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With growing stronger and stronger in music, not just country music, there are some artists, which frequently pop up in postings on my website. Thus, I decided to give you the opportunity to browse by these artists, similar to the opportunity to search geographically. I only listed acts in here as Featured Artists, who at least appear in three to five postings (with significant contents). – List of Featured Artists

Here are the musical acts which frequently appear on The sort order is alphabetical by first name.


Cassadee Pope

Cassadee Pope is an enchanting artist. Being the first female to win the US The Voice show in 2012, she is a very present country artist on stage. I was gifted to meet her at her CMA Fest Fan Party in 2019, which was a very charming occasion. Just some month before that, I loved to see her at the CMT Next Women of Country show in Liverpool. Her 2019 album Stages is absolutely worth listening to and holds a couple of great songs.


Kenny Foster

Kenny Forster is a very underrated country music artist to me. For the first time, he impressed me with singing a Shallow duet version with Twinnie at the C2C 2019 in Berlin. I also got to meet him one week later in London and at a nice songwriters round in the Nashville Listening Room. He is an excellent songwriter, who is able to do very straight, ironic lyrics, a wide range from thoughtful to entertaining stories. I absolute recommend to see him live on stage.


Lauren Jenkins

Seeing her on stage at the C2C 2019 in Berlin was my first touch point with Lauren Jenkins. I was able to buy her album No Saint there and was one of the first media who published a review of this masterpiece. Lauren is an amazing country music artist to me, who makes it to Germany twice this year. The picture below was taken at the CMA Fest 2019, where she could also impress worldwide fans. It will be very interesting to follow this emerging artist and excellent live performer in the future.


Sarah Darling

Sarah Darling, originally from Iowa, has a huge fan base in the UK nowadays. One of the key factors is that her husband is from England. Her latest album, Wonderland, topped the UK country charts for several weeks. She has a lovely voice and a great stage appearance. Like many other artists on that page, I fell in love to her music during the Country 2 Country 2019 in Berlin. I highly value her as a lovely person off stage as well.



I have to admit, I just fell in love with that young lady from the very first moment I saw her at a country music stage at the C2C 2019 in Berlin. I have to be very precise here, as Twinnie Lee Moore’s career also had some time in the musical business – she performed in my favorite one Rock of Ages in one of the very first performances I ever saw. In her straight way of writing songs and how dares to express herself – it is simply just what she feels.


Vic Allen

Compared to Catherine McGrath and especially to Twinnie, Vic Allen has some steps to take on the career ladder. I don’t know exactly how I ran into her music any more, but I feel the Norwich-origin young British country singer is a great talent. She is fully independent and does all the management by herself. Nowadays, I am very happy to call her friend. Her songs made it a couple of times to my Country Music Picks. Furthermore, I loved to enjoy her live on stage when she played a small gig at the Write Like A Girl series in Camden, London.


“Weird Al” Yankovic

I still have been at school when this musical love started: in 1996, his song Amish Paradise just had a minor entry in the German charts – but from that moment on, I started to love the parodies of Weird Al Yankovic. I don’t have an exact number, but I roughly made it to 15 to 20 shows of him (most of them in North America) since I saw him for the very first time in Myrtle Beach, SC, in 2004. As I typically try to follow any of his tours, it is not that surprisingly that Weird Al is playing a role in the coverage as well. There are also 2018 and 2019 trip reports chasing the amazing artist somewhere in the USA. – Other postings by Artist

In addition to the Featured Artists, some acts are also explicitly tagged on – either because they are emerging and might be Featured Artists in the future or just because there is so much material related to them in here. The acts are in alphabetical order:

  • Carolyn Miller
    Carolyn Miller is an upcoming artist from the New York area. I happened to follow her Instagram account before I saw her live in Nashville for the first time. Amazing voice, great stage presence – love her!
  • Catherine McGrath
    Catherine McGrath is a Northern Irish artist, already called to be the Northern Irish Taylor Swift. She had a rocket-like career in 2017 and 2018, played in the O2 at the 2019 Country 2 Country. She was a Featured Artist of this website and I deeply admire her. Keep my fingers crossed for her.
  • Christina Taylor
    Christina is from Asheville in North Carolina, now living in Nashville. She is a young artist, who has already received some support from Radio Disney, for example. I am sure she will make it bigger the next years
  • Olivia Lane
    Olivia Lane is already having over 100k followers on Facebook. Though she is also a US country artist, she is having quite a fanbase in Europe as well. Lovely person and great artist. – Other Music Tags

There are also two other musical tags, which represent cooperations:

  • I have a friendly collaboration with the German Greywood Records label. Their CDs are explicitly marked.
  • I love the way Semmel Concerts is marketing the Sound of Nashville series of country music concerts in Germany. Related postings are explictly tagged as well.
  • Not just in country music, I will try to also push for German Artists in the future.