Songs Of The Week (week of 21 October 2022)

October is quite a busy time for me. Private and business trips take most of my time. My Songs of the Week this time are a nice trip through the world of music. However, even this posting is not as diverse as some of its predecessors. For example, it just features songs of artists from six countries. Hope you nonetheless enjoy my song picks.


You Me At Six – Mixed Emotions (I Didn’t Know How to Tell You What I Was Going Through)

My list of best songs of the week this time is lead by the British band You Me At Six. They are about to tour in early 2023 – these Mixed Emotions definitely increase the appetite to buy a ticket.


Sloppy Joe’s – Get In The Ring

Get In The Ring is the official song of a kick-boxing event next weekend in Hamburg. No doubt that the sound of the local rock band Sloppy Joe’s is a perfect match for this occasion. The hardest rocker this week.


DMA’s – Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s The Weekend

DMA’s is a band from Sydney. Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s The Weekend is one of the first public step of the indie-rockers towards their album How Many Dreams?, which is scheduled to be released on 31st March 2023. Sounds promising.


Kalush Orchestra x The Rasmus – In The Shadows Of Ukraine

It is likely the most interesting musical story of the week: The Rasmus, who represented Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Italy, gather with the winner of this year’s competition, Kalush Orchestra from the Ukraine. And which song are they doing? The biggest hit of The Rasmus – In The Shadows. In a slightly adopted version, Great collaboration – it was a really close call not to have this one on the top of the list this time.


The BossHoss – Electric Horsemen

No country-rock party track this time – The Boss Hoss rather go for an electro-pop sound and released Electric Horsemen this week. Nonetheless, these guys keep a slight Americana touch in this song as well.


Sportfreunde Stiller – Du bist eine Bank

The Sportfreunde Stiller released their previous album in 2016. This song (which is in fact  focusing on a park bench) is a great write and lovely listen by the band from the Greater Munich area.


Eric Philippi – Für Dich

Eric Philippi surprisingly made it into the Top 15 of the Austrian and German Album Charts, when he released his debut album Schockverliebt in September 2021. The melodic Für Dich (“For You”) illustrates the great presence and lovely voice of the German artist from the Saarland state.


Björn Heuser – Stadtmusikant

To me, Björn Heuser is one of the very best storytellers and songwriters of my home town Cologne. I just had to share his new single (“Town Musician”) with you – such a beautiful write.


Daniel Schuhmacher – Skin I’m In

Daniel Schuhmacher became famous when he won Deutschland sucht den Superstar, the German equivalent to American Idol, in 2009. His last solo album release, has been in 2016. Seven years before that, his debut album topped the German and Austrian charts. However, Schuhmacher regularly releases music. Good one!


Berenice – More of You

Berenice started her career as background singer for Andreas Gabalier. Nowadays, the Austrian studied and became a musical actor. Additionally, she went for a solo career and records lovely tracks like More of You.


Flawes – Is It Any Wonder

Back to the UK: Flawes is a band on the raise. The trio is fronted by Josh JC Carruthers. The band already grew some popularity online – and it is hard to imagine that this song could slow down their career. Lovely listen.


Florence Arman – Friends

Florence Arman is another British artist. This song is something like her musical coming-out. The press kit quotes her with “After dating a series of guys with varying disasterous outcomes, I fell in love with a woman. It really caught me off guard because that had never happened before and writing this song was a part of admitting and confronting this new feeling”. Hope you stay happy, Florence… And let’s wish for many more Flores Arman songs.


Linda Feller – Ibiza

Linda Fehller is typically rather doing country and schlager-country songs – this time the artist, who is a Dresden resident, covers a 1980’s Ibo classic. The original was a better listen, but Linda definitely makes me smile.


Title picture: You Me At Six Single Artwork, copyrighted by the artist


Songs of The Week – The Playlist

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