Sean Webster – Summer Has Gone

Sean Webster - Summer Has Gone



4.8/5 Pros

  • Great blues rock album
  • Nice range of songs
  • Great voice and instruments

Sean Webster is a well-reputed artist in the blues rock scene. Despite a lot of fame and respect, Summer Has Gone is just his third solo album. The previous one has been released some nine years ago. Release date has been 24th May 2024.


Sean Webster – About The Artist

Sean Webster is a British blues rock musician. He released two albums so far, If Only (2005) and See It Through (2015). He also released another studio album with the Sean Webster band in 2017, Leave Your Heart at the Door.


Sean Webster – Summer Has Gone – Track by Track

The nine song album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Forever Gone Away

There has been no single release before the album. Thus, the nine songs are all new for fans, unless they enjoyed Webster’s live performances somewhere in recent past. The raspy voice of the artist and the easy melody of Forever Gone Away remind of the 1980’s rock sound. Not that strongly blues-influenced, but a lovely opener.

2. Won’t Lay Down

With nice melodic lines, the second track Won’t Lay Down even feels a bit easier to digest than the opener. The chorus quickly stays in your mind. The song reminds of big names like Chis Rea and even has a slight Joe Cocker touch.

3. Can’t Be Alone

This is the only song not solely written by Sean Webster himself. The Dutch musician Alex Zwinselman (who is part of his band) is given as a co-writer to Can’t Be Alone. The song has a rather strong blues touch. Again, there is a strong touch of the AOR (adult orientated rock) era. Lovely sound.

4. Lost And Alone (feat. Hilde Vos)

There are two duets on the album as well. The first one on the album Lost And Alone features the Dutch Americana artist Hilde Vos. The song is a lovely collaboration, which does not only impress on the vocal level, but also with strong guitar play. Great one.

5. Make It Through

The fifth track is just in line with the remaining album. A song with a nice drive and a good groove – just made for an enjoyable listen. Another very catchy track on Summer Has Gone.

6. Never Let Me Go

The almost five minute track Never Let Me Go is the emotional highlight. A lovely ballad with a nice blues touch. Hard to imagine that Sean Webster is struggling with his sales and stream volumes if you listen to intense songs like this one.

7. Not Me And You

I am simply in comfort zone already. And songs like Not Me And You simply keep me in there safely. Beautiful work on the kes and guitars and a strong vocal performance simply lead to another good song. Love it.

8. Summer Has Gone (feat. Robert Morbioli)

The title track is featuring the second duet of the album. For Summer Has Gone, Webster is joining forces with Italian Roberto Morbioli. One of the key emotional songs of the album – even if this one tends towards the kitschy style.

9. What You Get

The closing track is also the shortest one. The song feels like a typical blues bar song and even features the steel guitar. The song has a nice swing and a rather traditional touch, which might please the rather long-term Sean Webster fans.


Sean Webster – Summer Has Gone – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Sean Webster – Summer Has Gone – Track by Track

Wow, I really like this one. A nice blues rock album with a rather straight style, but a lot of different sounds. Sean Webster really went for a fine tune here. The album could have come with one or two more songs, just to add even more complexity. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed this listen.


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