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With growing stronger and stronger in music, not just country music, there are some artists, which frequently pop up in postings on my website. Thus, I decided to give you the opportunity to browse by these artists, similar to the opportunity to search geographically. I only listed acts in here as Featured Artists, who at least appear in three to five postings (with significant contents). – List of Featured Artists

Here are the musical acts which frequently appear on The sort order is alphabetical by first name.


Carly Pearce

Carly Pearce is in fact the first country artist I ever saw on stage – rather by coincidence. As a local artist, she opened a major country festival in Lexington, Kentucky, I attended. Since then, I love her music and enjoy any time I run into her. Proud that I had her in my Spotlight interviews in September 2022 and featured a show in Hamburg at the same time.



Christina Taylor

I decided to upgrade Christina Taylor to a Featured Artist in July 2021 The North Carolina native is just an amazing country music artist with touches of pop and soul. I met her for the first time at the CMA Fest 2019 and supported her thereafter. One of the highlights of our colaboration is the Spotlight interview we had in April 2021.



Jessica Lynn

The New York City-origin country lady is one of the most energetic and friendly artists I know in the US-American country music scene. She is also regularly touring Europe. For example, I saw her twice on stage during the Pfullendorf Seepark Biker Days 2023. Such a lovely person – always love to chat with her or run into her after one of her shows.



Jim “Kimo” West

Jim is much more than “just” the guitarist of “Weird Al” Yankovic. His own (slack) guitar sounds already lead to a Grammy Award. I really love the stuff he is doing – and, last but not least, he is really a great guy. With his appearance at the Nacht der Gitarren shows in Germany in 2023, he finally absolutely deserved his own nomination in here – learn more about him in my Spotlight Interview with him.



Kenny Foster

Kenny Forster is a very underrated country music artist to me. For the first time, he impressed me with singing a Shallow duet version with Twinnie at the C2C 2019 in Berlin. I also got to meet him one week later in London and at a nice songwriters round in the Nashville Listening Room. He is an excellent songwriter, who is able to do very straight, ironic lyrics, a wide range from thoughtful to entertaining stories. I absolute recommend to see him live on stage.


Lindsay Ell

Canadian Lindsay Ell is just an amazing artist – and one of the best female guitar players in the county music scene. She was headlining my first ever concert coverage with – and since then, I ran into her music and her live performances again and again. A big highlight was also my Spotlight Interview with her before a show in Cologne.


Nik Wallner

Nik is the only act on my current list of Featured Artists, who is performing in German. The charismatic Southern German from the Tegernsee region may be quite at the beginning of his career, but he is already getting quite some attendance in the German country music scene. For example his eight (!!) appearances during the 2020 C2C in Berlin were very well recepted. I am looking forward to join Nik on the next steps of his musical career.


Sarah Darling

Sarah Darling, originally from Iowa, has a huge fan base in the UK nowadays. One of the key factors is that her husband is from England. Her latest album, Wonderland, topped the UK country charts for several weeks. She has a lovely voice and a great stage appearance. Like many other artists on that page, I fell in love to her music during the Country 2 Country 2019 in Berlin. I highly value her as a lovely person off stage as well.


Vic Allen

Compared to Catherine McGrath and especially to Twinnie, Vic Allen has some steps to take on the career ladder. I don’t know exactly how I ran into her music any more, but I feel the Norwich-origin young British country singer is a great talent. She is fully independent and does all the management by herself. Nowadays, I am very happy to call her friend. Her songs made it a couple of times to my Country Music Picks. Furthermore, I loved to enjoy her live on stage when she played a small gig at the Write Like A Girl series in Camden, London.


“Weird Al” Yankovic

I still have been at school when this musical love started: in 1996, his song Amish Paradise just had a minor entry in the German charts – but from that moment on, I started to love the parodies of Weird Al Yankovic. I don’t have an exact number, but I roughly made it to 15 to 20 shows of him (most of them in the USA) since I saw him for the very first time in Myrtle Beach, SC, in 2004. As I typically try to follow any of his tours, it is not that surprisingly that Weird Al is playing a role in the coverage as well. There are also 2018 and 2019 trip reports chasing the amazing artist somewhere in the USA. – Other postings by Artist

In addition to the Featured Artists, some acts are also explicitly tagged on – either because they are emerging and might be Featured Artists in the future or just because there is so much material related to them in here. Some artists also droppeddur to lower influence to my website. The acts are in alphabetical order:

  • Andreas Dorau
    Andreas is a German pop and Neue Deutsche Welle legend. He started becoming nationally well-known with Fred vom Jupiter. Since the mid 1990’s, he is one of my favorite national artists.


  • Ben Zucker
    Ben Zucker is somewhere between schlager and rock. A German artist who is selling out Germany’s largest indoor area. A great voice, great shows. Always enjoy to listen to his music.


  • Brett Eldredge
    Brett Eldredge is a US country singer, who is really popular in the German country music scene. One reason for that are his energetic shows, but also his quite intense presence in Europe.


  • Carolyn Miller
    Carolyn Miller is an upcoming artist from the New York area. I happened to follow her Instagram account before I saw her live in Nashville for the first time. Amazing voice, great stage presence – love her!


  • Cassadee Pope
    Cassadee Pope is an amazing artist, who initiated her career in 2012 being part of the US version of The Voice. I had her among my featured artists, but unfortunately, I am just not able to see, follow and support her sufficiently to justify that.


  • Catherine McGrath
    Catherine McGrath is a Northern Irish artist, already called to be the Northern Irish Taylor Swift. She had a rocket-like career in 2017 and 2018, played in the O2 at the 2019 Country 2 Country. She was a Featured Artist of this website and I deeply admire her. Keep my fingers crossed for her.


  • Charley Crockett
    Charley Crockett is one of the most featured artists in my album reviews. The Texas-origin country music artist is a very diligent and hard-working musician with frequent releases.



  • Eric Church
    One of the biggest country music artists alive. A great act on stage and in the studio.


  • Eric Pasley
    Eric is an excellent songwriter and storiyteller, who already released some great songs with other artists. However, his solo recordings and shows are memorable as well.


  • Gary Quinn
    Gary Quinn is a great British artist, who I ran into at a concert in Cologne for the first time. Superb songs and stories and also a strong promoter of the genre in the United Kingdom.



  • Kyle Daniel
    An amazing storyteller, a great musician, a characteristic artist – and a great person. Kyle Daniel is definitely one of the most interesting artists I ran into in my times. The US-American definitely deserves to be tagged in here explicitly.



  • Logan Mize
    Logan is a great guy and a really good country music artist from Kansas. I covered him a few times in live on stage performances. Great songwriting and a lovely voice.


  • Lordi
    I have been a fan of the Finnish monsters since 2004, before their amazing 2006 victory at the Eurovision Song Contest. Of course, Hard Rock Hallelujah is a special song to me – but due to the outstanding Lordiversity box set, they are also the band I reviewed most so far in my Media Review section.


  • Mrs. Greenbird
    Steffen and Sarah are an amazing musical couple from my hometown Cologne, who made it big by winning the X-Factor TV show in Germany. They are doing a lovely country-folk-pop mix, definitely worth listening to.


  • Olivia Lane
    Olivia Lane is already having over 100k followers on Facebook. Though she is also a US country artist, she is having quite a fanbase in Europe as well. Lovely person and great artist.


  • Sylvia Aimee
    I ran into the music of Sylvia Aimee as I met a friend of her at a Maren Morris concert in Amsterdam. The Dutch is doing lovely self-made country tracks and blasted me with her Superhero EP.


  • Taylor Swift
    One of the biggest names in the music business – and an amazing lady with country roots. Especially her 2020 albums, folklore and evermore proofed that she is still able to do great music far away from rhythmic pop. Taylor is an artist I absolutely admire.



  • The Cumberland River Project
    Frank Renfordt and his The Cumberland River Project is one of the most promising German country music acts to me. Fun fact: Frank is only the mastermind and songwriter behind the project, he is typically using guest musicians, esp. vocalists. Frank released their self-titled debut album in early 2020 – more music has already been released. Promising!


  • Twinnie
    I have to admit, I just fell in love with that young lady from the very first moment I saw her at a country music stage at the C2C 2019 in Berlin. I have to be very precise here, as Twinnie Lee Moore’s career also had some time in the musical business – she performed in my favorite one Rock of Ages in one of the very first performances I ever saw. In her straight way of writing songs and how dares to express herself – it is simply just what she feels.


  • Van de Forst
    Another really promising act from Germany: Vanessa, artist name Van de Forst is an emerging country pop artist from Germany. She was one of the German artists who attended the C2C in Berlin 2020. I love to listen to her first album, Unconditional.


  • Wade Bowen
    Wade Bowen is rather on the Red Dirt / Texas country side of the genre. One of these many outstanding storytellers in the country music scene.


  • Wolfgang Petry
    Wolfgang Petry is an icon of the German music scene. He sold out Germany’s largest stadiums at the peak of his career. After a longer hiatus, he is releasing music again. And he shows that he can still do it in a great manner – either as a schlager artist or as the Pete Wolf Band, who is doing country and Americana style tunes. – Music Co-operations

There are also two other musical tags, which represent (unpaid) cooperation with music labels:

  • I have a friendly collaboration with the German Greywood Records label. Their CDs are explicitly marked.
  • I love the way Semmel Concerts is marketing the Sound of Nashville series of country music concerts in Germany. Related postings are explicitly tagged as well. I also use it to mark Sound of Nashville shows in the Netherlands, managed by Greenhouse Talent. – Music by Genre / Stly

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