Lauren Jenkins – Miles On Me, Part 1 EP

Lauren Jenkins - Miles On Me Part 1



4.5/5 Pros

  • Lauren delivers four songs of her exceptional quality
  • Great four tracks, each with a very different character
  • Absolutely brilliant way to tell stories Cons

  • Just four songs / purchase price tag

I have been that excited that when Lauren Jenkins announced that there will be the first part of her new album (released in three parts) coming up on 9th July 2021. She is definitely one of the loveliest people I met in the business – and thus, I was really looking forward to listen to Miles On Me, Part 1. Here are my thoughts.


Lauren Jenkins – About The Artist

You will find a lot of material and bio about Lauren Jenkins. Just on the week of the release of Miles On Me Part 1, I released a Songs of My Life feature about her song Running Out Of Road. Lauren is definitely one of the most inspiring artists to me – simply one of the artist I feel to be closest to my blog. Miles On Me, Part 1 is Laurens first EP after a 2016 release.

Songs Of My Life: Lauren Jenkins – Running Out Of Road


Lauren Jenkins – Miles On Me, Part 1 – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 14 minutes.

1. Like You Found Me

The EP starts with the most energetic song of all four – and with its only single release. Lauren Jenkins simply asks to leave me like you found me. And you again feel her lovely voice, her unique and beautiful way to tell a story. A song which reminds me of the great recordings of No Saint.

2. She’s a Star

A week before this EP’s release, Lauren leaked this song, which comes with a very special groove and vibe. I was a bit of confused the first time I listened to it – but the more I got into it, the more I loved that touch somewhere between soul and blues added to it. A very new part of Lauren Jenkins’ work.

3. Miles on Me (feat. David Ramirez)

An amazing song recorded together with David Ramirez. Lauren is just at one of her best songs again… If there are any weak Lauren Jenkins releases. If you haven’t fallen in love to this lady, that’s the tune to do so. I promise!

4. My Own Advice

If you are a fan of Lauren Jenkins already, this finale will be your highlight of the EP, I am sure. The self-reflection, which also teases other Lauren Jenkins songs is just illustrating what a genius in songwriting is. How can this amazingly talented (and, by the way, damn beautiful) lady just have so few followers. I will never stop falling in love to her music – and My Own Advice is one of the proofs for it.


Lauren Jenkins – Miles On Me, Part 1 – Spotify

Here is Miles On Me, Part 1 on Spotify:


Lauren Jenkins – Miles On Me, Part 1 – My View

A terrible review for me: on the one hand, there are four amazing songs. I love this person more than any other artist likely. I am tempted to just put the full rating underneath and close the review. The four songs deserve it. But I blamed Brett Young massively for his publication strategy in my Does Length still matter posting. Lauren’s EP is 5.16 EUR at the time of release. This is 1.29 EUR per track (the EP price is same as the sum of individual songs), which roughly translates per 0.36 cents per minute. I felt that Weekends Look A Little Different These Days is just too expansive. Even though I feel that Lauren is worth the money (more than Brett Young), it’s just an undeniable fact.


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