All Good Things – A Hope In Hell

All Good Things - A Hope In Hell



4.2/5 Pros

  • Amazing melodic arrangement and instrumental work
  • Songs made to party and feel good
  • Almost one hour duration Cons

  • The songs have a very similar structure
  • Too few surprises

A new album from All Good Things after some four years of absence in the record store with a very promising promotion campaign: One of the singles of A Hope In Hell, For The Glory, already topped the US Mainstream Rock Singles charts. More great tunes on these 13 tracks? Release date is 20th August 2021.


All Good Things – About The Artists

All Good Things is a alternative rock and hard rock band from Los Angeles. The band has been founded in 2013 and signed with their current label in 2019. Dan Murphy is the vocalist of the band and partially plays the guitar as well. The other band members are Andrew Bojanovic (guitar, vocals), Liz Hooper (bass, keyboard, vocals), Miles Franco (guitar, bass, vocals) and drummer Tim Spier. A Hope In Hell is already the band’s fourth studio album. They debuted with Battle Rock in 2014, followed by All Good Songs in November 2016 and Machines, which has originally been a 2017 release.


All Good Things – A Hope In Hell – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 58 minutes.

1. Kingdom

Alternative rock with a slight touch of metalcore – and with a lot of energy: Kingdom feels to be a perfect opener. The song feels to catch you with its present riffs and marching rhythm. The vibe of the track is perfect to sing along. Great one for live on stage.

2. Hold On

Hold On feels to connect to the stadium-party rock track kingdom, but while the choir at the beginning suggests another sing-along, All Good Things divert from that expectation. The verses become a bit more quiet. Finally, there is too much rock blood in these vains – and the guitars play more freely in the chorus. Cool chorus, great vocals, good atmosphere – all that together leads to a really good song.

3. For The Glory (feat. Hollywood Undead)

This track had a lot of public appearance – and the public loved it. Very modern alternative rock track, which is also not shy of using electronic sounds from the keys, where needed. You just cannot refuse to bawl For The Glory with the band in this track.


4. Sirens

Run When You Hear The Sirens – All Good Things is just able to create these magic moments. These moments you can only do with with music. The song is present in your mind from one second to another and catches you. That’s excellence, ain’t it?

5. Do It Now (feat. Hyro The Hero)

I am not too much a fan of rap parts in rock songs – but I appreciate that All Good Things is trying out these things in some of their songs. Inviting US rapper Hyro The Hero for Do It Now, who is adding his kind of groove to the overall rather slow and groovy song just feels to match really well. And the Californians also don’t go for too much of spoken rhythm in their fifth song.

6. Push Me Down

Push Me Down reminds me of some Linkin Park songs. Rhythmic, spoken words sounds are quite presence in this song again – the chorus therefor seems to come with even harder usage of the guitar strings.

7. Machines

Machines really starts like (a bit of dark-ish) marching robots. Again, the band is experimenting with different sounds like a lot of echo and electronic distortion on the vocals, while they fall back to the good, old rock sounds in the chorus. The album feels so good so far – but this structure feels a bit repetitive to me.

8. Undefeated

Again, All Good Things impress with with their powerful, majestic, hymn-alike arrangement. The work of the backing instruments is just great and gives Dan Murphy a great basis to present songs like Undefeated. At least slight headbanging is mandatory at this track.

9. Lights Out

Power, power, POWER – apart from few of the verses on the album, All Good Things just does not feel to give the listener some moments to relax. Lights Out and party to these songs. The songs may have a similar structure – but they just feel to be too catchy.

10. The Comeback (feat. Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate)

Despite the prominent support on this song and the rather high number of streams and public appearances of this song, I have to admit that The Comeback is one of the rather weaker songs of the album to me. Other tracks just have more of this extreme presence, which almost feels to force you to spent your full attention to the music. Solid track, but this is a collection of better tracks.

11. Four Letter Words

The key question is: do the US-Americans sing about a rather nice four letter word (like love or rock) or is it a naughty one (you know examples anyway..)? I just don’t tell you too much, just give two lines of the lyrics:

Don’t say the words you might regret
Four letter words you won’t forget

Pretty good one. But not on the top of my list.

12. End Of The World

I love the cool sound of this track – just a nice vibe, a bit of sleazy in a cool sense. Also a comparably slow track, which gives a nice contrast to the overall very energetic album.

13. A Hope In Hell

Good rockers let good things end up in hell – and so do All Good Things. At least regarding the title of the closing track. A Hope In Hell is a song which is having a lot of potential that people sing along with the band on a concert – and on the other hand, it is rather slow, so that you can relax a bit druing the show. A surprisingly quiet good-bye from this album.


All Good Things – A Hope In Hell – Spotify

Here is A Hope In Hell on Spotify:


All Good Things – A Hope In Hell – My View

There is so much really good stuff in A Hope In Hell. I feel that All Good Things arrange their songs in an excellent manner. They create a lot of atmosphere – and then it feels almost easy to put a reasonable or good story on top of that melodic cushion. Towards the end of the album, there are some weaker spotsand the album could have more surprising moments. All Good Things do what they do best. For alternative rock fans, this may be one of the music highlights of 2021 – more neutral minds still have a really good (almost one hour) listen.


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