Gsindl – Gsindlsuperdinger

Gsindl - Gsindlsuperdinger



4.2/5 Pros

  • A lot of cool party rock tracks
  • Powerful and speedy

While so far the only German dialect I feature on is Kölsch, the lovely way to speak in my home region, the Gsindlsuperdinger add Bavarian to my blog. The band Gsindl (something like “Rabble”), who are releasing the album are doing Bavarian rock. their “Superdinger” (superb things), the seventh album of the act, will be released on 19th February 2021.


Gsindl – About The Artists

Gsindl is a band from Neufahrn, a Northern suburb of Munich (which many people know due to traffic congestion around the corresponding junction). The band has been founded in 1995. Four of their six members have been part of Gsindl the whole 25 years of band history: Konrad Brummer (vocals), Thomas Reischl (guitar), Andreas Eschbaumer (keyboard) and Georg Baumann (drums). Tim Höher (guitar) and Robert Zollner (called “Bobbel”) have joined during the 2000’s. The band gained quite some popularity, especially in Southern Germany and Austria. The supported acts like Liquido, Roger Chapman or Manfred Mann.


Gsindl – Gsindlsuperdinger – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 44 minutes. I will do all lyric quotes in non-dialect German – please excude my lack of knowledge of Bavarian orthographic.

1. Hammergeil

The hardest part of this song is likely the translation Hammergeil – the best one is likely “Super-hot” or similar. The song is a great listen and catches you from the first chorus. Great one.

Du bist nicht nur nice
Du bist der heißeste Scheiss
Du hast Du echt Style

(“You are not just nice
You are bloody hot (literally: hottest shit)
You really got style

2. Scheiss da nix

The song starts rather slow, but the chorus has quite some power. Not as catching as the party smasher Hammergeil, but a nice listen.

3. Endlich Freidog

After Hammergeil, it is not too surprising that Endlich Freidog (“Friday finally”) is having a lot of power and party potential. Georg Baumann has a tough time at the drum at this song, which comes with a lot of rhythm and speed. The guitar power on this track almost leads to a touch of punk rock. Cool one!

4. Hards Liacht

The 5:30 minute epic Hards Liacht (“Strong light”) is a cool rock power ballad. Cool track describing the band’s perspective on a concert.

5. Irgendwo

I found this video to Irgendwo (“Somewhere”) on YouTube, dated five years ago. The song is indeed a powerful rock track with a classic rock touch and a high potential to shout out the lyrics from the bottom of your lungs during a Gsindl show. Good one!

6. Wos hod er, wos I ned hob?

The way Wos hod er wos I ned hob? (“What has he got what I don’t have?”) just features light guitar licks and the lyrics, before the guitars are showing their full force during the chorus. The song is not my favorite – I love the rocking parts, but the verses in contrast to them are a bit too quiet to me.

7. Ziag dir den Beat nei

Ziag dir den Beat nei (something like “Enjoy the beat”) is a die-hard rock’n’roll track. I absolutely love this song. There is a lot of speed and power in it and it has a huge sing-a-long potential.

8. Annemarie

There could hardly be a wider contrast than the party rock’n’roll song before and Annemarie. At least until the first chorus, the song just comes with light guitar chords and vocals. During the chorus, however, Gsindl just cannot stop themselves and need to rock the listener.

9. Mittelmaß

The song is truly about Mittelmaß (mediocrity). The song is about someone, who is average in any dimension and struggles to dare to be unique in any way. However, the chorus features a voice, which is having a clear advice:

Wo bleibt denn da der Spaß?
Du bist nur Mittelmaß
Geh raus, flip aus!
Mach, was du Dich sonst nicht traust!

(“Where is the fun?
You are simply average
Go out, freak out!
Do, what you usually don’t dare to do!”)

10. Des gibt doch koan Sinn

About the current society, the band clearly states Des gibt doch koan Sinn in this song – “This just does not make sense”. In their ironic way, they do a really nice critical song, which still can increase the mood on any Bavarian rock party.

11. Zum Glück steigt heid a Fest

Zum Glück steigt heut’ ein Fest
da geb ich mir den Rest
da lassen wir es uns ordentlich gut gehen

(“Fortunately, there’s a party today
I will hit the bottle today,
we are having a really good time

No more comment on this track. The band definitely knows to do party songs.

12. Du bist raus

Du bist raus (“You are out”) is a nice, ironic song about a series of fails. The music reminds a bit of country schlager tracks. Nice finisher of the album.


Gsindl – Gsindlsuperdinger – Spotify

Here is Bavarian rock music on Spotify:


Gsindl – Gsindlsuperdinger – My View

The six guys from Nothern Munich really do a lot of fun. Indeed, the Gsindlsuperdinger features some Superdinger and spead a lot of party rock from Southern Bavaria. When I had a first listen into the promo, I already felt that these guys could be interesting. However, the more I listen to the album, the more I love it. If you either speak Bavarian or just don’t care about the dialect, you should give the album a listen. There is a lot of potential for a lot of fun! in Munich

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