to illustrate their melodic skills as well. A good track with a catchy chorus.

3. Modern Philosophy

While especially the chorus lead to a high chance for the title track to stay in your mind, Modern Philosophy is coming with some energy and good riffs, but does not feel so catchy. The almost groovy middle part is the best part of the song to me. Not a bad one, but just weaker than the song before.

4. Evil Eye

After some critical thoughts about Modern Philosophy, I definitely like Evil Eye more again. I also like how Mentalist is altering powerful guitar riff parts with almost ballad-ish and very melodic section. Great presentation by Rob Lundgren on the vocal side (like he does on all tracks of the album).

5. An Ocean So Deep

Three songs of A Journey To The Unknown have been released by Mentalist before the album – the fifth track concludes this set. With “just” 4:26 minutes, it is the shortest of the three songs. Even though An Ocean So Deep gaines much more power later, the first some 2:30 minutes almost feel like a power ballad – but then, Moog and Stringer just cannot hold in any more and fire their guitar chords.

6. Dentalist

The sixth song has a tough time at my review: Dentalist reminds me that I have a couple of dentist appointments ahead. Melodically, some parts of the song remind me of a Christmas song – but the verses and major parts comes with a nice metal sound.

7. Soldier Without A War

6:38 minutes – the seventh track on the album is truly epic. I love the chorus of Soldier Without A War – but overall, the song does not come with too many elements, which finally really catch me.

8. Torture King

The Torture King is a steadily and straight marching metal song. Unstoppable work on the rhythm machine, a good chorus – one of my favorites.

9. Battle Dressed

Initially, Battle Dressed feels like a instrumental track – Lundgren joins with the vocals just after some ninety seconds. Even though it almost touches a duration of seven minutes, the song stays entertaining and versatile. Good one.

10. Live Forever

Apart from the 70 second intro, there are no short songs on this album. The full Live Forever story is taking you a 8:10 minute listen – and it will be one of the best listening experiences during your Journey Into The Unknown. Great one!

11. Manchild

The closing track just made me smile – Mentalist close their 2021 collection of songs with a cover of legendary Neneh Cherry’s Manchild. I feel it just works out surprisingly well. The beginning feels a bit of weird, but thereafter, the cover version even has a touch of the magical groove of the original.


Mentalist – A Journey Into The Unknown – Spotify

Here is A Journey Into The Unknown on Spotify:


Mentalist – A Journey Into The Unknown – My View

Towards the end of the album, there are some really good tracks. Nonetheless, I feel that Mentalist could do better. They definitely gather a lot of talent in this lineup. Some songs give an idea how good this quartet could be. They are not at their limit yet, even though Rob Lundgren is doing an amazing lead on the microphone.


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