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Ben Zucker - Heute Nicht!



4.7/5 Pros

  • Very good and mature album
  • Some really good strong
  • Nice range of songs

Even though the soil in Monheim was quite muddy, the Ben Zucker concert I had there in July was definitely a highlight of 2023. Now, the year is closing with another highlight by the German schlager-rock artist: Ben Zucker is releasing his new album, Heute nicht! (“Not today!”). Release date of the album has been 8th December 2023.


Ben Zucker – About The Artist

Ben Zucker is a 40 year old artist, born in Ueckermünde near Greifswald. Originally having a rock and grunge background, he is doing schlager music since the mid 2010’s. The key characteristic of his music is his raspy voice. Zucker has already been featured frequently on, so that you will find more bio in the other postings. Heute nicht! is his fourth studio album overall.


Ben Zucker – Heute Nicht! – Track by Track

The thirteen songs album lasts 42 minutes.

1. Wir sind immer noch hier

Better safe than sorry – Heute nicht! kicks off with all four previously released songs. The first states “We are still here” and is a song about standing together as a couple.

2. An diesen Tagen (with Kerstin Ott)

Roland Kaiser does it with Maite Kelly, Ben Zucker is singing with Kerstin Ott – duets in with schlager all-star staffing became very popular nowadays. Finally, they almost guarantee success, as two major fan bases are likely supporting the release. In this case, the Kerstin Ott fans and the Ben Zucker fans did right – it is a really good listen.

3. Heute nicht!

With more than four million streams, the title track has been the most successful listen (regarding Spotify) so far. I feel it is a really energetic and good song, even though I absolutely dislike the stereotypical backing synth-pop elements.

4. Stadt für uns alleine

“The town is just for us today” is the topic of the fourth song. The song has a nice beat and a nice drive. I personally would even say that this song with a dance-pop attitude is better than its predecessor.

5. Ich wollte nie, dass du gehst

After this powerful experience, the set of “really” new tracks opens with a melancholic break-up song. I feel that these kind of songs emphasize the unique sound of Zucker’s voice even stronger.

6. Straßenjungs

Wow, wow, wow… The more I listen to Straßenjungs (“Street Boys”), the more I would rate this song being one of the best ever interpreted by Ben Zucker. An autobiographic song full of mistakes and bad things… Which somehow lead to a bond to a close friend until today – or like he says in the bridge: Alles was wir heute sind, kommt immer noch von dort – “Everything we are today is still coming from there”.

Ganz egal, wer Du jetzt bist
Schau mich an, ich weiss ganz genau
Woher Du kommst.
Wir sind immer noch Straßenjungs
Ganz egal, wer Du jetzt bist
Hast den Platz im Leben so wie ich
Wir sind immer noch Straßenjungs

(“No matter who you are now
Look at me, I exactly know
Where you are coming from.
We are still street kids
No matter who you are now
You fought for your place in life
Just like me
We are still street kids”)

7. Mein Herz

Warum muss mir immer das gleiche passieren? (“Why does always has to happen the same to me?”) is the key phrase of this seventh song. Mein Herz (“Mein Herz”) is a song with a lot of struggle in a relationship. Good one.

8. Männer

The eighth song is simply about Männer (“Men”). Or, like Zucker states in the chorus Männer sind nicht ganz einfach, aber leicht zu verstehen. (“Men are not always easy, but easy to understand”). I really like this kind of self-reflection. And I feel that major parts of his female followers will also listen to the song with a smile.

9. Sag was

The ninth song goes back into a more energetic, angry, aggressive style. At least the chorus makes you feel the struggle and frustration about an not always lucky relationship.

10. Verdammt

Heute nicht! is a very personal album, which feel very intimate in several occasions. Verdammt deals with a lot of struggle, but also with the energy the fans give to Ben Zucker. Overall, the song is a very intense listen.

11. Die weißen Tauben sind müde

A was particularly happy about the eleventh track. Die weißen Tauben sind müde is a cover by an Hans Hartz original. The peace song which has been released in 1982 for the first time is on the candidate list for one of my next Songs of My Life postings. The message of the song just does not feel outdated, 41 years later. And the voice of Ben Zucker is a great match to the one of Hans Hartz. Rest in peace, wonderful singer-songwriter. And thank you, Ben Zucker.

12. Ich brauch kein Hollywood

Ich brauch kein Hollywood is maybe the most stereotypical schlager track of the album. Typically, Ben Zucker is doing a very own sound. However, here he is going for a rather mainstream sound. I am sure some of his fans will appreciate it.

13. Das Beste kommt noch

It is definitely promising when the final song of an album is named “The Best is yet to come” (here: in German). It is really one of the best ones to me, also because it underlines that there is a bit of a country heart in this artist. Very atmospheric and very good finale.


Ben Zucker – Heute Nicht! – Spotify

Here is Heute Nicht! on Spotify:


Ben Zucker – Heute Nicht! – My View

After I absolutely struggled with Jetzt Erst Recht!, I am back in love with Ben Zucker. I would even say that this album is the most mature, most complex album he wrote so far. And it comes with some real gems. Thumbs up, Zucker’s fourth one is definitely worth a smile while listening.

Favorite Songs: Straßenjungs


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