Switch Disco – Vacancy

Switch Disco - Vacancy



3.8/5 Pros

  • Good dance tracks
  • Includes the 2023 big success "React" Cons

  • In fact, no new song

Definitely, the BritishGreek DJ duo Switch Disco did have some success and reputation already before. But then came 13th January 2023 and they released the single React alongside Ella Henderson and Robert Miles. The song is close to 100 million streams on Spotify nowadays and has served for masses of remix, including acoustic versions. Maybe as some way of looking back to this year, Switch Disco released the four track EP Vacancy on 15th December 2023. I had a listen.


Switch Disco – About The Artists

Switch Disco are active since 2012. They are doing tech house and garage sounds. British DJ Dan Creasy and Greek Nikos Kalogerias knew each other and worked as DJs before that career. Switch Disco became more and more popular in the British club and festival scene. As they could not be on stage during the pandemic limitations, they started to do mashups, which became more and more popular. One of the most well known early songs which became poplar outside social media is the 2021 Everything, which is based on Donna Lewis’ I Love You Always Forever. 


Switch Disco – Vacancy – Track by Track

The four song EP lasts 12 minutes

1. Vacancy

The title track of this EP has already been released in November 2023. Unfortunately, the three other tracks have also been already released. I did get that very late due to all the remixes Switch Disco released over the year. The beginning of the chorus of Vacancy reminds me of Loreen’s Euphoria. The opener is a really nice song to move to the rhythm.

2. Ease my Mind (feat. Autograf)

Ease my Mind is supported by the global dance music group Autograf. The sound feels a bit wider and works with more distortions and elements. To me, it is the least attractive song of the album.

3. What You Want

The main theme of What You Want is simply cool. Spotify states this song as previously unreleased, but at least social media follower of the duo know this track already. A bit of summer and marimba feeling in cold winter days.

4. React (feat. Ella Henderson)

As it is the closing song of the Vacancy EP is React, the Switch Disco year 2023 somehow finishes with the bang with which it began. This also means: it does not finish too bad. With all the streams, the audience already stated clearly that they like this song.


Switch Disco – Vacancy – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Switch Disco – Vacancy – My View

What You Want is my positive surprise of the Vacancy EP. Switch Disco underline that they are able to do excellent dance music. Unfortunately, composing four previously released songs feels a bit of cheap. A successful year 2023 would have deserved a posher farewell party.

Favorite Song: What You Want


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