Smith & Wesley – Greetings From The Land of Y’All

Smith & Wesley - Greetings From The Land of Y'All



3.4/5 Pros

  • A lot of potential
  • Some very good country rock / country party tracks Cons

  • Some parts are quite monotonous
  • The sound of the duo feels like more potential

A few weeks ago, I happened to run into the song Land of Y’all. Even though the artists, Smith & Wesley, are not really no-names in the Nashville music scene, that was the first time I got in touch with their music. On 18th September 2020, they released their third album, Greetings From The Land Of Y’All. I felt that this one is a must-listen to.


Smith & Wesley – About The Artists

At first sight, the name Smith & Wesley may sound like a duo of a guy called Smith and another one called Wesley – but in fact, the duo just contains of two brothers, Scott and Todd Smith. They are originally from the North Georgia / Chattanooga area. Smith & Wesley’s debut album release was in 2017, called Choices & Chances. It already lead to some presence in the charts. With that album as well as tracks from the second album released in 2018, For Better or For Worse, gave quite some chart positions in the 20’s and 30’s of the charts.

Greetings From The Land of Y’All – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 41 minutes.

1. Land of Y’all

The album starts with the title track. Land of Y’All was one of my key reasons to go for this review – the boys are just doing a great song there. Yee-hah – that’s a country party with a classic touch!

2. Caught up on My Drinkin’

Caught up on My Drinkin’ might be a bit less rocking and powerful, but I am sure that it is a good one to empty some cans on a long country evening.

3. Goodbyes Are Hard to Listen To

The music gets slower, but (of course?), there is quite some consumption of alcohol even in a Smith & Wesley country music ballad. In love is similar to intoxicated?

4. Listen to the Radio

Listen to the Radio was one of the singles released before the album. Back more on the rocking and partying side, the song is simply a nice party track.

5. Let Me Know

Back in the land of feelings and emotions. It is hard to argue that this track is a deep and thoughtful one, better enjoy listening to the melody than to the lyrics. Then, it is not too bad.

6. Gave Her My All

Another track, which is rather going for the emotions. I definitely prefer this one over Let Me Know. Nice one.

7. She Ain’t You

She Ain’t You, which is having a much stronger electric guitar touch again. Not a bad one at all. But I am more and more looking for the special song in here. This one ain’t my Song Mr Right.

8. Under It with You Tonight

I would not say that this is the special song I was looking for, but at least, I really love the lyrics. Romantic feelings are possible without alcohol. Life is good.

9. Cheaper Than the Truth

I do not feel that the story of this song is a blast, but the melody is so lovely, ain’t it? This is a kind of straight-to-your-heart melody, if you like country music. Lovely!

10. Whiskey

Okay – already by title, there will be some spirits in this track again. Unfortunately, I have to admit that these guys just have a little extra when they add these kind of things to their song. I definitely love it!

11. Southern, Country, Homegrown

I was not too happy with the middle part of the album, but the final tracks are very pleasing again. Classic sound arranged with quite some electric guitar power. Love it!

12. Never Be My Old Man

The album concludes with a family praise track. Never Be My Old Man is one of the best tracks of the album to me… Beautifully done!


Greetings From The Land of Y’All – Spotify

Here is the Spotify link to the album:


Greetings From The Land of Y’All – My View

I feel that there is so much potential in Smith & Wesley. It pops up here and there in this album – but then, there are some average or even rather monotonous tracks in it as well. Thus, the album is in the quite good rankings – but it is not sufficient to finally be on the very top. Bad luck. The guys deserve much more than average. in Chattanooga TN

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