Larkin Poe – Kindred Spirits

Larkin Poe - Kindred Spirits



4.2/5 Pros

  • Beautiful cover versions
  • Very own Larkin Poe style
  • Great musical quality

The Lovell sisters and their band Larkin Poe have been become a well reputed name in the US music business. Their roots rock sound with elements of blues and folk grew very popular over the last years. With their late 2020 album Kindred Spirits, they honors other artists and interpret songs by Phil Collins, Elton John and many others in their own style. The album has been published on 20th November 2020.


Larkin Poe – About The Artists

Lakrin Poe is an American roots rock band, which has been found in Calhoun, North Georgia, in 2010. The band is nowadays based in Nashville. The front members are the sisters Rebecca (born 30th January 1991) and Megan Lovell (12th May 1989). The additional band members are Tarka Layman and Kevin McGowan. Larkin Poe emerged from the Lovell Sisters, in which also their elder sister Jessica Lovell was part of. The band was very active in the beginning of their history, releasing five EPs in 2010 and 2011 only as independent artist. Their 2014 debut album Kin was based on their first record deal, which they signed a year before. They regularly released albums from that moment on, with four additional albums until now: Reskinned (2016), Peach (2017), Venom & Faith (2018) and Self Made Man (2020). Kindred Spirits is sixth studio album of the band.


Larkin Poe – Kindred Spirits – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 33 minutes.

1. Hellhound On My Trail (orig. by Robert Johnson)

The first song of the album goes back more than 80 years in music history: the Delta Blues classic Hellhound On My Train has originally been recorded in 1937. Unfortunately, this one is just a 43 second intro.

2. Fly Away (orig. by Lenny Kravitz)

Fly Away already sets the route in which this album is going: very simplified, stripped down interpretations of the songs, which always adds a strong touch of blues to the originals. Lenny Kravitz’s Fly Away gains a lot of intensity. Beautiful!

3. Rockin’ In The Free World (orig. by Neil Young)

The Neil Young original is transformed by the Kindred Spirits album almost to a ballad. Just combination of the acoustic guitar lead and the guitar riffs in the background.

4. (You’re The) Devil In Disguise (orig. by Elvis Presley)

(You’re The) Devils In Disguise is such an uptempo party track when interpreted by the King himself. The Lovell sisters create a very dark atmosphere around these tunes, so that the sound rather feels like a dark country song. Amazing result!

5. In The Air Tonight (orig. by Phil Collins)

I am a huge fan of Genesis, so In The Air Tonight by their legendary vocalist and drummer Phil Collins was definitely a cover I was looking for. The song does not take such an intense transformation as other tracks on this album – on the other hand, the dual vocals by the siblings is just giving the song a really intense touch. Love it!

6. Nights In White Satin (orig. by The Moody Blues)

Another great song of music history – like In The Air Tonight, I feel that Nights In White Satin has a very similar touch as the original – the stripped down recording by Larkin Poe is just intensifying the focus on the lyrics. The end of the chorus is creating goosebumps. So good!

7. Who Do You Love (orig. by Bo Diddley)

In the seventh track, Larkin Poe go back to the history of rock’n’roll music. Who Do You Love got the rhythm and of Bo Diddley’s original – and the electric guitar is having its share again. Nice – even though it is not my fave.

8. Take What You Want (orig. by Post Malone)

One of the amazing characteristics of Kindred Spirits is that the album is touching such a wide variety of musical genres – hard to imagine that the 2019 trap rock original by Post Malone featuring Ozzy Osbourne really features rap elements. Larkin Poe create their very own version of Take What You Want in an impressive way. I needed to put the song on repeat to really get how good it is in fact.


9. Ramblin’ Man (orig. by The Allman Brothers)

The Larkin Poe version of the country rock classic Ramblin’ Man still got a lot of country touch and has a great rhythm. One of my favorites.

10. Bell Bottom Blues (orig. by Derek & The Dominoes)

The album stays in the 1970’s and quotes the classic rock Bell Bottom Blues. This stripping down, this concentration to the key elements of the song, presented by the angelic vocals just lifts an absolute classic and great original to an even greater level. Wow!

11. Crocodile Rock (orig. by Elton John)

It may feel weird at first sight that a Larkin Poe version of this Elton John uptempo one is working out well – but finally, it indeed does. The way the guitar is replacing parts of Elton John’s vocals is just magical. The sound is slowly fading at the end. Beautiful album!



Larkin Poe – Kindred Spirits – Track by Track

Here is the Spotify link to Kindred Spirits:


Larkin Poe – Kindred Spirits – My View

Wow, Kindred Spirits is really a gift, a gem. It is showing ten songs (excluding the intro track) from a very different perspective. Larkin Poe did a very good job here. Congrats to the ladies – I highly recommend to give this travel through musical history a listen. in Atlanta

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