Jon And Roy – Know Your Mind

Jon and Roy - Know Your Mind



3.4/5 Pros

  • Straight handmade-style folk songs
  • Nice touch of country and rock here and there Cons

  • Very solid songs, but no outstanding track

Folk music with a touch of rock and reggae: Jon and Roy is a West Coast Canadian band, who are active since 2003 already. Know Your Mind is their ninth album already. They released it on 7th May 2021.


Jon and Roy – About The Artists

The name of the band Jon and Roy is made up by the two founders, singer-songwriter Jon Middleton and percussionist Roy Vizer. They formed the band in 2003 after meeting at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. Just a year after that, the already recorded their debut album Sittin’ Back, for which they added Dougal Bain McLean to the band. The band likely released their most famous track in 2007, when the title track of their 2008 album, Another Noon, has been used for a car TV commericial. They regularly released new albums. Nowadays, they are joined by Louis Sadava. Their latest album was the 2019 publication Here.


Jon and Roy – Know Your Mind – Track by Track

The seven track album lasts 24 minutes.

1. Here’s Where You’re Wrong

The album starts with very classic folk song vibes: a good story, acoustic guitar, some rhythmic elements and good work on the microphone. Indeed, the track is a promising opener.

2. Summer Night

The musical trip through a Summer Night feels a bit more cheery and happier than the first song of the album. The bridge is a nice sing-a-long part as well.

3. Now

The whole track Now feels significantly more energetic than the first two songs of the album. The powerful drum elements, especially at the beginning of the song, even give a slight touch of a pop song. Nice.

4. Out Here

Out Here feels slightly wistful, like riding through the prairie on a rather old and slow horse. The monotonous guitar chords could really be the basis of a depressive country track, but the piano and vocals give it the folk touch.

5. Rising Sun

Rising Sun has been the second single of that small album, released in January 2021. The song is described as “vintage Jon and Roy” – but I actually feel ti

6. Know Your Mind

The title track has in fact been the first single of this album. A song which reflects the dark and somehow melancholic winter time. The shuffle-alike rhythm is very catchy and again spreads the touch of country music.

7. Seasons

With Seasons, the album closes with its most optimistic and happy song, likely. It is definitely one of my favorites – a very straight folk track with a slight touch of rock and country.


Jon and Roy – Know Your Mind – Spotify

Here is Know Your Mind on Spotify:


Jon and Roy – Know Your Mind – My View

I personally don’t like to have seven track compilations sold as “album”. But apart from taht thing, I feel it is a nice and compact listen. Very straight hand-made folk music which is taking inspiration from related genres. Nice tracks, nice moods. Not a must-have, but a solid choice.


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