Willow Parlo – See U Whenever EP

Willow Parlo - See U Whenever



3.9/5 Pros

  • Beautiful arrangement
  • Characteristic sound Cons

  • Songs tend to have similarities

Willow Parlo’s Facebook profile states With the window open, Willow Parlo turns the backdrop of the depressing and monotonous city noise in. The band from Hamburg released their second EP on 8th December 2023. I ran into See U Whenever on a promotion platform and felt to share my thoughts about the five tracks with you.


Willow Parlo – About The Artist

It is very hard to put the music of Willow Parlo into words. The sound of the German band is somewhere between rock and pop, indie and alternative. The four band members also have very different musical backgrounds. Singer Noemi Bunk, for example, originally did jazz, while bassist Björn Kröger did hip-hop and R&B songs. Jan Hendrik Schnoor is the drummer of the band, while Marco Winkler plays the guitar. In 2022, the band released their first songs, including their self-titled debut EP.


Willow Parlo – See U Whenever – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 16 minutes.

1. Can’t Get Enough

The EP opens with the two singles released so far. The first one is Can’t Get Enough. The gentle, a bit of dreamy voice of Noemi Bunk quickly catched me while listening to this track rather quickly. The chorus is very catching. while the song also slows down in two occasions for a rather atmospheric section.

2. My Father’s Eyes

I could imagine it all
When I put my head through the wall
The wind blew me further and I
Heard them crying
Everything feels like goodbye
But you’ll stay forever
Shivered when the days passed by
Now you make ´em finite

I feel that My Father’s Eyes creates the beautiful feeling of a Willow Parlo song even better. The instruments feel to create just the space needed to support the fairy-alike, high voice by the band’s vocalist. The second track also feels more fluent, which I personally appreciate.

3. All I Want

Compared to the tracks before, the third song All I Want feels a bit darker, more thoughtful. Especially on the guitar side, the instruments play a stronger role in this song, supporting the spirit of the track. You’re giving me all that I want, guess I never called it love – the song even feels a bit of angry towards the end.

4. Spinning

Spinning opens rather slow, but then turns into a more rhythmic song with strumming guitars and a nice groove. The song develops more and more towards an energetic ending. Nice listen.

5. The Ground

The EP closes with the very slow, ballad-alike song The Ground. The Hamburg quartet creates very impressive, but also a bit of depressing atmosphere with their finale.


Willow Parlo – See U Whenever – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Willow Parlo – See U Whenever – My View

I feel that this Hamburg quartet comes with a nice potential. Noemi Bunk is able to take you to beautiful musical worlds. In addition, the band has a nice talent to plot musical stories. The do need to keep up creating a unique sounds and atmospheres for individual songs, though.

Favorite Song: My Father’s Eyes


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