The Faim – Talk Talk

The Faim - Talk Talk



3.4/5 Pros

  • Very talented band
  • Some really good songs Cons

  • Too many average songs
  • Five (key) tracks already published

Rock with an indie touch from Down Under: The Faim have become really popular worldwide, even though they have just released one album so far. Their single Summer Is A Curse has been streamed 47 million times on Spotify. On 8th July 2022, they release their second album, Talk Talk. I had a listen.


The Faim – About The Artists

The Faim are a rock band from Perth, Australia. They are active since 2014, when parts of the original band met in high school and formed a combo named Small Town Heroes. The two original founding members still left are Josh Raven (vocals) and Stephen Beerkens (bass, keyboard). Nowadays, the two other band members are Samuel Tye (guitar) and Linden Marrisen (drums). After the EP Summer Is a Curse released in 2018, they published their debut album State of Mind in September 2019. Especially due to their life performances, they steadily grew their fan base and played a couple of major festivals. In April 2022, the band released the four track EP The Alchemist. All tracks are included in Talk Talk.


The Faim – Talk Talk – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 34 minutes.

1. Madly, Badly, Fixed

The opening track starts kind of slowly, but then creates the typical sound of the band. The song is driven by keyboard sounds and the strumming electronic guitar. Quite a speedy, atmospheric track to get into the songs of Talk Talk.

2. The Hills

Especially due to the previously released EP, the album contains quite a lot of already known tracks. The Hills is one of my favorite single releases. The song comes with a nice balance of rather quiet verses and the catching chorus. Nice one.

3. You (and my Addiction)

The third track uses a bit more presence on the guitar, which presence a nice backing melody line. Do you also think about songs by The Police while listening to the verses? Unfortunately, there is quite a quality gap between You (and my Addiction) and some of the single releases.

4. The Alchemist

As already mentioned, this song has been the title track of the band’s EP. The main groove of the song slightly reminds me of Caribbean music. Again, The Alchemist does not give me a bad feeling, but just does not lead to my brightest smile.

5. Life In A Cinema

These 2:29 minutes are the shortest listen of Talk Talk. A touch of an average 1990’s early pop-rock track spreads over Life In A Cinema.

6. Faith In Me

The very melodic Faith In Me adds a very different flavor to the album. The song almost feels a bit orchestral to me. Interesting alternative song, I definitely appreciate this recording.

7. Ease My Mind

While I would rather name the sound of The Faim feel to be a bit of old-fashioned, they sound so modern in songs like Ease My Mind. Very catching melody, driven by good work on the instrumental as well as on the vocal side. One of the best listens of the album to me.

8. Me Because Of You

I feel that Josh Raven is pushing his falsetto voice a bit too much here and there in this song, but overall, Me Because Of You is a really nice alternative pop listen.

9. Flowers

Flowers is rather on the rock side of the The Faim repertoire. The song is powerful and very present – thus, it is one of my favorite listens of Talk Talk. Nice rhythmic chords on the electric guitar, especially.

10. Jealous Love

Jealous Love is not a bad song at all – nonetheless, it does not catch me as much as other tracks on the album. I feel the backing vocal part could be a nice one to sing along with their fans on the next tour.

11. ERA

Talk Talk closes with Era. The song is not really the start of an era, which is suggested by the chorus. The song is getting more and more energetic towards the end, though.


The Faim – Talk Talk – Spotify

Here is Talk Talk on Spotify:


The Faim – Talk Talk – My View

The first snippets I listened to from Talk Talk felt very promising. Now that I listened to the whole album, I am a bit of disappointed. The Faim show that they can do really good music on their second album – they just do not keep their level over all eleven songs, over all 34 minutes. Fans will still enjoy the album – but too many tracks of this 2022 are simply not made to grow the fanbase even further. I’m also not sure whether it was a good idea to already publish almost half of the tracks. There are simply too few hidden gems in the remaining songs.


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