Sea Girls – Midnight Butterflies

Sea Girls - Midnight Butterflies



4.0/5 Pros

  • Great first half of the album
  • Still, some really good songs with a nice indie touch Cons

  • Weaker second half

On 22nd March 2024, the British indie-pop band Sea Girls topped my Songs of the Week edition of that week with their song Midnight Butterflies. The track is also the title song of their 2024 album. The band shared it on 14th June 2024. I had a listen.


Sea Girls – About The Artists

The Sea Girls are an indie-pop / indie-rock band, which has been founded in London in 2015. All four band members are frontman Henry Camamile, Rory Young (guitar), Andrew Dawson (bass) and Oli Khan (drums). All four are founding members of the band. Midnight Butterflies is the third album of the band. Both previous releases, Open Up Your Heart (2020) and Homesick (2022) peaked third in the British charts.


Sea Girls – Midnight Butterflies – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Midnight Butterflies (radio edit)

The title track and opener of the album is finally the song which made me run into the music of the British band. And I still love its sound. And international pop-rock song with a fine indie and domestic music note. Great work on the melodic and vocal side as well. If you like the sound in general, this song might burn right into your memory.

2. I Want You To Know Me

I Want You To Know Me comes with similar ingredients. However, the song has a nicer alteration of rocking and quiet moments, which makes it quite catching and interesting to listen to as well. The chorus will be a great sing-a-long with the fans on their upcoming tour (see below).

3. Come Back To Me

Half of the Midnight Butterflies songs have already been released as singles. The album kicks off with three of them. Come Back To Me thereby feels very forceful and energetic in the chorus, but also feels very direct and personal in the verses.  When Henry Camamile asks come back to me again, you feel a lot of desire and desperation. Lovely.

4. Horror Movies

The first new song on the album is Horror Movies, which is also the longest track of the release (4:23 minutes). The song is slower and as a melancholic touch. The slightly whiny vocal style, which later also has some angry touch, feels like the perfect fit.

When we’re all out of bedroom floors
Horror movies, I’m still yours
I wanna lie here on the concrete
Under your feet on your street
I wanna kiss you
Like the first time that I missed you

5. Does Only God Know That We´re Lonely?

Sometimes we’re just, we’re just holding on
To deep space and bad dreams and miracles
When we smile, it’s like, it’s like there’s nothing wrong
Does only God know that we’re lonely?

The atmosphere of the song stays thoughtful and emotional. The choir-alike arrangement of the chorus leads to an even increased focus on this part of the song. Does Only God Know That We’re Lonely? leans towards indie-pop. Beautiful song.

6. Scream And Shout

The title of the sixth song already suggests that the song is not pushing the album to a happy mood again. In fact, Scream and Shout is a melancholic, piano-driven ballad. Take out your tissues before you listen to this impressing one.

7. Weekends And Workdays

Weekends And Workdays introduces a rather rhythmic and melodic sound again. Thus, this song reminds of the songs of the beginning of the album. Another really nice listen on this album.

8. Superman

The eighth song starts in a more decent way. Overall, Superman comes with a nice melody, just in line with the other songs of the album. However, I would rather rate this song average in the context of Midnight Butterflies. It is a nice one, but does not add that much new flavor to the set of songs.

9. First On My List

In comparison to the predecessor, I am much more convinced of First On My List. I like the contrast of the slow, groovy verses and the chorus, which has a lot of energy. Very interesting plot.

10. Young Strangers

Towards the end of the album, the Sea Girls present two songs which they already shared as single releases. The first one Young Strangers. I’m a lot more like you than you like is the catch phrase on the chorus in here. A nice indie-pop song, which nonetheless is not able to keep up with the energy of the songs in the first half of the album.

11. Polly

The rather short, very groovy Polly adds a very different style of song to Midnight Butterflies. This leads to a really cool sound. I like it.

12. After Hours

Midnight Butterflies is closing with the ballad After Hours. This time, the melody is driven by the guitars. A nice, emotional finale.

I love you, but I know you’re seeing him
I bet he’s touching everywhere I’ve been
Do you think of me when he’s not around?
We’re driving cars in your direction after hours


Sea Girls – Midnight Butterflies – Spotify

Here is Midnight Butterflies on Spotify:


Sea Girls – Midnight Butterflies – Track by Track

Unfortunately, Midnight Butterflies gets a bit weaker towards the end of the album. In the first songs, the Sea Girls are a blast and present several great hits. This overall still leads to a really good album, but it also feels like band could do even better.

Favorite Song: Midnight Butterflies


Sea Girls – Midnight Butterfly Tour 2024

In September and October, the band is touring all over Europe. Here are the tour dates:

Th 05.09.2024 Paris (France) – Babdaboum
Sa 07.09.2024 Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Melkweg Max
So 08.09.2024 Cologne (Germany) – Live Music Hall
Tu 10.09.2024 Hamburg – Gruenspan
We 11.09.2024 Berlin – Heimathafen Neukölln
Fr 13.09.2024 Munich – Freiheitshalle
Mo 16.09.2024 Frankfurt – Zoom
Tu 17.09.2024 Ghent (Belgium) – Wintercircus
Fr 11.10.2024 Dublin (Ireland) – The Academy
Sa 12.10.2024 Belfast (United Kingdom) – Limelight


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