Love Command0 – Integration

Love Command0 - Integration



3.4/5 Pros

  • Virtuous synth / electronic sound
  • Nice usage of different elements Cons

  • Some quite weak spots

The press kit to the debut album Integration describes the music of Command0 as an exploration of spacey synths, big beats and retro-futuristic sounds. I received the songs before its release date of 21st June 2024 and felt to share my thoughts with you.


The album has been postponed!


Love Command0 – About The Artists

Love Commond0 is a married couple duo. They are based in Dublin, Ireland, and Berlin, Germany. The band members are James Fox and Bex.


Love Command0 – Integration – Track by Track

The eight song album lasts 46 minutes.

1. Night Creep

There are some vocal parts in Night Creep (including a chat-alike sequence at the beginning), but the 6:24 minute opener comes withan instrumental focus. The vocals are rather there to add atmosphere than to tell a story. The song is driven by the rhythm and synth lines. You need to get a bit to get into the sound of the opener, but it does have a nice touch.

2. Guilty

Love Command0 don’t go for short tracks. This 5:11 minute listen is one of the four “shorter” listens. The choir-alike Guilty shout-outs in the track add quite some nice vibes. Like the predecessor, the song caches you with nice dancing vibes. The melody lines partially remind me of 1990’s video games.

3. Providence

The following three songs have already been published before the album.  Providence comes with a similar style like the two tracks before. However, I feel that the instrumental parts are a bit too lengthy and thus feel monotonous. Overall, the third song does not catch me as much as the two before.

4. Glass

Glass is an example to me how the music of Love Command0 works out nicely. The offer multi-layered synth lines including a groovy bass line, which is supporting the rhythm. The distorted vocals work and create the necessary variety. One of my favorites.

5. Make It Right

I talked about the long songs by the German-Irish project. Make It Right is the shortest song of all three, still lasting over four minutes. In this song, the duo also works with sounds like the noise of the wind. The main synth line is tootling along the song as well other parts of the track. However, the total plot of the song works out nicely. The vocal presence is rather high in this track.

6. We are Love

The title of the song is We Are Love, but in fact the catch phrase of this track is We Are Love Commando/Command0. Especially if you are not that much into electronic music (like me), you might love this song. Simplistic, but again very groovy.

7. Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl does not lead to too much celebration and the urge to buy a gift on my side. The song is somehow nice, but Love Command0 fails due to deliver the catching elements to me in here. Thus, the (for this album) comparably short 4:16 minute track still feels a bit too long . A certain level of virtuosity in the second half of cannot change that.

8. Integration

You almost spend the last nine minutes of the album with the chucker-out and title track Integration. In most of the songs on the album, especially the vocal parts lead to an entertaining listen, based on a nice synth melodic foundation. In this song, there is also a lot going on on the melodic side, including brass sounds, surprising sound effects and melodic breaks. A good finale.


Love Command0 – Integration – Streaming

I will add the Spotify widget once the album has been published.


Love Command0 – Integration – My View

I might not be the targeted audience for Integration. Nonetheless, I do enjoy some of the songs. Unfortunately, the album is lacking a certain level of constancy and stability. Thus, the rating does not reach the higher ranges.

Favorite Song: Glass in Dublin

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