Tyler Ramsey – New Lost Ages

Tyler Ramsey - New Lost Ages



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very charactteristic indie-folk sound
  • Consistent listen without being boring

Tyler Ramsey is indeed really established in the music business. The earliest album release I found of him is a 2004 one. On 9th February 2024, the folk singer-songwriter releases a new album. I had the opportunity to listen to New Lost Ages beforehand. Here is my album review.


Tyler Ramsey – About The Artist

Tyler Ramsey was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but is nowadays based in Asheville in North Carolina. His most well-known part of his musical career is bring the guitarist of the band Band of Horses, which he was a member of from 2007 to 2017. However, he has also released four albums so far, from the 2004 Tyler Ramsey to the 2019 For the Morning. A year thereafter, he also shared the EP Found a Picture of You with his fans. During Covid-19, there have been no new song releases by Ramsey, but in 2023, there were a couple of songs leading to this album release.


Tyler Ramsey – New Lost Ages – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 46 minutes.

1. These Ghosts

The first song These Ghosts is actually one the previously released ones. If you haven’t been running into Ramsey’s music before, you might be surprised by the high falsetto vocals. They are the most present element of this folk music track with a slight independent touch.

2. Fires

Fires comes with a very similar style than the opener. However, there a bit more presence on the instrumental side, which leads to a more melodic and balanced listen.

3. Dark Dark Dark

The third song is a bit slower and more melancholic than the opening ones. However, it is not as Dark Dark Dark as the song title might suggest. Overall, the song comes with an intense atmosphere, but also with a nice instrumental presence. The song definitely stays in your mind.

4. New Lost Ages

The second song of the album, which has been a single feature already, is New Lost Ages. The title track of the album. Even if you feel that the song is a bit too much on the melancholic and deep side, you just cannot deny that the US-American is intensively turning his music and stories into atmosphere and feeling. New Lost Ages is the perfect example for that.

Do you want to live forever in a world like this?Do you think there’ll be a world to live in when these kids have kids?And would they want to live together in this world we’ve built?There’ll be a reckoning that’s coming for the things we didWorship every other word of all your golden sagesOh these new lost ages

5. Flare (For Neal Casal)

I saw a flare out on the seaSomebody out there signalingI’m in trouble help me pleaseSend someone to save me

Ramsey dedicated this October 2023 single release to Neal Casal. The US-American guitarist died in August 2019 and worked solo as well as in some band projects during his career. The song is one of the emotional highlights of this album. A beautiful way to remind of an admired colleague.

6. You Should Come Over

At You Should Come Over, the typical mix of indie sound and folk also is having some additional rock music sprinkles. This leads to a rather speedy and catching listen. This is definitely a nice contrast to some of the songs before. I like it.

7. Where Were You

The hymnic style of Where Were You reminds me of other Americana genres. The howling guitars even lead to a touch of country music. I like the playful melody of this song, which nicely contrasts to the vocal performance. Nice.

8. We Were A Small Town

We Were A Small Town sounds a lot like stereotypical country music. Even though the guitars are gently strumming while there is that lovely focus on Tyler Ramsey’s storytelling, no country music feelings are coming up. This is truly a folk music song – with a beautiful, melodic heart.

9. Poisonous Summer

7:15 minutes – right towards the end of the New Lost Ages album, Tyler Ramsey presents a truly epic song. The song feels very virtuous, it presents a nice range of different instruments. Due to the long parts without vocals, you feel being in an instrumental listen. Nice dramatic plot as well.

10. Arrow To Bow

The final track Arrow To Bow does have a strong instrumental presence again, but is overall more balanced between vocal and non-vocal parts. The song sometimes feels a bit too virtuous to me, even though I especially like the role of the string instruments in this song.


Tyler Ramsey – New Lost Ages – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Tyler Ramsey – New Lost Ages – My View

Tyler Ramsey is presenting a very compact and consistent 2024 album. If you enjoy the first songs of New Lost Ages, you likely have a good time with the whole 46 minute listen. There is a throughline between the songs without the album turning into a boring listen. Overall, I really like this one.

Favorite Song: You Should Come Over


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