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4.5/5 Pros

  • Very fluent and entertaining punk rock and rock album
  • Great concert tracks
  • Very catching

LustfingeR is named to be one of the oldest punk / punk rock bands in Germany. The Southern German band is releasing their twelfth album, which is simply self-titled. Release date of LustfingeR is 29th July 2022.


LustfingeR – About The Artists

LustfingeR have been founded in Lohhof near Munich in 1981. The list of former band members is rather long, as you can see on the (German) Wikipedia page. Tom Foug Fock, however, is still an active founding member. The singer is nowadays joined by Mike Strixx, Danny Raygun (both guitar), Tom Schill (bass) and Tommy Wagner (drums).


LustfingeR – LustfingeR – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 43 minutes.

1. Auf los geht’s los

What could be a better opening title than Auf los geht’s los – which roughly translates to “Let’s go”? The song is a lovely party rocker with the ease of a punk song. Tommy Wagner is nicely driving this one in the rhythmic section.

2. Lügen Garantie

The second song is a typical punk song. Very straight with a lot of social critics. Die Wahrheit sagt ihr nie – Lügen Garantie – “You never tell the truth – lies guarantee” is the key message, directed towards politicians. A song which feels timeless and also somehow fun. One of my favorites on this album.

3. Benzin

Mein Herz pumpt nur Adrenalin
Ein Feuerturm tief in mir drin
Und Du, Du löscht es mit Benzin

(“My heart is solely pumping adrenaline
A fire tower deep inside me
And you, you extinguish it with petrol”)

The song rather feels like a straight rocker, maybe with a touch of heart rock. I am amazed how young, almost juvenile these guys feel despite their long band history. Great listen, which stays in your mind.

4. Durchs Feuer gehen

Fire is a topic of this song title as well – however, Durchs Feuer gehen (literally: “Going through fire”) is nothing but a lovely rock ballad. The kitschy chorus almost feels like LustfingeR are heading towards the German schlager genre. Cool listen. Might also be a great one for a piano version or similar arrangement – but that would simply be not non-punk-alike.

5. Steh auf und tanz

The fifth track has been the only single release of LustfingeR I found. Nice selection – no matter if you like rock, punk or even maybe party pop, you will enjoy to sing along to this one. The song demands to “Stand up and dance”. Good chance to follow this feeling while listening to the song.

6. Alles ist besser

The sixth track is another song which is just written to be a highlight of a stage show. Straight guitar riffs and hammering drums catch your heart and open it to sing along to this nice punk rocker.

7. My Brain Is Hangin’ (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)

Yeah, these Bavarians can do it in English as well. I feel that this setup has a very different sound, it even has a bit more of the typical cheekiness of a punk rock song. LustfingeR create a great sing-a-long and party song again. You just have to enjoy what they are doing.

8. Jeder Tag

Jeder Tag (“Every day”) starts with an extended drum intro, before the vibe of the song turns into a nice punk track with very fresh and young vibes. Superb listen.

Jeder Tag ist einzigartig
Kein Moment kommt, geht zurück
Und das einzige was zählt
Ist der pure Augenblick

(“Every day is unique
No moment comes or goes back
And the only thing which counts
is the pure moment”)

9. Stürmische See

This song translates to “Stormy sea”. The cruise described in this rhythmic power punk rocker does not feel to be the romantic experience. But the song about is is a lot of fun and (again) touches hard rock vibes.

10. Wir waren Träumer

The tenth track is no ballad, but in this rock and punk rock firework, this mid-tempo track almost feels like one. A nice song to relax and listen to the band.

11. Es war ne geile Zeit

With 3:49 minutes, this song is in fact the longest one on the whole album. Es war ne geile Zeit translates to “It has been a great time”. The song is looking back to the band’s history. The chorus states Es war ne geile Zeit und die ist nicht vorbei – “It has been a great time and this one is not over yet”. Thus, there is no worry that this one could be a hidden farewell track.

12. Walk Into The Fire

The second last song is another English lyrics tracks. LustfingeR goes for string sounds in the background and records a three minute nice power ballad. Fine listen, even though Walk Into The Fire does not make it to my list of favorite songs in here.

13. Hasta La Vista

The shortest song of the album is also the closing one. LustfingeR go for powerful guitars and a song which is fun to listen as well as to sing to the melodies. Another song with a certain farewell potential – I trust in the lyrics of Es war ne geile Zeit and look forward to the next album.


LustfingeR – LustfingeR – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


LustfingeR – LustfingeR – My View

LustfingeR gave me a 43 minute German punk and rock fun listen. Their self-titled album is a great illustration that these guys should receive more attention than they actually do get. Straight, fun tracks and even that simple and a bit of dirty style of good punk songs. The album is a fluent, good listen. I really like it.


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